Sunday, June 19, 2011

Please link Star-LRT to Putrajaya, Najib!

I took a few South Korean friends to Putrajaya recently. Like most foreign visitors, they were much impressed with the well-planned and modern city.

However, at Parcel D which houses the Home Ministry, the MACC and the Human Resource Ministry, among others, I was caught in a tight situation. After seeing the steps which go down to the basement of the entrance, they asked: "Where do the steps lead to?"

My simple answer was: "The LRT station."

"But where is the station?," one of them asked.

"They have to build the rail first."

"But why aren't they building it?"

These are questions that I was not supposed to attend to. Former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should. However, since he is no longer with the government, its Datuk Seri Najib's responsibility to answer it now, should anybody asks him.

And I told my Korean friends that Najib was busy planning for his 'legacy' project, the MRT from Sungai Buloh to Kajang which will cost about RM3.6 bilion. As to whether he 'likes to continue' with the Seri Petaling-Putrajaya Star-LRT project, the foreigners felt that it was necessary for Putrajaya to have such a link.

Of course, I agree. Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has started the project during his tenure and a few stations are already in place for Putrajaya. TDM hope Pak Lah would proceed with it but the man he chose to replace him had, in fact booted out many of his plans.

I was made to understand that Najib himself will launch the MRT (from Mass Rapid Transit, it is now known as My Rapid Transit) next month at the Kuala Lumpur Concention Center. The government has yet to appoint any contractor but I personally believe the Prime Minister should reconsider connecting Putrajaya with the Star-LRT.

Yes, we have a bus service plying the Administrative City but it is not as frequent as hoped. And what will happen to the existing LRT stations there? To serve as bunkers?


lehman said...


pemimpin baru takkan sambung projek yang diasaskan oleh pemimpin lama. kalau paklah taknak sambung, mestilah najib pun taknak.

najib mestilah nak buat sesuatu yang besar dan yang baru untuk diingati dalam sejarah.

semua orang nak tinggalkan legacy sebagai perdana menteri yang terhebat.

jadi, projek lrt ke putrajaya tu akan terabai sampai bila2... percayalah!

dim sum said...

yes, better turn the stations into war bunkers.... but who will attack us? singapore?

Anonymous said...

that's d prob with our leaders. they always want to introduce their own package whether its good or not. anything good left by their predecessors will be deemed as no good.

quek mambo said...

i think rather than planning new mrt projects, the govt should complete that lrt to putrajaya job, irrespective of who started and who will finish it.

the project is meant to facilitate the rakyat and tourists.

if najib cant do it, then the whole mrt idea should be put on hold.

Anonymous said...

takdenye kerajaan sekarang akan sambung projek itu walaupun ia baik untuk menaikkan nama putrajaya dan memudahkan orang ramai.

dah la parking tak cukup di semua parcel, khidmat bas pun tak berapa cekap.

elok datuk najib fikir2kan semula projek mrt dari sg buluh ke kajang tu.

Anonymous said...

inilah perangai orang kita. satu job belum abis, nak buat job lain yang lebih besar, kononnya nak nama.

dulu paklah, skg najib pulak...

nanti muhyidin pun macam tu gak

hashim chonel said...

Hi Bro,

Well, the LRT project to Putrajaya is not the necessity at the present moment as compared to Sg Buluh-Kajang line due to economic of scale. If you checked with the bus and taxis operator plying the Putrajaya route you will realized that the route is not profitable, i.e marginal return.

syarikat pasarana negara is in the midst of updating the traffic survey and once the project is viable than the project will surely be it main focus, meanwhile do not force the government to scrap the Sg buluh- kajang line....

If the government proceed with the Putrajaya line and the operator lose money, the government will need to bail them out, all of you will make noise also...., relax and please be cool....