Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Holy toledo! Nazri is a Dato'!

I am really flabbergasted. Why? This special officer of Info Minister Rais Yatim who is still under investigation over his alleged involvement in MCMC's 1Malaysia notebook scandal, is now a Dato'! What the 'four-letter-word'! (Sorry pals)

I think Nazri Abdullah gets a full blessing from the minister himself. Of course it needs the boss himself to recommend him the 'datukship'. While the MACC has gathered enough evidence to implicate him, this anti-corruption agency is also dragging its feet over some reasons I am not able to establish.

And on top of that, a Datuk S who is also being investigated over what is termed by the MACC as his 'involvement' in money laundering, is back at the MCMC. He and Nazri are believed to have clad together in the notebook scandal.

To Nasharuddin Amir, the investigating officer of the MACC, I personally would like a downright answer as to why no action has been taken thus far. As far as I was informed, there were tangible evidence to take this two people in.

I sometimes have doubt in our system. When politics and some 'bosses' are involved, major cases tend to get proper cover-up, right? Or perhaps the MACC is too busy attending to the corruption cases involving dozens of customs officers!

I hate to comment more on the Info Ministry (a former minister used to say that about 70 per cent of the ministry's staff have to be rehabilitated mentally and ethically to enable it be more efficient) but I hope the minister doesnt close an eye on matters like this.

If you got a bad apple, get rid of it before others gobble and swallow it!


Anonymous said...

thats one reason we all need to be BERSIH, bro... the system is not clean.

tiera templada said...


we must accept the system - the MACC only goes after small fish while the bosses will keep their rotten and stupid staff to avoid them lawan tokeh.


sebastian hoe said...

get over with it bro.

macc will not purse the case as it involves some people 'at the top'.

if the police can cover up many big cases, this case of yours is almost nothing!

take my word for it. nazri and this datuk s will keep on enjoying their life!

Anonymous said...

apa boleh buat bro. memang dah jadi resam pentadbiran di malaysia ni. yang salah dipuji, yang benar dikeji.....

don juan said...

yup. i remember your posting about the case.

i am not sure whether the macc is still pursuing with it but i have a feeling that there will be cover ups.

anyway, go on with your exposure. althou we can expect no response from the authorties, at least the people know what kind of senior personnel we have here

zack said...

kau jadi macam anjing menyalak bukit je bro. makin kuat kau hentam diorang, makin kukuh kedudukan mereka.

inilah cara hidup malaysia!

baba said...

there are so many crooks in the govt, bro. so, no big deal if this guys escape action.

by the way, i hope this nashaarudin of the macc will answer your call.

pak belalang said...

inilah yang menyedihkan kita.

yang ambil rm10 diheret ke mahkamah dan dijel 5 tahun.

yang ambil berjuta-juta ringgit diberikan dato dan lain2 pangkat untuk menghargai jenayahnya...

inilah lumrah alam!

Anonymous said...


no need to rehabilitate the staff. just replace them with new ones.

Anonymous said...

i know this datuk s. he and nazri are together.

want some proofs?

partisan said...

apa nak heran.

ramai penyamun, penyangak, kepala gengster dan penipu dapat datuk, tan sri dan datuk seri.

kalau setakat si nazri ni, lantak dia la.

lagipun, datukship ni boleh beli!!! dah takda value dah datuk ni!

Anonymous said...

dont hope for investigation to be completed, sir. they will drag and prolong it until the accused is DEAD!

klux said...

we cant help but to live with people like this around, bro. crooks are made heroes by the autocrats. the people are doomed to follow or obey the law for the sake of the law itself and not for the morality of it.

hj mustaqim said...

ibarat timun dengan durian - menggelek kena teruk, apatah lagi kalau digelek.

undang2 yang ada tidak berapa mengambil kira kesalahan pihak atasan, tuan. mereka lebih melihat kesalahan kecil rakyat biasa.

dalam kes tuan ni, saya kira memang ada cubaan untuk menutup kes ini, terutamanya di pihak kementerian dan sprm.

masih di BH said...

aku dengar dato yang dia dapat ni dah ada dalam senarai tahun lepas bro.

jadi, rais tak salah sebab masa dia rekomen tu, belum ada kes lagi

Anonymous said...

the whole system is a fucked-up one.

so, forget about becoming a hero. u wont win.

reeman said...

kementerian peneranganlah yang paling banyak masalah, banyak skandal dan banyak penyelewengan.

bukan saja di zaman datuk rais malah dari dahulu lagi.

jadi, tak heranlah kalau ada statement liar dibuat mengenainya. bukan isu lagi dh

watanabe said...

so what if he is a dato now. it makes no difference unless the hands of the law refuse to touch him.

sooner or later, he will sure KENA!

Anonymous said...

its not easy to manage a ministry like mine, bro - rais yatiman

he he heh heh hehe!

Anonymous said...

that is why we need to clean up the whole system.

we need BERSIH!


Anonymous said...

who gave him dato?

he didnt deserve it at all... there must be mistakes.... or...