Friday, August 5, 2011

Rosmah under attacks again

"BITCH... I work so hard as a MIC youth leader by licking your husband's ..... and ..... but I get nothing".

This is a comment written by one T. Mohan claiming to be the MIC youth chief. The comment was so gross, in response to an article by John Berthelsen in the Asia Sentinel - Malaysian PM's Wife Draws Flak.

The article was merely based on hearsay, and info mostly fed by the Opposition. Going by its credibility, Asia Sentinel is in the same 'anti-govt' boat as Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

If the comment really came from T. Mohan, he is committing political suicide. However, knowing very well that my friend will not write anything like that, I believe some people out there were trying to fix him.

Pity you, Mohan. Please relax as it wasn't you right? No need to apologise to PM Najib and Rosmah.

Berthelsen didnt get all facts right. He dug it from the wrong files, I suppose. Otherwise, he wouldn't have tried to run a wedge between Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin by writing:

"Those in Anwar’s Pakatan Rakyat coalition say the attacks on Rosmah are coming from Muhyiddin Yassin, the 64-year-old deputy prime minister and protégé of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Muhyiddin played a major role in driving former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from power and has long been regarded as being ambitious to succeed Najib should the prime minister stumble."

Everything came from the Opposition. I wonder who has been paying Berthelsen. This kind of article is not cheap. It could cost a few million USD!

NOTE: T. Mohan's comment was deleted by Asia Sentinel this morning but his name is retained.


karipuley said...

ha ha ha!

you are a dead meat, mohan! how could you!

ha ha ha!

red hippo said...

are you sure the info came from the opp and not from the inner circle who doesnt quite like her?

maybe the writer is right and he might be wrong too. asia sentinel is quite popular, and for its writer to produce craps like this is not encouraged.

or you are helping to cover something!!!

T-BONE said...

alamak bro!

nak ke laut nampaknya si mohan ni. tak tidur malam dia!

siapa pulak la mangkuk yang gunakan nama dia ni. kalau bukan dia, kena siasat nih!

silap2 palanivel boleh pecat dia dari parti.

Anonymous said...

this is perhaps the most detailed article ever produced openly.

its time for rosmah to come up with denials... and denials again.

balan said...

whoever smeared t mohan's name will be prosecuted.

bloody hell!

he is such a nice young leader, harmless and helpful.

MIC needs him.

paper basket said...

muhyidin and najib.... hmmmmm...

to believe or not... its worth reading, bro!

Anonymous said...

nothing extra.

old stories by new writers

asia sentinel fails to explore it deeper.

kimi loney said...

the writer didnt listen to the opposition only maa... u trust the people around rosmah aaa? even close friends also cannot be trusted.

old BMW said...

another macbeth...that is the most interesting part.

i am not saying anything bad about her but the words that go around are making her image deteriorates every second. what has she done to repel all the accusations?

i also notice that najib himself never said anything to defend his wife when in fact he should.

Anonymous said...

typical journalist.

quoting only sources... umno sources, opposition sources. however, some of it make sense

Anonymous said...

"However, observers point out, Muhyiddin hasn’t been publicly defending either Najib or Rosmah lately. One businessman in Kuala Lumpur told Asia Sentinel: “Mahathir and Anwar are both working towards the same objective even if they aren’t working together – get Najib out.”

i like this part. let's see if najib or muhyiddin speak about it.

pasu bunya said...


di bulan mulia ni, hentikanlah buat sementara daripada menyiarkan berita yang sebegini. walaupun bukan datangnya dari sdr, ia mengundang pelbagai tanggapan buruk terhadap pemimpin kita.

janganlah jadi seperti pas!

Anonymous said...

alamak mohan, my friend.

pls go into hiding! get sammy vellu to find u a safe place in india!

pity u, man!

sumbi emas said...

macam2 benda la si rosmah ni buat. aku taknak dengar tapi makin ramai orang menyebutnya. betul atau tak bukan isunya di sini tapi takda angin, masakan pohon bergoyang!

nasi dan kicap said...


soalannya ialah - siapa yang upah si badigol ni tulis hal ni?

takkan najib pulak!

rosmah sanmor said...

kenapa u siarkan benda2 macam ni? tak payahlah susahkan i. pening, tau!

komodo said...

t mohan.... mati la lu kali ni. gua dah cakap dulu2 lagi elok lu jangan main politik. ni mesti ada orang tak suka sangat kat lu sampai gunakan nama lu untuk maki rosmah. atau memang lu sendiri yang tulis tu!

Anonymous said...

rosmah and mohan should sue this berthelsen.

penyokong najib said...

ni semua ejen yahudi yang dibayar oleh pembangkang untuk memporakperandakan kerajaan dan rumahtangga najib.

pergi jahanam sama mereka!

Anonymous said...

one after another.

what's next?

can rosmah just keep quiet pretending nothing happens?

kawan hisham said...

not t mohan la jai. he is harmless, he doesnt even know how to kill a mosquito!

he hehehhehe he he!

tapi dia pandai menoreh.

ejen miskin said...

ni seolah-oleh menembak dua burung dengan satu peluru.

rosmah dan t mohan sama2 kena.

apa helah di sebalik artikel ni, memang kita tahu, jai. cuma yang kita tak pasti ialah, siapa upah yahudi ni untuk tulis sepanjang ni.