Monday, July 4, 2011

Bersih: Let the Malays kill each other!

I heard similar remarks in two coffee shops - one in KL and another in Malacca - about Bersih. Its not about a clean elections or a transparent Election Commission.

What's in store is more shocking. Its about 'Let the Malays kill each other' or 'Kasi Melayu sama Melayu galuh sampai mati'. Its a ploy to run a wedge between Malays of different political ideology, exploiting their weakness and divide to plunge them into a civil war.

Its hard to believe but after hours of chat with some level-headed citizens, including the non-Malays, we conclude that such remarks contain some truth. And with foreign elements trying to interfere in our political system, wanting to help Pakatan Rakyat achieve their objective of ruling the country, another conclusion is drawn - the Malays are ultimately blind and stupid!

For Pakatan to complaint about election discrepancies is really beyond comprehension. They won five states in the last national poll, and they didnt make any noise at all. However, when Anwar Ibrahim failed in his Sept 16 bid, they began to find fresh avenues to substantiate their claim for political supremacy.

After a series of by-elections that saw Barisan Nasional and Pakatan scored an even victory, Anwar and friends still couldnt accept the fact that the electoral system was not bias and free of any political detente. Not even the government or the ruling party has a say in it.

But sour grapes remain sour grapes. Until their objective is met, Pakatan will keep on blaming whatever system installed to champion their 'foreign-controlled' cause.

Parti Keadilan was not aware of it. Its Malay members also failed to distinguish the dirty agenda behind Bersih. And so were the 100 per cent Malay and Muslim members of Pas.

This is not about racism (or could it be?). Realizing its not easy to bring down Umno-led Barisan Nasional, some extremists formed a cahoot to break the Malays apart. Pas was their easy target. And so, they succeeded in persuading the Islamic party not to enter into the proposed 'Malay unity' talks.

Then, they saw Perkasa - a non-political formidable Malay force - as the major obstacle in their effort to rattle BN, notably the Malays in Umno. And so, together with Anwar (whose PKR is only to champion his dream of becoming a prime minister) and Pas, they managed to get this Ambiga who inspired Bersih on the pretext of election fouls.

It works well enough.

With the Malays in Pas and PKR, they will march in Kuala Lumpur on July 9 by using the 'free election' ticket. Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali who has vowed to stop and confront them, will lead thousands of members to 'dilute' them.

Of course, the police will come in full force to put things under control. As most members of the Force are also Malays, they may as well have to be prepared to brace for an 'all-Malay' confrontation, and if this happens, the non-Malays will stay away.

And recognising the fact that the Malays are well-divided, Bersih 2.0 will be a platform to neutralise them politically. A bloodshed among them will be a definite answer to undermine BN in the next general election.

Its a simple theory. Whether it makes any sense or not, its up to the Malays in Pas, PKR and Perkasa to consider. I may sound stupid but in journalism, stupid questions often get good answers!


Anonymous said...

Coffee Shop Talk only.

In reality, the Malays have matured politically and have grown smarter and have seen a viable alternative to UMNO.

PAS looks very likely to lead the country replacing UMNO as the ultimate Malay de facto party.

The rest DAP, PKR, etc will just have to follow PAS and join up if they want to be part of the new ruling coalition.

The question on most non-Malays minds (which were chained previously by MCA, MIC thru fear of rumours) is if you care to really ask " Will PAS be fairer to all the citizens and rule more justly, uncorrupted and have the heart of all it's citizens as the leader of the new govt?"

I think all the non-Malays have decided to give PAS that chance looking at the results of the previous GE and by-elections.

I bet even if PAS contest in any non-Malay areas in the coming elections, they will win hands down even if you put another non-Malay to contest against.

I suggest you speak to more non-Malays who are apolitical before you decide to blog something based on your assumptions of non-Malays generally.

Because in reality, no one wants anyone hurt whether it is our Malay, Chinese, Indians people or any race for that matter for any political reason.

