Monday, August 15, 2011

Tony Pua - a con and a parasite!

Tony Pua warns that he will sue the Malaysian Govt, Prime Minister Najib, Nazri Aziz and those he believes are involved in 'screwing up' Tajuddin Ramli. I personally think Tony should as well sue God for TR's karma.

In a posting I WILL SUE YOU!, unraveled what and who Tony Pua is - a conman and a parasite! The Malay version is available, thanks to Tun Faisal with his posting Penipu Rakyat Tony Pua kroni berjaya, makan hasil hand-out?.

"Tony has been dragged in and out of courts umpteen times by his creditors and clients. He in turn dragged them in and out of courts by counter suing and winding them up. In other words, the man is an expert in the area of business litigation and knows how to successfully hide his flaws by using the law.

"His business venture Cyber Village, where he often claims he made his first million from has had various suits filed against it by disgruntled clients who felt cheated by its inability to perform their contractual obligations.

"In one instance, Cyber Village entered into contract with a Berjaya Group subsidiary named to set up an e-procurement hub. Cyber Village missed deadlines and even overbilled with Tony Pua unable to justify during the trial how he arrived at the additional charges at a rate of RM800 a day.

"To top all this of – the e procurement system delivered by Cyber Village to My2020 was an absolute failure!"

So much of a politician who himself is facing so many suits!


samagagah said...

memang dia ni tony puaKA!

mentekedahgah duit umno, lepas tu hentam kerajaan dan orang yang bagi dia kaya-raya.

memang dasar kacang lupakan kulit!

Anonymous said...

fuck him la.

he himself has conned so many people in penang over the project he mooted. nothing seemed to work accordingly.

dap will go down by having people like him in the party!

a blogger too said...

heh heh!

bro, stopthelies and you got any connection ka? dont hide anything from friends lor!

yee lin said...

he IS a parasite. cheating people would lead him nowhere.

with all the suits, he can start counting his days!

i also kena by him!

pakya, jelutong said...

awat yang dia dok pertahan tajudin ramli ni. masa melayu ni kaya, dia tak bantu pun kawan2 dan orang melayu. dok melahu sana sini. ni dah terjunam, nak salahkan kerajaan pulak. apa kes!

Anonymous said...

a true conman this tony pua.

nobody trusts him anymore, except kit siang and guan eng.

even god doesnt trust him!

Anonymous said...

umno la yg bodoh, dok tlg hamlau ni selama ni!

Anonymous said...

no need to entertain this culprit, sir.

he will know his fate very soon!

bintang dua said...

kalau dap dan pakatan nak rosak, dia ni la antara penyebabnya.

umum mengetahui tony sebagai orang yang peramah tetapi tidak ramai tahu dia sebenarnya seorang pembelit dan lintah darat.

bagi yang dah terkena, memang ada rasa nak bunuh je dia ni!

eric estrada said...

another chameleon, just like anwar. he only know how to make money but never want to consider the service he provides to those who give him that money. bloody hell!

Anonymous said...

drag him to court la.

dont tak tak only....

kawan tony said...

apa yang korang tak puas ati dengan si tony ni. dia ok. dia ada gak bantu orang melayu dalam beberapa bidang. takkan tau nak bantai je!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bro Bujai,

Aku x taw pulak si puaKA ni lagu ni punya dok ada, harghu la klu mcm ni...

Pak Ya Jelutong (arwah mamu sy kata Jelutown) ... dah lama x dengaq org sebut "melahu" ...mmg pak ya piaw penang, kt kedah dia kata "rumbu" kowt?

"Melahu sana sini..." ...gelak la dengaq pak ya sebut!

Man Kodiang (siam kata kat deng = bukit merah) ...