Friday, August 26, 2011

To UNHCR: Most Burmese in Malaysia are illegal immigrants, stupid!

THE United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Malaysia has admitted thousands of refugees have been incorrectly issued letters by the Malaysian government marked 'return to home country'', raising widespread fears of deportation.

Really? Who is this idiot Andika Wahab of Suaram who told Australian newspaper Herald that up to 10,000 refugees - mostly from Myanmar - descended on the Immigration Office in Putrajaya yesterday after the UNHCR was told that our government has made it compulsory for them to immediately register under the biometric system.

I did not get any confirmation from the Home Ministry but was made to understand that it was a late notice.

However, I am flabbergasted at a statement by Andika and 'other witnesses' that the Department made a mistake by calling in Rela to control the massive crowd at the counters.

This Andika and his 'witnesses' also claimed that they saw Rela members carrying sticks and began to push people and hit the wall.

This guy must be brainless or his head must installed with the brain of a pig. For such a big crowd - about 10,000 people as you claimed - the situation would have turned chaotic. So what? You expect them to behave when everybody tried to jump queue?

Did they hit any or the 'refugees'? I dont think so!

The refugees became alarmed at about 4pm when it was realised that, after having their fingerprints taken, some were being issued letters stamped ''Return to home country'', according to Suaram.

''They feared they would be deported to Burma,'' he said (here).

And Yante Ismail, a spokeswoman for the UNHCR in Malaysia said the document should have been given only to migrant workers, and not refugees.

Dr Irene Fernandez, the executive director of the refugee group, Tenaganita, said it was 'problematic' that refugees were given the wrong letters, adding that Rela members ''became quite abusive, started pushing them and not treating them well''

I think Irene, Andika and Yante are the 'problematic' ones for failing to use their brain before making any derogatory remarks about the issue.

Hey! Whose country is this? Ours? And yours too? If you are Malaysians, you should not be too protective of the Burmese. Do you know how many of them are in YOUR country right now? 10,000? 30,000?

There are about 300,000 of them, of whom 94,000 were issued with the UNHCR tags because they are the real refugees. And what about the rest? They too wanted the UNHCR tag as it would mean a passport for them to continue staying in Malaysia. Many of them had already been issued with 'fake' UNHCR tags.

So, are you calling all the Burmese in Malaysia refugees? Common sense, please. Most of them came to the country illegally through Thailand. They were employed by some sectors, some with working permits while the others play 'hide and seek' with the authorities.

Under the 6P program, no agents found it easy to register them as their common and standard answer would be 'Saya orang Myanmar, ada pas UNHCR!' Arrogant and proud!

So, stop blaming the Home Ministry, the immigration office or Rela. We admit some or them are genuine refugees but many more are illegal workers. The purpose of the 6P is to register illegal foreign workers in Malaysia and the non-refugee Burmese are of no exception. And please bear in mind that we can shoo them back to their country of origin for breaching our immigration law.

Stop being a bunch of bloody fools to protect the non-refugees. Do some homework. I believe those who went to the immigration office were the ones working illegally in our country, and they are neither refugees.

One question. Are you guys anti-Malaysia? Because the way you made chummy with the Australian media demonstrated the kind of recognition you want from the foreigners. By belittling your own country, I am not sure what and how much this foreign agencies pay you!

Remember - an Opposition does not carry the tag 'To Oppose Everything'!


amir, kulim said...

i have known some burmese since the arrival of the rohingya people in early 1980s. by law, they are not allowed to work or do business in the country but our govt is so nice to them, giving them much space to move around and do anything they wish.

although we are not a signatory to the refugees convention, we have been treating them well ever since.

so, it is wrong for other nations to label us as mistreating the refugees. we did well in managing the vietnamese boat people, remember.

and i am also of the opinion that the picture that reached the foreign news agencies came from our own people who gave wrong markings about the whole issue.

