Monday, July 25, 2011

Understanding the Media Consultative Council...

Without any reps from the TV stations, the first meeting of the proposed Media Consultative Council (MCC) was attended by only a few media chiefs, a new media spokesperson who represented the bloggers, and 'tier-2' personnel from Prime Minister's Office, the Home Ministry and Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim's officers.

It was chaired by Sec-Gen of Information, Communication and Culture Ministry, Datuk Seri Kamaruddin Siaraf (pic). Uninvited reps from some news portals and 'akhbar nyamuk' were nearby. I was one of them.

It was an interesting idea and I believe it comes from Rais himself. The MCC will be put under a joint-jurisdiction - Rais and Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, our Home Minister (a 'abang-adik' control).

I guess I saw a few red faces after the meeting, which was meant to get feedback about the Council prior to its official establishment. But the meeting turned sour as most of the participants, especially from the mainstream media took it as another government tool to control them.

The issue about the direction to be taken by the Council, the kind of benefit it will bring and who will be appointed to the panel, are still unclear. However, all parties should consider it and give inputs as to how its embodiment should be managed to the interest of the booming media industry (new media such as blogs and portals are also part of it).

The only MCC that I came across is the Botswana Media Consultative Council (BACC) which was established in 1998. Malaysia is years ahead of Botswana in terms of economic achievement and development but the idea only cropped up now. I wonder...

The BACC is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organisation registered in September 1998 as a trust under applicable domestic law. Its primary mission is to promote and preserve the further development of a multimedia industry in Botswana which is free, democratic, pluralistic and productive.

"In our vision, we recognise that Botswana will only realise its full economic as well as democratic potential if both its public and private sectors successfully embrace the political and social, as well as technological challenges of the rapidly evolving global information age. The BMCC was established to help secure this goal by constituting itself as an institutionalised forum for media stakeholders to enter into constructive dialogue both among themselves and with the wider community, including the government and regional organisations, on issues of common concern".

That's part of its Charter (read here).

What differs our MCC and BMCC is, ours is chaired by ministers while theirs fully comprises non-govt figures. The BMCC is chaired by a senior journalist/columnist while no govt officials sit on its panel.

Anyway, I think ours is slightly better as we will have govt and media reps on the same panel.

Good idea... but I hope we can be more specific in its objectives and benefits. I am sure its not all about taking punitive action on any media reports but a channel to discuss problems besetting our media industry.


medium said...

what is the categorisation of media? the newspapers? TV? what else?

what about blogs?

more people are turning to blogs as the fastest way of getting information... and some good blogs do provide precise info.

and what is the objective of this MCC?

manitoba said...

waahh haaaa..

botswana is well ahead of us in this aspect.

by the way, why must rais and hisham co-chair the council? it should be put under the info ministry. is info ministry trying to take over some of home ministry's tasks?

rashid siber said...

asyik2 hal media. buat tu, buat ni untuk media. nak kontrol apa pulak ni? siapa pulak nak kawal apa yang ada dalam blog?

backpipe said...

i was told that the pro-opposition media was not invited, like harakah, malaysiakini, etc.

why the double standard? media is for all.

this shows that the council will take side on the govt and cannot become an independent body.

it work laaa!

masih di BH said...


mcc ni idea lama tapi dah tak sesuai lagi dah di zaman IT ni.

cubalah fikir-fikirkan

guardian said...

another media-controlling vehicle.

no freedom of the press.

info ministry to monitor, home ministry to take action.

what a mess!

Anonymous said...

undoubtedly its a good idea but it must be left to the journalists and blogger alike to run the show and monitor the situation. the govt can have its reps on the panel and join consultative effort in formulating methods to enhance its objective.

zalili said...

biarlah ada wakil dari semua pihak dalam panel tu - kerajaan, media arus perdana, media lain, tv, blog dan lain2.

kalau tanpa media lain, dah jadi macam badan kerajaan yang akan memantau industri media negara ni.

kalau begitu sifatnya, akan jadilah seperti satu badan yang hanya jadi pengawas bagi memastikan semua berita memihak kepada kerajaan.

Anonymous said...

better for sec-gen, rais and hisham go to botswana first...

he heh

Anonymous said...

Rocky dan apanama tarok u bujai kao kao....

Anonymous said...

I read rockybru .... hahahah bujai we are all laughing at you

Ibnu Sina said...

if it's 1998 in Botswana, and Rais wants it here in 2011? Hey, it's iPad 2 already, not the floppy disk!

Anonymous said...

Suatu lagi projek BN untuk mengawal Media.

Understand or no understand?

Nak jadi balaci BN boleh la pi merebut jawatan dan dapat mengaut duit rakyat lagi.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a mercenary like Bujai?

He is on crooked Kamaruddin Siaraf payroll.

4:24 PM
Ini saya dpt Dari rockybru blog . Betoll kah?

Anonymous said...

apasal semenjak dua menjak ni aku rasa mual je..

Anonymous said...


i use to like your blog and your writings which are really insightful.

But i guess (actually not need to guess, ramai dah tahu pun) you have traded something away, and that is certainly a very sad thing.

ikut suka hang lah....

bekas blog follower.