Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our PR is not for sale... but KDN has to be transparent

Since he took office about three years ago, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has been the subject of unscrupulous attacks from many quarters, especially the Opposition. Even among friends and pro-government bloggers, he doesn't seem to be in their good book.

Hisham has been accused of opening the floodgates to immigrants by granting them PR status 'so easily'. Worst still, they believed Hisham was being so lenient to the Chinese nationals by according them with full citizenship.

I am not sure. I dont have the figure as it is fully classified (is it?).

However, I do not think the Home Ministry is selling PR and citizenship to foreigners who wish to be part of us. I have seen the procedure. There was no easy passage. I have talked to some senior officials at the ministry, the Immigration Dept and the National Registration Dept, and nothing pointed to what was described by the Opposition as a back door entry.

And sorry, I am also not sure about the previous regimes under Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, Azmi Khalid and Syed Hamid Albar who many accused of making tonnes of money from 'human tradings' and 'human trafficking'.

In Sembrong yesterday, Hisham had - for the first time - refuted allegations that his ministry has been according PR and citizenship status readily (here). That was a strong statement, meant as a 'once for all' answer to those who put the procedure on doubt.

"I know for a fact that the allegations are baseless because I am the one who considers the recommendations from our officers. We approve the PR status in accordance with the law," he told the Press.

So, there is no such thing that our Malaysian PR and citizenship status is for sale. However, its an undeniable fact that some ministry's officials, including with the Immigration and Registration Departments do make money over the deals, and it is up to the MACC to investigate.

But I have something to ask Hisham - when I was a reporter, the Government Gazette was one of my compulsory reference for 'scoops'. I got almost every edition of it. There were a lot of exclusive stories, particularly with regards to the Home Ministry - the number and names of people who got their citizenship stripped, the list of convicts on banishment, etc.

There was also a list of foreigners accorded with full citizenship, and of course how many PR applicants were approved every month.

Bro Hisham. What happens to the Gazette, and why is the information on PR and citizenship be made 'classified' when it was not suppose to be blanketed? I think if the Gazette carries the details, the Opposition and 'friends' who throw rubbish at you may go on silence.

When we are transparent, critics would not come easy...


nasi dan kicap said...

i think hisham is okay. in fact he is clean as compared to other ministers and politicians.

but he got one prob when it comes to managing the home ministry.

he likes to classify many things. that is how the allegations go uncontrolled.

indigo said...


i have come across a few people, including govt officers who demanded between 20k and 100k to get PR status for foreigners. ironically, many foreigners are using their service. some got it while some didnt. some of the money is said to be given to KDN and Registration people. they do it for business because they the people 'inside'. call it a service charge. is it wrong?

sunny said...

i support your suggestion on the govt gazette. i used to buy it during the 1980s and 1990s for reference.

and what is wrong for kdn to publicise it in the gazette? at least nobody would cast doubt on the procedure.

its not easy to get the gazette anymore, not even from the govt printer.


Anonymous said...

Izin kan saya,
Our Malaysian PR AND Citizenship is not for sale at any price.
Malaysian Citizenship has no price tag.
But we offer:
Malaysia myhome,
we offer VOAs,
we sell Johore IDR to foreigners mostly singaporeans.
we sell sand to Singapore.
we sell johor silica (sic) to singaporeans.
we ask 25,000,000 foreigners to be tourists.
we ask 50,000 foreigners to be students at our Universities.
we give rm 20 billion tax payers money as subsidies to 5,000,000 foreigners for petrol fuel sugar oil flour rice and sell subsidized ron 95 to Singaporeans and allow subsidezed diesel to foreign fishermen.
we lowered ceilings for property prices for foreigner purchases.
we sell high price properties with zero restrictions to foreigners.
we allow professional firms to practice without restriction.
we crawl on knees to ask foreigners to come to our country under TALent Corp auspices.
we ignore foreigners who come in and out without visas or travel documents at PK and Kota tinggi .
we bring in 350,000 women as domestic maids and make them shop assistants restuarant workers In addition to house work.
we allow africans and iranians
to come as students and 40,000 from india to disapppear.
we allow itinerant petty traders from china and indonesia to abuse visa at Petaling and Chowkit.
we encourage PRC kwachee dolls to practice massage and hospitality trades.
we go London and Washington to condemn our country and our policies.
we pay millions and millions to buy english football club.
we pay huge sums of money to support foreign car makes, with same breath condemn national cars.
we encourage sinocentric print media to openly condemn national educational policies.
we allow foreign warplanes enter our airspace 2,500 times, without a rifle shot,not even a whimper,
we employ foreign consultants at a drop of a pin.
we allow the national provident fund invest monies in england.
at every turn and twist we are more auslander than Malaysia.
We even import annually 20RM billion of food including coconuts and chicken wings.
Yes, our PR and Citizenship are not for sale.
But maruah is.
The rest are sold out.
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.

sarian said...


i married a cambodian girl 15 years ago and only managed to get a full citizenship 2 years ago.

not easy after a few failures.

masih di BH said...

jai, aku masih ingat kau dapat banyak scoop daripada gazet kerajaan.

tapi kenapa kdn tidak siarkan senarai yang dapat kerakyatan dalam gazet lagi?

apa yang nak berahsia sangat?

Anonymous said...

hisham classifies everything because there is a lot to hide from the public.

that also u dont know aaaaa!!!!


