Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stripping Tony Pua naked

Looks like Tony Pua got nowhere to hide. He is being stripped naked, layer after layer. His wrongdoings are being exposed.

I guess stopthelies must be someone who is or used to be very close to Tony Pua. Otherwise, the blog owner would not be able to detail out Tony's fraudulence.

For thing, he used to cheat the government.

Who's government? Pak Lah's!

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a blogger too said...


i think i know who owns

he is a chinese, an mca member and someone who has good connection with the top people.

its a wild guess but i believe in what i think

bad company said...

tony pua did not only cheat the previous govt, he also cheated many people including the orphans!

want more dark secrets of him?

i will contact stopthelies blogger.

june C said...

let say someone strip najib and rosmah naked of their wrongdoings... will u defend them or support the truth?

you people - the pro-govt bloggers - are the same.

you pretend nothing happens in the govt. all u know is to find the opp's fault!

blast u people... and umno!

Anonymous said...

good job

let strip him... and other pakatan leaders.

let us get rid of them!


obawah said...


aku tgk tony pua ni nampak suci je...

rupa2nya dajal!


black tuxedo said...

stop it lar.

no point and no gain by attacking this tony pua. u bloggers better concentrate on how to help barisan nasional wins the next general poll. u should realise the fact that bn is in the most difficult situation now. najib realises it but he pretends that everything works out well.

lampu picit said...

dalam pada heboh kisah orang melayu masuk kristian, apa kata kita pujuk lak si tony bedebah ni masuk islam.

aku rasa bila dia masuk islam, semua orang takkan cakap pasal kesalahan dia lagi..

Anonymous said...

thats why laaarr.

paklah likes him so much, have him many projects.

now, who to blame? i dont blame tony laaaaarrr!!!!

Anonymous said...

juicy @August 21, 2011 2:24 AM says

"you pretend nothing happens in the govt. all u know is to find the opp's fault!

blast u people... and umno!"

hahahaha what a colossal joke, juicy juicy, it is the opposition that is findig fault with the govt


Anonymous said...

lampu picit

anwar, mat sabu, paklah, nik aziz, nurul izzah, wan azizah, kj dll - semua orang Islam tapi kena "attack" juga

awak ni lampu pict bikinan china ke, pakai 5 minit dah rosak

lim brady said...

no need to blame tony.

its a usual thing. govt always give projects to wrong people, wrong co and wrong cronies.

people like tony was just among the fortunate during paklah's time. he got the opportunity but blew it away. that was not cheating but mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

if u need someone to blame, its pak lah.

tony is a good guy!

Anonymous said...

tony pua, tian chua, lim guan eng, lim kit siang are icons of the chinese intellectuals

heh heh, like some china-made products, they can't perform to expectations

Anonymous said...

How many political types of stories and making it look real is the target?

No other issues, ke?

Is that the best you can get on opposition members?

What a load of dung and cow brain.