Sunday, September 4, 2011

And so..... they come in support of Mat Sabu

I learnt history and I read history. During our struggle for the Independence, there were heroes - the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. Some were traitors too. However, communism was not accepted back then, long before and after Merdeka.

And Mat Sabu's remarks that declared the communists as heroes (and not the Malayan people who served the colonial master British) is opening up more polemics.

Some parties have deplored Mat Sabu while the rest seemed to have supported him.

Here are some excerpts from comments in Malaysiakini:

"Our history is viewed through Umno's racial lenses. Had those in the Bukit Kepong police station were British, the attackers would be heros. After all, local Malay chief Maharajalela was a folk hero in the annals of our history for killing British Resident in Perak, JWW Birch. But Bukit Kepong serves Umno's Malay versus Chinese agenda. Mat Sabu sought to turn the issue on its head by arguing that the leader of the attack was actually a Malay, Mat Indera."

"Let's get this straight. The attack on the Bukit Kepong police station was before Merdeka - Aug 31, 1957. The country was colonialised by the British and all personnel who worked for the administration were under the payroll of Her Majesty, the Queen of England. Those who went against and fought the British colonialists then are nationalist, irrespective of their party orientation. Those under employment of the British government, irrespective of their racial background, worked for the colonial masters. If Mat Indera (Muhammad Indera), a nationalist with the communist party and his comrades, had successfully driven out the British occupiers, they would have been hailed as war heroes just like the communists in China and Vietnam who had driven out their own countrymen in the Koumintang and the South Vietnamese Army respectively as they were aligned to the American imperialists. Victors get to write their version of history."

"The communists were of course the true heroes of Malaya (then). They fought against the British colonialists, then the Japanese, then the British again and got 'independence' for Malaya. They are patriots. Those local police and soldiers were cannon fodder, employed by the British and the ruling aristocrats and their running dog, MCA, to protect themselves. The communists had no choice - it was either to attack or be attacked."

"Even Karpal Singh, a very principled politician had criticised Mat Sabu. I am aware that many Chinese Malaysians died at the hands of the communists just because they refused to help the communists, especially those who worked for the government. Government teachers, including Chinese teachers, were killed directly in front of their students in broad daylight back in those days."

I believe we will read more varieties pretty soon. So many factions, including politicians are riding on it. And our rakyat could be split into two (especially our young ones) over the 'actual heroes and villains' issue. How strong and adequate are our text books and documents?

I am also of the opinion that the communist were/are heroes in the countries of their origin... but NOT in the case of Malaysia.

Should I blame Mat Sabu? I guess he didn't pay much attention to this subject...


look out said...

this mat sabu never learnt history. people like him dont even know their ancestors.

if the communists were our heroes, then pas and mat sabu are in the same class as the cpm.

so, they are the communists!

anti-komunis said...

saya setuju bahawa anggota komunis itu adalah wira di negara asal fahaman ini, misalnya china, russia dan korea utara.

kita sudah memilih demokrasi sebagai sistem pemerintahan negara dan menolak komunis.

jadi, mat sabu tidak layak membuat kenyataan sedemikian. komunis banyak mendatangkan kesengsaraan kepada rakyat berbilang kaum di negara ini, khasnya orang cina.

jika mereka meletak senjata dan menyertai kita apabila negara merdeka, sudah tentulah kita mengiktiraf perjuangan anti-british mereka sebagai perjuangan keperwiraan tetapi mereka ingin merampas kuasa di malaysia dan menjadikan komunisme sebagai satu fahaman.

komunisme juga ditolak oleh islam!

yee lin said...

yes, u are right sir.

they are only heroes in their own countries.

north korea is a communist nation and their people are communist. their fight to defend their own regime is a heroic act.

but we are a democratic country...

mat sabu got to think many times on this matter.

Anonymous said...


we, the malaysian chinese are also anti-communism. we adhere to our democratic principles.

lee lam taik said...

why cant we call them heroes?

they also fought against the british what!

am i wrong?

havana cigar said...

mat sabu is an idiot.

even karpal hit out at him for such a statement.

i think mat sabu or mat sabut doesnt even know the history of pas!

