Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bersih is very, very subversive!

They defied an advice given by His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to have a peaceful demonstration. They defied the government and police orders to organise the rally at an indoor stadium. And they defied the law and order.

Now, its no point for PM Najib to hold any kind of negotiation with them as their main intention was not for a 'clean' election system but to bring about instability to the country, chase the investors away and wreck the social harmony.

They just wanted a wide publicity, which the got. It has nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim either as Ambiga herself has avowed that Bersih was not the voice of Pakatan Rakyat or the PKR.

Then, who did they speak for? The answer - for a few anti-Malaysia, anti-govt, anti-multiracial politics and anti-institutional monarchy leaders who think Malaysians deserve a new system like Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and other Arab-Muslim nations.

They have forgotten the fact that Malaysia differs a lot from this countries. And they were very fortunate that the Malaysian police were very much human in dealing with them.

They are subversive people and are considered dangerous to the national security. I personally believe they will organise similar rallies in the near future as the authority has been very 'soft' on them yesterday.

Ambiga - who caused all the chaos - has won when about 50,000 people joined the rally. The 1,401 nabbed will be released on police bail in the a day or two.

However, the didnt realise the devastating impact poised by the rally. The whole capital city was at a standstill, business closed, tourists detoured, massive traffic jam and the public transportation system was disrupted.

No. Ambiga has forgotten that Bersih did not represent majority of the rakyat who are against them. She and her friends can claim victory now but should they have any plan for a second round of rally, I believe the rakyat who were adversely affected by 9 July rally would stop them!

If they want to know what's peoples' power is really all about, try a second rally!


Anonymous said...

I think if the malays does not support this bi*ch incident will not happen. Just go through all Publish pictures of the event - majority are malays.

Anonymous said...

seronok tengok ko jal. suka tak suka kita ttp mati jal...semoga kesetiaan ko pd 'perlembagaan' dan Najib dpt dipersembahkan kpd Munkar & Nankir esok...& semoga ko mendpt syafaat dr Najib di 'sana' kelak...alahaaaiii...jal...jal.


Anonymous said...

You obviously do not respect the Constitution or understand the meanings as written.

Maybe you do but it only comes into your writings when it suit your agenda? Or when it is used to glorify some twisted policies of the Goverment.

Your twisted spins are just too abhorrent to be understood by a civil society who cherishes true democracy and not slap-stick democracy as practised.

Time must have pass you without you realising it cos the future generation have just seen thru all these crap.

By - Woke up already

north pole said...

not only did they defy agong's advice, the also cheated him.

anwar, ambiga and friends should be stripped of their malaysian citizenship. let them choose a country that fits to their demand!

karipuley said...

so, what are their demands for organising the rally?

they only shouted 'bersih' during the demo.

i agree that pm must not entertain them at all.

they are terrorists!

anti-anwar said...

mereka adalah penderhaka kepada yang di-pertuan agong, jai.

bila jumpa agong, mereka janji akan patuh arahan baginda, akan buat perhimpunan aman di stadium.

tapi semalam ternyata mereka ingkar dan mungkir janji. jadi, tak perlulah kita kaji lagi kedudukan mereka.

mereka semuanya penderhaka!

Anonymous said...

why didnt bukit aman use ISA on them?

lim the carpenter said...

their main intention was to have streets demo, not to champion their cause for a clean election. our election was always clean, otherwise pakatan wont have won in 5 states.

they wanted to gain world attention for anwar ibrahim who is so craze to become a prime minister.

that is why we say so many foreign media during the rally. of course they have spin various versions of the story and put the blame on the government.

we cannot allow them to go on. they are bringing the whole country down.

Anonymous said...

its time to screw anwar's backside... and ambiga's too!

they are the rascals in creating so much prob to the nation and people.

jobo said...


ramai yang kena tangkap pun, polis simpan sekejap je. tengah malam tadi dah lepas. buat apa tangkap

Anonymous said...

Yo hullo By - Woke up already@July 10, 2011 12:27 PM

have you or have you not brushed your teeth, scrapped your tongue, gargled your mouth, scrubbed your skin, shampooed your hair, shaved your hairy parts etc??

then, only then, you are fit to talk bersih

P.S. not enough to just wake up hullo!!

Anonymous said...


they also shouted "reforBASI" more than bersih, they shouted "Down with BN", "Allah is Great"

Some shouted "long live chin Peng"

it was all one big LIE

Anonymous said...

jobo jobo

ambil butir2 penting lah nak buat analisis

PDRM ni kan baik hati - orang dah buat benda haram pun nak bagi makanan, ubat, ruang solat dll

malek said...

I support Bersih !

«La vérité est en marche et rien ne l'arrêtera»

(bukan semua orang boleh terpedaya dengan hujah dusta pihak penguasa)

Anonymous said...

alahai si malek ni, nak tunjuk bijak konon, dah tentu kena tipu dgn pemimpin bersih

masih nak pertahankan lagi

ini dah masuk tarat "idiot", "retarded", "unsalvagable", "fit for dustbin"

Anonymous said...

Of course, Bersih is against UMNO. It wants free and fair elections,no gerrymandering and equal access to media for all candidates.

That cannot be allowed. Lock them up as Bersih is against the law which allows UMNO to rule.