Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anwar takes lesson from Estrada The Actor

Former Philippine president Joseph Estrada said he will attend the official ceremony if Anwar becomes Malaysia's prime minister. The former movie star (he is in fact a good actor, still) also voiced his confident that the Opposition Leader will be sworn-in after the next general elections.

During his visit to Manila on Friday, Anwar also strewed lies that the Bersih 2.0 July 9 public demo was confronted by the police firing blindly at the protesters, causing one death and hundreds injured, some seriously, including himself.

Citing the pro-democratic uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other Middle East countries, Anwar said pro-democratic reform in Malaysia should follow the footsteps set by the late Ninoy Aquino.

And in effort to win the heart of the Filipinos, he also said Malaysians got plenty to learn from Philippine hero Jose Rizal (here) who 'inspired him as a free man as well as a man under incarceration'.

(Rizal promoted what was described by many Filipinos and others as a 'dream' - a world without races. To second that notion was only the late John Lennon via his popular song, 'Imagine'.).

Well... Estrada and Anwar share some similarities. Estrada was convicted for plunder while Anwar for corruption and sodomy. During his tenure as the president, Estrada was accused of massing up personal wealth, which brought him down.

Another thing. Anwar also commended President Aquino's policy in combating graft by comparing corruption in Malaysia as among the worst in the world. When he was deputy prime minister, Anwar used to hammer the Philippines for its high corruption rate.

And who is Anwar and Estrada as compared to Aquino and Rizal? Both are stewards of their respective national instability and they are best known for disintegrating their own race.

Anwar also wanted the help of Estrada as his group battles with the ruling party in Malaysia’s forthcoming general elections. Getting Estrada to directly campaign for him would be a sticky matter but that the former Philippine leader’s endorsement and support could come in many ways.

“Erap is my great friend, family friend,” Anwar said, referring to Estrada by his nickname. “And how I wish he could come to Malaysia and help me in the campaign because he still has many admirers there” (here).

Admirers? Who? Rather than Estrada, Anwar should also consider getting Barack Obama or Netanyahu to help his election campaigns.

Hmmm... actually Anwar himself is gaining a lot from his close relationship with Erap the actor...


bambino said...

estrada is a good teacher.

that's how anwar managed to come up with various stories, especially of him being under police attack during july 9.

what a joke!

nonoy eqonot said...

lucky he didnt screw estrada's backside... only if estrada is much younger and 'jambu'.

eric estrada said...

memburuk-burukkan negara dan bangsa sendiri kepada orang asing. inilah kelebihan yang ada pada anwar. dia sanggup jual apa saja, termasuk maruah agama, bangsa dan negaranya demi politik peribadi. kalau tak silap, dia sendiri pernah hentam estrada suatu ketika dahulu. ini dah bermuka-muka dan pikat hati rakyat filipina sedangkan mereka sendiri tak suka sangat pada estrada ni.

Anonymous said...

what u didnt know is, anwar is also given a PR by aquino...

dran said...

anwar dapat lesen kasino kat filipina time estrada tak mo citer ke

Singh Is Kinng said...

When morality was no longer a major concern ... you would then get Estrada as president ... a man who illegitimately fathered countless children ... opsss ... that was philippines ... in Malaysia you've got Anwar Ibrahim

Anonymous said...

isnt anwar himself a filipino?

heh heh heh!

kelulut said...

anwar merasakan dirinya sama taraf dengan jose rizal manakala estrada pula rasa dirinya macam ronald reagan.

sebab itulah sama2 mimpi dan berlakon.

Anonymous said...

alaaa jai!

biarkanlah si nuar tu buat apa yang dia suka.

dia kacau kau ke?

Anonymous said...

anak silabas both of them!