Monday, June 20, 2011

Why let Singapore spit on us?

This is a picture of Singapore's latest unmanned aerial aircraft, which enjoys a free-and-easy intrusion of Malaysia's airspace, especially in Johor. And this is confirmed by a Mindef senior official.

In other countries, notably the US and Europe, such intrusion would be dealt with accordingly; either the plane will be shot down or a protest note will be sent to its country of origin.

However, we let Singapore spit on our head by allowing their military aircraft to penetrate deep inside our airspace. What kind of actions have we taken? Try let one of our aircraft to stray a few kilometers inside their territory, and I bet it will be shot down of driven out.

I used to write about this in a local English daily some years ago, and Mindef and our Foreign Ministers did send a note of protest to the Republic but it didnt really stop them from carrying out espionage mission on us.

At the Dewan Rakyat today, Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said there have been 2,508 violations of Malaysian air space by Singapore military jets since 2008. What Malaysia did was lodging diplomatic protests against the violations.

But they keep on coming.

Ahmad Zahid said that every suspicious movement of a Singapore military aircraft was monitored with the equipment of the Malaysian armed forces and Civil Aviation Department. "This year alone, up to May, 19 aircraft movements (violations) were detected on an average of four a month," he said in a written answer to a question from Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau).

He said there were 985 violations of Malaysian air space by Singapore jets in 2008, 1,286 in 2009, and 218 in 2010.

Please remember that their soldiers are being trained by the Israelis. Our previous regime, apart from selling sands to the Republic (if I am not mistaken), had also allowed them to use our airspace for their military trainings.

So, are we going through diplomatic channel again? One or two could be a coincidence but a few thousands are deliberate attempt to undermine our security!


ah choy the tailor said...

ahaaa.... we have been giving them so much face.

actually, singapore's air defense is superior than us maaaa!!!

air sheriff said...

this is a serious threat to our sovereignty. as u mention, one or two incidents could be a coincidence but if they keep on intruding our territories, we deserve every rights to shoot them down.

political channel is only applied on accidental cases, not deliberate ones.

a few thousands.... my god! where are our balls?

samagagah said...

masa paklah dulu, kita bagi peluang kat depa untuk guna sedikit ruang udara kita bagi tujuan latihan.

tapi depa ni macam belanda dapat tanah, bagi betih nak paha.

kalau lagu ni la, elok kita lebih hati2 dengan depa ni.

singapura ni israel kedua di dunia ni!

stormbringer said...

are we going to lose much if we severe our ties with them?

cut off the water supply, demolish the causeway and stop exporting anything to them.

they are getting big-headed for having israeli agents around.

and we malaysians are being dictated by them, actually

Anonymous said...

apa susah.

lain kali diorang ceroboh, tembak je. kita bagi can sikit, diorang terlebih masuk pulak.

sekali dua takpa la, ni beribu kalu.

zahid! takkan nak biarkan je kot!

karipuley said...

singapore's defense is always at the expense of malaysia.

but why?

are we a bunch of cowards?

Anonymous said...

hantar nota bantahan memanglah diplomatik tapi diplomatikkah mereka dengan membuat begitu banyak pencerobohan?

lang tengah said...




Anonymous said...

Waiting...what action will be taken by Malaysian authority or Malaysia will just do samething as what she did before...???????



Von Bock

masih di BH said...

now they shit on us, next time they will rule us....

there are already signs, bro!


agaknya kita ni terlalu seronok mengira berapa kali singapura ceroboh wilayah kita setiap hari.

lagi banyak lagi bagus sebab kita boleh gemparkan parlimen.

setakat nak guna saluran diplomtik, baik takyah.

yang eloknya, robohkan tambak johor. biar dia jadi betul2 punya pulau!

tak guna ada jiran khianat dan mengancam keselamatan kita ni.

seri mersing said...

singapore memang hebat bro, negara je kecik tapi ada cita2 nak jadi kuasa imperial dan kolonial.

apa salahnya kita potong je bekalan air dan runtuhkan tambak johor, macam yang dititahkan oleh baginda sultan johor baru2 ni?

biar padan muka diorang!

Anonymous said...

mari kita GANYANG singapura!

samsong said...

singapore is another jewish state of the east, believe it or not. the israelis and americans military experts are paid million of dollars every year to train the singaporeans.

and that makes them feel much more superior than malaysia.

they are not afraid of anything, sir! they have strong backings

funky said...


actually, our govt likes being spied on by the singaporeans for one good reason - hey, we got more bananas for your 'produce of singapore'.

ulat dalam batu said...

singapura tu kecik sangat la bro. bila jet dia naik je, dah takde ruang nak pergi,so masuklah ruang udara kita.

kesian gak kalau kecik macam dia.

tapi memang dah lumrah, orang kecik biasanya cakap besar!

Anonymous said...

saya rasa pelik gak bila KJ yang tanya soalan tu di parlimen!

tanjung puteri said...


kita bagi pulau batu putih pada diorang, kita bagi pasir, kita tunduk kepada macam2 desakan mereka, kita korbankan air untuk mreka... sekarang lak kita bagi jet pejuang tenteranya bermaharajalela di ruang udara kita.

kita tak rugi apa kalau tak berurusan langsung dengan mereka. kitalah yang membuatkan mereka jadi kaya raya tapi apa yang kita dapat?


Anonymous said...

shoot them down!

shoot them down!

no balls aaa?

lobong said...

my advice to KDN - stop giving PR to their citizens!

they treat us like shit!

komander said...

the govt should review all ties with singapore. they are not sincere. if the invade our airspace as they wish, then their motive can be put to question.

why must we tolerate their provocation?