Anonymous said...

my suggestion to the government - watch closely malaysians who work with foreign agencies. they tend to become foreign spies!

masih di BH said...

salam jai,

memang kebanyakan orang burma di negara ini adalah mereka yang masuk secara haram dan bukannya pelarian seperti yang didakwa oleh ejen2 unhcr. mereka mungkin tau hakikat ni tapi masih nak tegakkan benang basah mereka.

ramai orang burma ni bekerja secara haram di sektor ladang dan kilang. majikan mereka juga sepatutnya didakwa.

di samping itu, ramai yang terbabit dengan gejala tidak sihat seperti pengedaran dadah dan pelacuran di negara ini. takkan polis tak tau!

jadi, adalah tidak benar bahawa semua orang burma di negara ini berstatus pelarian. bangang punya andaian!

poket kosong said...


marah benar nampaknya kau dengan unhcr ni?

memang patut pun. diorang ni tak pegi sekolah.

haram jadah punya perangai! asyik nak kondem negara sendiri je!

wartawan 1989 said...


apa tindakan KDN ke atas pelarian burma yang ada pas UNHCR ni? kalau jumlahnya 90,000, maknanya terlalu ramai dah tu.

kita nak terima lagi ke mereka ni?

apa komen datuk hisham mengenai isu ini agaknya...

tommy anchor said...

this andika is also an arsehole, never consider the issue from a clear perspective.

Anonymous said...

Correct...correct...correct, this is our country and malaysian government should decide what is best for malaysia's security policy. If the myanmar refugees or illegal immigrants failed to follow OUR government's policy and try to act tough inspite of their illegal status, then the government MUST ACT TOUGH TOO TOWARDS THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS..... and if they commits a crime should be deported to their country of origin immediatey. Forget about what UNHCR and Irene Fernandez says..they got paid handsomely for handling the's about money's political economy beb!

Anonymous said...

I have a question......

Do opposition belong to another country? If so please surrender your Malaysian Passport.

Why do they run down, degrade the country, criticize every branch of the government, criticize the overseas...

Don't they understand that they are part of the government? The opposition in parliment?

Are the NGO's looking for publicity to be accorded status like that stupid ambigok in USA?

What ever it is "Malaysia 1st" la, after 1 Malaysia.....otherwise bugger off......

Pre 57 Malaysiam.

Anonymous said...

Bagus tulisan tuan bagi mereka-mereka yang suka sangat kutuk negara ini melalui media asing atau agensi-agensi antarabangsa yang senantiasa mencari isu-isu memburukan negara ini.

temper said...

soalannya, kita nak buat apa dengan pelarian ramai2 ni? nak bagi kerakyatan ke?

buat semak je!

orang burma ni ingat, bila pegang pas unhcr, dia harapkan kita bagi dia layanan baik.

tapi diorang sendiri sombong dan bongkak. ingat negara ni bapak dia punya ke?

gunny patail said...

kakitangan unhcr di malaysia dan orang ngo ni cuma pandai cakap je, nak ambil hati kerajaan serta pertubuhan asing. sikit pun mereka tidak sedar yang meningkatnya jumlah pelarian burma ni bukan saja menyusahkan kerajana untuk tangggung makan-minum dan pakai mereka, malah turut mewujudkan masalah sosial dan keselamatan kepada penduduk tempatan. burma pun dah aman. suruh aje lah mereka ni balik. kalau taknak balik, hantar je ke mana yang mereka suka. kalau duduk sini asyik buat hal je, baik blah je!

top ten said...

since we are not a signatory to the refugee convention, dont entertain them anymore.

we had enough problems with it but the international community never appreciat our goodwill.

Anonymous said...

that shows how stupid this NGOs are. they serve for foreign organisations and feed them with wrong info. fuck them la!

ubat batuk said...

kepada UNHCR - orang burma ni sengaja ingin ambil kesempatan ke atas status pelarian sebenar sedangkan mereka yang masuk secara haram ke negara ini sepatutnya ditangkap dan dihantar pulang, sama seperti waarganegara lain.

kita perlu asingkan pelarian sebenar dengan pendatang asing tanpa izin dari mnyanmar ni.

harap kementerian dalam negeri pantau jumlah sebenar mereka melalui program 6P ini dan jika perlu, hantar mereka pulang

wahab nelson said...

jangan marah2 la bang oiii..

diorang ni memang takda otak. kalau ada pun, macam otak ikan bilis je.

sebab tu diorang tak nampak keadaan sebenar.

dia ingat semua orang burma di malaysia ni adalah pelarian.

bahlol waltakaliwol!

