Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small China is what DAP wants

MCA President Chua Soi Lek said the party and its members have accepted Malaysia as a multi-racial country and as such the idea of having a 'Small China' in the country is not wise and could bring devastating impact on its unity (here).

Agree. The Small China was in fact being pursued by the DAP, whose leaders were overwhelmed by Lee Kuan Yew's success in transforming Singapore from a Malay-dominated island into a Chinese state. And soon, DAP would like to turn Malaysia into another 'Greater China'. And by riding on its PKR and PAS collaboration, DAP may also harbor the idea of making Malaysia a republic should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election.

I personally believe Anwar is also having similar idea. His international connection, especially with the capitalist British and Americans is pointing towards such an objective. Pakatan's detest over the Malay monarchy of late adds weigh to such a pessimism.

DAP, especially is a PAP clone. They only center their campaigns on 'kampung baru' (new villages) and the urban areas. Like the PAP, Singapore under the British was easy to manage. Small and easily accessed, the British were much closer to the Chinese by placing them high above the Malays who only came third after the Indians.

After Malaya gained Independence, Lee Kuan Yew led the Singapore urban Chinese in PAP to launch a political offensive against Umno, Perikatan and the Tengku. They even avowed their intention to go their own way.

Of course the British engineered it well enough. Their racial segregation by making the Chinese play a leading role in the island gave Lee and his chauvinistic team an opportunity to transform the island into a 'small China'. And they succeeded with the British assistance.

Realising that they were marginalised, the Malays began to move to Johor and other Malay territories as they saw no opportunity in-store should they had chosen to stay on. The rubber plantations were making way to the urbanisation while the British and their Chinese partners were doing everything to frustrate the indigenous Malays.

However, when Tengku saw the PAP threat in the Peninsular, he had to agree to Lee's proposal of Singapore becoming an independence republic, and that saved everything (please read Tun Dr Mahathir's A Doctor In The House)

DAP also gives top priority to New Villages set up by government in the early 1960s as a defense buffer zone to the communist insurgency. With about 700 New Villages today (only less than 3 per cent of its inhabitants are Malays and other races), DAP finds a smooth going to champion its Small China idea.

Over the years, we had never seen or heard DAP going all out to lure the Malays, Indians or other races to join it. This so-called Democratic Action Party is not even so democratic at all as no elections was held for its central committee posts.

Just like Lee Kuan Yew and PAP in Singapore, the DAP only listens to Lim Kit Siang as its supreme leader. This resembles a communist politburo in Russia and China where the party's secretary-general holds absolute executive power.

Chua Soi Lek is a true Malaysian. He speaks fluent Bahasa as compared to Kit Siang, Karpal or other DAP leaders who also claim being Malaysians. Being born, brought up and studied in Malaysia, it is beyond comprehension that many DAP leaders are not able to converse well in Bahasa.

There are three possibilities to that - they didnt bother to take up the language as they still consider themselves part of China; they are so racist that they didnt mingle with the Malays; or they still believe that their Small China would eventually be attained.

That explains why there is almost no Malays in DAP. Its a Chinese-based party, a different Chinese. MCA is also a Chinese party but their leaders and members are Malaysians (some are even more nationalistic than the Malays) who assimilate a multi-racial politics. But the DAP is for orthodox Chinese who still could not accept the fact that they are citizens of Malaysia, and not China.

Barisan Nasional may have some weaknesses but Prime Minister Najib is working hard alongside its component party leaders to make Malaysia a country for everyone - a country they can be proud of.

Malaysia is not similar to the Philippines. When Anwar met Estrada in Manila last week, he said Malaysia needed to learn from the Filipinos. But he has forgotten than the Philippines is not a multiracial country.

And that is why Anwar can get along fine with Kit Siang and Nik Aziz. They want to throw the country into a furore!


seman bin abu said...


what is little india in brickfields? pm najib himself supported the idea and visited it with his indian counterpart.

and what is wrong with small china? small and little make no difference.

mr loo, kepong said...

dap is a racist party. i dont think its malay membership is increasing. since ahmad nor, no malays has held any higher position. mat nor himself was a malay chauvinist within dap and that was why he was sidelined.

we dont need a small china in malaysia. we need a harmonious country where all races can work together hand in hand while respecting each others' tradition and religion.

small china or small india will only marginalize them within their own racial context.

Anonymous said...

dap is full of nonsense and is getting more and more absurd.

kit siang and team are only playing individual politics, nothing else.

malindo III said...

saya setuju bahawa pemimpin dan ahli mca adalah kaum cina yang tidak lagi memikirkan asal-usul nenek moyang mereka yang berasal dari china. itu adalah sejarah bangsa mereka.

tetapi hari ini, orang cina dalam mca sudah maklum bahawa mereka kini rakyat malaysia dan adalah menjadi tanggungjawab bersama membangunkan negara dan memelihara keharmonian, keselamatan, kedaulatan dan maruahnya.

tidak ada negara lain yang bersifat berbilang kaum seperti malaysia. malah, filipina sendiri pernah mengamalkan sifat anti-islam dan anti-melayu dan masih cuba menghapuskan melayu di mindanao. inikah yang anwar ingin perjuangkan?

melayu deli said...

there are categories of chinese in malaysia:

1. who feel they are malaysians

2. who still think they belong to china

3. who still maintain communism in their blood.

we opt for the first - and that is MCA!

hidup MCA!!!

balloon said...

little india and small china.

good idea to break the community apart!


Anonymous said...

dap memang nak mampus kalau buat small china di malaysia ni.

singapura dah jadi macam tu di bawah lky, ni nak jadi pulak di malaysia di bawah lks

Anonymous said...

anwar, kit siang and nik aziz are not friends but co-partners with a common enemy

they each harbour a takeover agenda, ditching the others once their particular "objective" is achieved

altho they essentially contradict one another, they are pragmatic enough to combine forces to kill the enemy

once that is done, mayhem will occur, infighting is the order of the day

vinnan said...

Looks like the BN assholes will only support a pukimak UMNO 'Ketuanan' XXX dog. Wait for the election and see the MCA wiped out. WE promise to do this XXX Porn shithead and his party of UMNO dogs in come the next GE.