Anonymous said...


what do you expect from our gomen? Our Exocet missile just dropped into the sea. Our fighter jet just dropped from the sky with no reason. Our submarine can't dive. Our tank only good for Merdeka Day parade. That's why our minister talk only but no action.

Robert HO nric S0197974D said...

1. Don't get too upset now because the tide has turned in the relative positions of Singapore vs Malaysia. Malaysia is growing stronger economically by the day and its economic growth is the Real Kind, not the totally distorted, short-term 'defy gravity' kind in Singapore. Over years, Singapore will collapse, when its unsustainable housing policies fail. When that happens, when Singapore collapses, what can a 700 sq km islet do, without any natural resources to fall back on, whereas Malaysia is rich in so many things. Heck, Singapore does not even have enough water or even sand and granite chips for constructing its own buildings.

2. Right now, Singapore is acting BIG because Amerika is supporting it right behind it but the bad news is, Amerika is collapsing right now and its military will shrink to a fraction of its current size due to economic collapse and the actions of China, Russia and the rest of the world. Without Amerikan support, can Singapore act BIG?


Robert HO

Izham said...

What do you expect from the current Defence Minister? He seems more interested in the glamorous life. Remeber his photo with local artists who joined the territorial army? I'm sure that was more important to him. BTW if anybody saw the photos, I could not help noticing tht although the artists were wearing army fatigues, their shoes were something else and not army boots. The ladies were in high heels while the guys wore track shoes. What a sham!

Anonymous said...

agree, we let them toy us around all this while.

they are not a sincere neighbor, they take us for granted.

if we lose them, we lose nothing actually!

Anonymous said...

These bastards have taken us 4 granted. Its abt time we let them know that we r not pushovers.If they continue to flout our airspace, we should shoot them down.A few thousand times???? Nak mampos ke? Shoot down these KIASU BASTARDS!!!

Anonymous said...

What is there to spy in Johor ?

Anonymous said...

kj is just testing the Malaysian govt's monitoring level so he can feedback anyone interested

what the red dot island's achilles heel is their myopic rate - most soldiers are potek elek

so Malaysia just needs to invent glass breaking equipment to smash their glasses to smithereens

laser correction in their eyes causes dryness so they cannot last long without lubrication

the hot sun will reduce their soldiers' capabilities to zilch

most soldiers are raised on fast junk food coz mum dad busy making tons of money

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert HO, Singapore @ June 21, 2011 2:57 PM

... in short harry lee (if still alive) will BEG on his knees to be allowed to RETURN on Malaysia's terms and conditions - no negotiation

YESSSSSS!! harry has to beg like a discarded dog

Anonymous said...

Bunch of idiots.

Firstly, Mindef (Malaysia) has not been able to pinpoint and confirm the "intrusions". Singapore has submitted the location of each of these locations and claims their aircraft were in their territory.

Now to discuss the crazy claims in the blog...

Singapore's economy is the same size as Malaysia (entire Federation i.e. both East and West Malaysia)! You think they will go down quickly before Malaysia?

Singapore's armed forces (navy, air force, army) is stronger than Malaysia's. You think they will crumple? Before any missile is heading to the aircraft, Singapore's early warning aircraft would have picked it up WHEN THE MISSILE IS LAUNCHED. And shoot it down.

So you want to attack them and make them beg you? Face reality and think for once.

Anonymous said...

Talk like an adults. It's a country, for god's sake, not another bloody war game. Talk when you know the facts, dummies. Cut down the water? We already have back up, dearies. We are producing our own water supply. Malaysia are only supplying nearly 40% of our nation's water supply. Shoot us down? Then war will start, and malaysian's politic is far more clever than you guys. You won't stand a chance against singapore. As small as it might be, the military force of singapore is proven to be better than you guys, excluding all the external help. The claim of thousands of intrusions have not yet to be confirmed, it might yet be another mistake of yours. And singapore crumpling? Seriously, if singapore is really crumpling, why would malaysia try to 'be like singapore', like what najib had said? Demolishing tambak johor? Malaysians will be the one who suffer. How many thousands of malaysian work in singapore to give their family a packet of rice everyday? Think as an adult before you speak. And i keep seeing the repetition of singapore being small. Havent you seen enough? despite being small, we've got a lot of advantages above you. We dream big? That's because we lay out the facts and we know that dream can be turned into reality. W are a small country, a country that you hate so much because of jealousy (just admit it), but in a lot of aspects, we are better.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Just saw this thread and I'm laughing my ball$ over really! Malaysians think its real easy to cut off our water supply eh? The next thing you'd see is our F16s and Apaches bombing the crap out of your cities and our armored columns will be well on their way to KL. By the time we are done, everything between here and KL will start resembling the West Bank. Don't get me wrong, I love Malaysia and Malaysians, but facts are facts. We have a way larger and well-equipped army with more than adequate force multipliers to win any conflict in less than 2 days. Let the politicians saber rattle and sort out this issue. Don't fool the Malaysian public into rallying for war though. That's an outcome u'd never win and u guys will probably end up losing loads of territory to us. If we do decide to send our forces into Malaysia, we will not be leaving without taking Johor and creating a land-based buffer zone. Our defense doctrine is actually an offensive one in nature and trust me, we are more than capable of inflicting a staggering blow u'd never recover from. Lets all hope for peace between our two nations always.

*The Average Sinkie*