Anonymous said...

i think we better call off the deal with australia.

they are making fun of the deal...

gajah berang said...

kepada kerajaan - jangan simpanlah orang asing yang hanya menyusahkan kita semua ni.

pelarian burma memang kita iktiraf tetapi kalau rakyat burma yang lain turut menggunakan helah sebagai pelarian untuk bertapak di bumi malaysia ni, elok halau je semua yang tinggal secara haram ni.

cuba jawab - apa faedah kita berikan PATI burma ni perlindungan yang sama seperti pelarian UNHCR? mereka hanya menggunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk menipu kerajaan dan rakyat malaysia.

usir je! tunggu apa lagi, datuk hisham?

dorai raj said...

the 3 people who u mentioned are traitors to their own country!

they should be expelled together with the non-refugees burmese!

jagoan tengik said...

mereka yang bekerja untuk agensi asing dan NGO ni adalah bajingan dan pengkhianat kepada negara.

mereka semua bukannya ada otak tapi komputer yang dipasang dalam kepala mereka oleh agensi asing ziionis ni agar mendengar cakap mereka.

tak rugi kalau kita lucutkan taraf kerakyatan mereka.

babi, sial!

Anonymous said...

i agree, sir.

they are illegal immigrants who want to take advantage on the UNHCR ticket.

send them off!

Anonymous said...


most NGOs are foreign-sponsored. their agenda is to fight for nothing but to gain on personal agenda.

they are liars and cowards!

Anonymous said...

andika, yanti dan irene adalah musuh negara kerana menyebar fitnah mengenai negara kepada kerajaan lain.

orang macam inikah yang harus kita percaya dan terima laporan mereka?

kalau di zaman dahulu, mereka pasti dihukum pancung!

Anonymous said...

Even during ramadhan , such strong language. No wonder some if my friends say that you consume alcohol and don't fast.

Anonymous said...


When will the Malays learn that when you are too gracious, others will take advantage

they see it as a weakness FIT for exploitation

even neighbours have been taking advantage of cheap fuel, foodstuff, cheap this and cheap that

Malaysians should play hard ball

Anonymous said...

Alamak...semua PATI adalah ancaman..tapi yg mengancam sebenarnya adalah sistem yang korup..brp banyak pemutihan dah dibuat sejak 2002..dan yang pasti akan ada pemutihan sekali lagi selepas 3-4 tahun lagi..cuba fikir akarnya punca utama kemasukan PATI adalah sempadan yg mudah dibolosi kerana dijaga oleh mereka yang korup (dari sebesar kepala hingga sekecik-kecik anak)..kita rakyat telah dipesongkan maklumat dengan cerita biometrik yang separuh masak tetapi telah berjaya itu dan ini ? Kenapa...kerana ianya ada kena mengena dengan kenaikan Levi RM 50, pelanjutan kontrak orang yang dah pencen dan sebagainya. Lihatlah kekecohan yang berlaku semasa pra-pelaksanaan sesak di tambak Johor (apa khabarnya sekarang?), mencekik darah syarikat pengurus pendaftaran juga akan menimbulkan huru-hara selepas ini, begitu juga pendaftaran UNHCR last minute...semuanya ada cerita disebaliknya yang akan memungkinkan berlakunya lambakan PATI yang tidak berkesudahan...kita sebagai rakyat berdoalah agar semua yang bertanggungjawab ini (yang sebenarnya hanya dinspirasikan oleh RM 50/pekerja asing) insaf, untuk mengharapkan mereka mendapat balasan setimpal juga agak pesimis kerana ini ialah sistem birokrat yang kita dokong selama ini, kita yang pilih mereka, bagi mereka kita telah merestui kerakusan itu...apa lagi..biarkan luncai terjun lah bro..marahkan Myanmar, marahkan UNHCR apa guna bang..punca utama ada di blok D1 Putrajaya...

Rodi McDowell