HRC said...


apa jadi dengan orang rohingya yang kita lindungi sejak awal 80an? adakah mereka diberikan taraf pemastautin atau kerakyatan?

ramai antaranya sudah berumahtangga di sini, anak2 bersekolah di sini, bekerja dan berniaga.

kalau bawah UNHCR, mereka tak patut berniaga dan bekerja.

kawan aku yang buat 6P ni pun susah nak yakinkan orang burma yang ada kat sini supaya daftar. mereka kata ada kad UNHCR. takkan semua myanmar kat malaya ni ada kad tu!

kenapa hisham tak jawab?

Anonymous said...

home ministry is getting more and more absurd.

i know cases where some people were offered PR status thru back door.

melayu deli said...

kalau kdn nak lambakkan orang dari China di malaysia, suatu hari nanti kuasa mengundi mereka akan lebih besar daripada melayu.

suatu hari nanti, orang cina akan lebih ramai daripada melayu.

suatu hari nanti, umno akan jadi parti kedua atau ketiga terbesar di negara ini.

suatu hari nanti dap akan perintah negara jika orang dari China ni sokong mereka.

suatu hari nanti, melayu akan hilang di dunia....

sugu, kajang said...

that 500,000 banglas hisham waived of paying registration and 6P fee will be accorded with pr status soon... ha ha ha... sooner or later we will have a bangla holding key positions at the home ministry...

atas pagar said...

saya setuju bahawa gazet kerajaan terus digunakan. kdn tidak boleh menafikan bahawa gazet ini sudah digunakan puluhan tahun untuk memaklumkan rakyat apa perkembangan dasar kerajaan dan kementerian, termasuk keputusan penting dalam kdn. buat apa disembunyikan segala fakta mengenai kerakyatan dan pemastautin ni? kepada hisham, janganlah cari alasan!

hasan lombok said...


kalau saya nak kawin orang indon, macam mana nak dapat pr untuk dia? senang ke? berapa bayaran? berapa upfront?

inilah soalan yang sering kedengaran sampai sekarang.

Anonymous said...

not for sale?

then, WTF immigration and registration officers asked for some money to process it?

ustaz pencen said...

salam sdr,

pada bulan februari lalu, saya ke imigresen putrajaya untuk meminta borang kemasukan bagi memohon taraf pemastautin tetap untuk adik ipar saya dari jordan. dia dah tinggal di sini 9 tahun.

tetapi saya agak terkejut apabila pegawai yang memberi borang itu MENJUALNYA dengan harga rm500 walhal pada borang itu tertera PERCUMA.

saya tidak berkata apa2 kecuali memberikannya duit itu kerana inginkan borang berkenaan.

kalau macam ni, kayalah pegawai kerajaan dengan menjual borang saja dengan harga tinggi!

Anonymous said...

i am also not sure, bro.

i heard similar cases that kdn and registration officers ask money for processing fee, some even reached rm30,000.

pegawai lama said...

di mana letaknya kewibawaan kementerian dalam negeri jika maklumat pr dan krakyatan pun terpaksa disembunyikan daripada awam?

saya setuju dengan tulis sdr bahawa warta kerajaan sudah lama digunakan untuk menyiarkan maklumat sedemikian tetapi kenapa pula datuk hisham ingin merahsiakannya?

harap ada penjelasan daripada menteri sendiri kerana pada hemah saya, ia tidak sepatutnya menjadi rahsia.

kita ingin tahu berapa ramai rakyat china, india, bangla atau mana2 negara yang diberikan taraf penduduk tetap dan kerakyatan sejak tiga tahun lalu.

t kasih

PRO said...

merujuk kepada komen NASI DAN KICAP.

saya sokong saranan anda bahawa datuk hisham memang seorang yang bersih. belum pernah ada tuduhan atau khabar angin yang beliau seorang rasuah dan pilih kasih.

tetapi dalam soal kerakyatan dan pemastautin ini, beliau sedikit tergelincir kerana menyembunyikan segala faktanya.

seperti yang sdr kata, warta kerajaan perlu digunakan sebagai media untuk menghebahkannya kepada rakyat.

ini negara kita dan rakyat perlu tahu siapa dan dari negara mana orang asing ini diberikan taraf pemastautin dan kerakyatan.

kitikachorn said...

biarlah rahsia.... he he he... macam lagu siti.

tapi apa nak rahsiakan butiran penerima kerakyatan dan berapa ramai bilangannya?

datuk hisham kena jawap ni!

sekeh kang!

timah langat said...

apa nak sorok2 maklumat ni, wahai hisham. kalau takda yang tak kena, buat apa sorok!

dedahkan je. berapa ramai dapat pr dan kerakyatan.

macam kata bujai, gunakan warta kerajaan.

Anonymous said...

i want to see some investigations conducted by the macc on the immigration and registration depts. their officials are on the take when it comes to dealing with pr and citizenship application.

geng 69 said...

memang kita tak jual pr dan kerakyatan tapi kita selalu offer pada orang asing, khasnya pelarian dari bosnia, myanmar dan lain2. sama je macam jual maruah negara! ini macam ka?

Anonymous said...

i dont trust hisham that much as long as he is at the home ministry. better send him back to youth and sports!

sawo nilo said...

bodek hisham, nampak!

banyak ke kau dapat projek daripada kdn bro?

bak la aku sikit!

hotentot said...

how much to get a malaysian PR?

10k? 20k? 30k? 50K 100K.

just like a datukship....

Anonymous said...

how to be transparent when the minister and his colleagues are involved in lots of hanky-panky business!

Anonymous said...

aku dengar hisham ni jenis angkuh sikit, tak mau dengar cakap atau nasihat pegawai2 dia. kalau dia kata putih, putihlah.

macam mana boleh jadi pemimpin macam ni?