Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enough is enough, Anwar!

Enough is enough, bro Anwar! Cukuplah tu!

Malaysia is your country too. Badmouthing and belittling the system you once supported and upheld will not help you become a Prime Minister. Instead of subscribing to aggravation which stems from your bad disposition, please find a noble way.

If you are trying to create an upsurge against Najib's government, how could you be so sure that 100 per cent Malaysians would support you (if you become our Prime Minister)? How could you evoke international hatred towards the party you once led just because your dream was shattered over 'a scandal'?

Asking Amnesty International (or should I say Am-Nasty International) to condemn Malaysia for 'mishandling' the July 9 Bersih 2.0 rally (here) didnt reflect you as a leader but more of a political rogue.

And this Donna Guest, your good buddy at Am-Nasty has requested for British premier David Cameron and Pope Benedict not to give a red carpet welcome to Najib. That's okay, I suppose. But who deserves the red carpet treatment? You?

I dont like criticising you. In fact I had never step a foot in matters you are involved with. No matter what others say, there is still a brighter side of you that you should make full use of in helping to develop our nation. If you had contributed to the country before, you can always contribute once more.

Use the virtue you still have in helping the rakyat, especially the Malays to improve their economic footing. What happened to you was a parable for others but dont lose your sanity over the greed for power.

What you are doing is admissible. You may think that you are infallible but there is nothing we did in the past is incorrigible. Just change your inveterate to become a better person and a good leader. You are not getting any younger...


Anonymous said...

Is this an appeal by PM to Anwar because of PM visit to England and Vatican?

Continue to persecute the man immorally and you have lost the moral support of most people.

Afterall most people know politics is a game but do not cross the line of morality.

Looks like BN has it's back against the wall and now appealing for patriotism from the same man they villified as some foreign agents and so forth.

Looks so crass with your appeal. What a joke.

Suara Hati Kecil said...

yahooooo!!!!!!! akhirnya bujai naik angin dengan anwar......dogir na...meludah ke langit.....janganlah sobab kepenting ko sorang, rakyat mamppus sama...g mampus lah ko sorang anwar.....

abah den nak motong gotah sonang lenang...ko racun orang dengan dakyah...den dah tak gomar ngan ko lah....kesiahan adolah.....

sodih den ko nih...bangang bonar...dejn totap lawan dengan pemimpin cam ko nih.....ado ramai lai cam ko ni....

ko pikir...ko pikir.....elok-eloklaH SIKIT WAR...KO JANGAN NAK CIBAIKAN KAMI NI....

ten bucks said...


sebagai seorang melayu dan islam, anwar masih ada nilainya. benar, kalau dia pernah membuat jasa kepada negara, kenapa tidak sekarang diteruskan.

beliau sepatutnya mengambil cara yang dihormati untuk jadi pemimpin dan bukannya dengan cara yang memburuk-burukkan negara sendiri.

Anonymous said...

he is crazy for power, to become a pm.

dirty or not, he will go on attacking his own bed!

RHE said...

uwaa.. for d first time u hit him.

i know u and him used to be buddies but he is a different person now, bro.

when we were in penang together and when he was dpm, he was an idol...

sadly, look at him now!

london taxi said...

he is the dirtiest leader i've ever known.

his greed for power is killing him... slowly. let us see...

yang arif said...

kalaulah dia berjaya jadi pm, agaknya dia dapat sokongan padu orang melayu ke, lebih2 lagi bila dia bersubahat dengan dap dan ejen asing?

pemimpin macam ni ke yang kita nak angkat?

dia sepatutnya insaf. orang melayu boleh menerimanya jika dia benar-benar ikhlas memperjuangkan kepentingan agama dan bangsanya.

ini tidak. dia berjuang untuk menegakkan benang basahnya dan membantu dap menakluk negara!

Anonymous said...

anwar has to repent!

anwar has to repent!

ex-diplomat said...

amnesty intl is not a reliable body anymore.

over the years, it only find fault in developing countries and denying the fact that the developed nations are at their worst human rights practice.

amnesty has became a political body instead of championing the rights of the oppressed people around the globe.

Anonymous said...

anon July 13, 2011 12:12 PM

yeah for jokers like you with no moral spine, the ends justify the means

and so prostitution, gambling, loanshark, copyrights infringements, pirated cds dvds, cheating, mistresses, gay lifestyle, and all other sins are OK with you and your tribe

and so making money thru any means are alright as long as you can get rich right, after all money makes the world go round

well sodom and gomorrah will definitely be your future, mark my words

Anonymous said...

dia ni dah makan duit haram terlalu lama, dah jadi darah daging

bagi makan anak bini, kelakuan mereka sekeluarga, asyik buruk burukkan pihak berkuasa

jijik tenguk telatah keluarga ni - sekarang nurul izzah sungguh sungguh ikut jejak papa hebatnya

eeee jijik betul

Anonymous said...

Wear yellow every Saturday to support BERSIH demands for electoral reforms.

Anonymous said...

July 14, 2011 11:48 AM

for you no need lah coz you already have yellow skin and yellow hearts

instigate others but you stay home in aircon comfort huh?

apalah nak buat dgn jenis tak cebuk pakai sengkelet ni??