Anonymous said...

kepada hisham - tangkap je mat sabu ni. sumbat di kamunting dan ajar dia sejarah.

dia ingat orang melayu yang berjuang menuntut kemerdekaan dulu pilih komunis sebagai sistem pemerintahan kita.

maknanya, mak bapak dan keturunan mat sabu yang tak sokong komunis dulu ada penderhaka, tak begitu?

sial punya melayu dia ni!

masih di BH said...


apa pendirian pas dan nik aziz mengenai isu mat sabu ni?

diorang senyap je.

agaknya setuju dengan apa yang dikatakan timbalan presiden pas ni.

kong kali kong said...


masa sekolah dulu, mat sabu memang ada belajar sejarah tapi baru mula dua tiga bab, cikgu dia mati.... nama cikgu tu pun dia tak ingat sebab dia kata tak guna belajar atau mengingati sejarah kerana ia membabitkan benda2 yang dah mati dan dah lama....

Anonymous said...

If communists were really fighting for independence, why were they still fighting after our Merdeka on August 31, 1957 ?

Shouldn't they stopped fighting and started contributing to the building of our country after Merdeka ? Instead they ran riot and continued to harass & kill innocent people.

Anonymous said...

why not let mat sabu to form a communist party? let him lead...

he he he.....

u-wan said...

at least karpal singh is being nationalistic about it...

Anonymous said...

ask this mat sabu to main sabun laaaa.... tar fei kei!

stupid politician... and an idiot pas deputy president!

awe bangggol said...

buak gapo sokong orghe gilo nih!

dio buke sajo buto sejaroh tapi buto hati!

Anonymous said...

so, pas is also a communist party, huh?

what a bloody fool this mat sabu is!

joko said...

malaysiakini is also a pro-communist news portal for playing up the issues and only collecting pro-sabu's comments to incite the malays' anger.

orang tua, raub said...

memang komunis menentang inggeris pada zaman sebelum merdeka. akan tetapi mereka tidak meletak senjata selepas negara merdeka, malah bercita-cita menakluk malaysia dan memerintahnya. orang melayu dan bangsa lain tidak setuju dengan cara mereka yang kejam dan zalim itu. komunis hanya boleh diterima di negara asal fahaman ini tetapi tidak di malaysia. mat sabu buat silap besar kerana menyifatkan mereka sebagai wira...

Anonymous said...

adakah pas menyokong pendirian mat sabu ni, jai?

aku rasa tidak walaupun pemimpin pas sendiri belum membuat sebarang kenyataan mengenainya...

manitoba said...

dah terpesong jauh dah mat sabu ni.

disebabkan poltiik, dia sanggup mengetepikan sejarah negara.,

dia ni melayu apa?


budak sekolah said...


selama ni saya tak percaya.

rupa2nya ada melayu yang makan babi... macam mat sabu ni

carlos said...

And they forget the British legacy that we have all benefited .
The British built roads, schools, hospitals, engineered our infrastructures, set up plantations etc.
Heck! Quite a number of us were British educated either here or in the UK.
Who has got issues with these???

What is so heroic about kicking them out through guerilla aggression ?

Say the communist succeeded and british ass out and grant Malaya "independence". I think not.

We will probably get our real independence circa early 90's , about the same time of the collapse of Soviet union and the emergence of nations of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan etc.

Just a year before chin peng accepted truce in hatyai in 89.

And we won't be where we are right now !

Anonymous said...

their style is misinformstion

when anwar failed to hail chin peng as a hero coz he's a minority race

they now try to elevate MALAY communists in a bid to confuse the rakyat who will be brainwashed to hate UMNO

Anonymous said...

the face reader experts will advise folks to reject mat sabu

coz his facial features and juxtaposition of his eyes to his forehead denotes low IQ

Anonymous said...

Communist China is the no: 1 superpower today. And Malaysia looks to China for their exports. People like Taib wants to cut down his forest to build dams and sell electricity to China, yes Communist China. And don't forget over two hundred million muslims live in that country.

Anonymous said...

anon @ September 5, 2011 10:38 AM

is suffering an identity crisis, not sure if this fler will put Malaysia first or china first

the context of debate is - communism in malaysia has been rejected

nothing to do with communism in china lah, bahalol