Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pro-BN bloggers to join DAP! Alamak!

Disturbing news. I just can't believe what I heard and read. The info was rather alarming, notably the density of reasons behind it.

If it's true that this few pro-government bloggers are joining the Opposition - especially the DAP - something must have gone wrong with them... or the government which they have been supporting all this years.
But why DAP? This Chinese-based party is not relevant anymore to Malaysia's multiracial politics. Its cahoot with PAS and PKR is dwindling. Pakatan Rakyat is not only an Opposition pact but also a 'dangerously subversive' political party.

Pakatan wants to incite the Malays' anger by abolishing the monarchy. The are also telling the Chinese that the Malays are racist and anti-Chinese while to the Indians, they strewed the seeds of hatred by saying they will forever remain as the oppressed citizens.

The motive is clear - to create political chaos like what is taking place in some Middle East countries, with the hope for foreign intervention as this will open up the passage for the creating up of a Republic of Malaysia. And to them, it is the duty of the Opposition to oppose every effort introduced by the government to sustain economic growth and continuous development for the rakyat.

However, I am most perturbed by the news that this few Malay bloggers are turning to DAP (read Jebat Berkokok).

I tried to identify reasons for this. As far this few people are concerned, they were once very close to the administration, being friends to the Cabinet and among the most 'genuine' supporter of Umno.

What went wrong? Are they being ignored by the government, being put on the sideline or any other reasons? What actually frustrates them?

On second thought, I know some former senior government officers who joined the Opposition after leaving the service. They were frustrated for not getting anything. In fact, one of the most senior journalists during Tun Dr Mahathir's era is now against the govt, except for the fact that he remains as an Umno member and still getting the govt pension.

What is actually wrong here? The government system or this individuals? I believe it's both. Many say PM Najib's government is good at making announcement but it falls short of implementation.

However, some individuals, including bloggers who strongly support the government have been trying to seek small favors from the administration. Yes, some ministers, deputy minister and secretary-generals did promise them some favors to sustain their living but in the end, nothing was delivered.

Other reasons? I am not quite certain about it but the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' is too good to be true...


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Anonymous said...

the govt is mistreating them. umno is unjust to them.

i dont blame them for swaying their support!

ma wong said...

malay bloggers?

i think i can find out who!

i read jebat berkokok about a veteran umno member-cum-blogger. i am sure its him lor!

ussei said...

ini satu pengkhianatan namanya. kenapa mesti pilih dap? elok jangan join mana2 parti pun. sikap sebegini memperlihatkan betapa sokongan mestilah ada ganjaran. ini salah. jika mereka ini berpaling tadah kerana tidak dapat sesuatu, maka inilah perangai yang akan memusnahkan bangsa sendiri!

Anonymous said...

what a betrayal!

chosing DAP is as good as going against their own party and their own objective in life.

they should reconsider the decision.

D24 said...


as-salam said...

mungkinkah mereka merajuk kerana segala teguran terhadap umno dan kerajaan selama ini tidak dihiraukan?

adakah wujud sengketa di antara bloger terbabit dengan pihak tertentu dalam kerajaan atau barisan nasional?

mungkinkah mereka gagal mendapatkan sebarang projek atau imbuhan daripada kerajaan?

atau adakah mereka sudah bosan dengan umno dan sengaja ingin mengikhianatinya?

apa pun sebabnya - mereka tidak patut berbuat demikian!

Anonymous said...

Saudara Bujai,

Saya ingin tambah lagi alasan mengapa blogger pro-govt. joint DAP. Kalau mereka bangsa Melayu, mungkin hendak jadi calon DAP dalam PRU 13 tak?

Dengar cerita DAP hendak kemukakan calon Melayu mereka sendiri dalam PRU 13. Kalau menang di sesebuah negeri tidak perlu pinjam Adun PAS untuk jadi MB.

Mana tahu kalau bulan terang, dapat jadi MB beb! Glem, habis! Cuma jangan menyesal kalau setakat jadi MB boneka sahaja. Tok Dalang belakang tabir yang urus segala-galanya! Semuanya 'bisa diatur'!

Warga Setia

Anonymous said...

Don't write rubbish. Nobody is joining Dap. Even Gaddafi is joining BN.

Anonymous said...

this is the same tactical brainwashing tool they used on the soccer players who were talked into fixing matches

MONEY talks and when the players were exposed and punished, the paymasters will disappear without any trace

"why you want to be loyal, no money in that, look here this is 10K upfront, when we get our results, we give another 20K"

That's why mat sapu is fast becoming dap's loudhailer

Anonymous said...

kenapa ni semua boleh terjadi?

tak cukup ke kerajaan bagi habuan?

a blogger too said...

can you pls name the, bro jai, so that we can identify and label them as traitors.

no point to show support for the govt if the bloggers stab us from the back.

kick them out of blogosphere!

panji semerang said...

kenapa tiba2 je mereka ni nak jadi pengkhianat agama, bangsa dan negara?

apa salah kerajaan yang selama ni dah bertungkus lumus membantu rakyat dan membangunkan negara.

apa hebatnya dap yang bersifat komunis ni?