I believe your non-Malays friends who told you as mention are not sincere friends of yours to keep and you better go look for new friends.

don kisot said...

saya pun melayu tetapi saya terpaksa akui yang kita ni terlalu pentingkan diri sendiri dan berpecah belah.

ini menyebabkan bangsa lain ambil kesempatan ke atas kelemahan kita.

oleh itu, insaf dan bersatulah!

lanang said...

your theory has some logic in it.

the malays are well divided over politics and other things.

however, i dont call them stupid bro!

the saint said...

the problem with we the malays is that we are too proud being the indigeneous people. we have forgotten that independence has given citizenship to other people like the chinese, indians and others.

we failed to compete with them in many ways and thus putting the blame on the govt and other people.

we should shine on our own effort and accord and not to depend solely on the govt.

other races are looking down at us and this gives them the opportunity to question and challenge whatever umno does for the rakyat.

do you see the point here?

insan kamil said...

sad to say that we, the malays are still not united in many aspects. pas should reconsider the unity talks with umno and opens itself to a more liberal approach.

if pas joins bersih, then it would adversely reflect the big division among the malays and muslims in the country.

i do hope pas leadership will pull out of the rally

Anonymous said...

let them kill each other la.

dont worry, they will need a hundred years to realise the mistake!

kayu api said...

saya setuju dengan tulisan tuan.

memang perhimpunan bersih ni nak lagakan sesama orang melayu dalam pas, pkr, umno dan perkasa.

terutama di pihak perkasa yang nyata2 menentang keras bersih, mereka dikhuatiri sukar dibendung kemarahannya

samagagah said...

bagi can la sapa nak balun sapa.

penuhkan hospital dengan orang macam depa ni.

bagi bergaduh kat spital pulak, baru padan muka.

Anonymous said...

haiya anon @ July 4, 2011 5:47 PM

you support PAS not because they are "uncorrupted" and "fair"

but because they are politically and administrative immature/naive

nik aziz, hadi et al are easily manipulated with DAP's talk-down brainwashing

DAP will first praise PAS for being simple and down to earth - meaning clean and not racist coz they prioritise Islam and not the modern trappings of UMNO

then they will encourage this religious leanings and praise PAS for their non-materialistic way of life

but once PAS is bought over with the sugar-coated candy talk, DAP will then arrogantly tell PAS that to manage Malaysia will be a different kettle of fish unlike managing a state like Kelantan

AHA, then DAP will convince PAS to let DAP rule the economic aspect of Malaysia while PAS can concentrate on building the stairway to syurga

at this point in time PAS has indeed given up the ISLAMIC state vision and settled for welfare state

read that as chinese DAP welfare - meaning the rapid and massive accumulation of wealth OFF this Tanah Melayu

so with super wealth in hand, DAP can rule Malaysia just like Thaksin and sister for Thailand

Anonymous said...

hey the saint

the Malays are not highly competitive in nature NOT because they are lazy

but more so because they are less materialistic like the kampung folks

this way, the rural folks are generally gentler, less hasty, more generous, forgiving and willing to share

compared to the town folks who are materialistic, hasty, stingy, money-minded, calculative

Now if all Malays compete like the chinese and indians, the Malay psyche will change - and then the Malayness will be diluted to become like the Singapore Malays - very kiasu

Anonymous said...

the rally participants should be given PICTURES of their leaders mega houses like anwar's palace, ambiga's mansion, lim kit siang's castle, lim guan eng's manor

in fact make Bersih march a tour of their leaders' hometown

for bonding and getting to know their leaders at close hand

and hopefully the brighter ones will start wondering, "hey they are rich and living the GREAT life in Malaysia"

what about us - we also want mansions for ourselves

Anonymous said...

The point it so clearly that these thing to change corruption in EC but again the malays divert the issue to well it came to their race n their well being only !!!! ????? their race n religion !!!! well for me u are a stupid race n dumb ass brain knows one thing only ! ur religion !!!! n hope your staying di bawah tempurung forever bodohs!!

Anonymous said...

Just watch the previous Bersih video in youtube. Most of the casts are Malay. Sedar la sikit wahai Melayu. Jangan dipergunakan selalu.