Friday, June 3, 2011

Does KJ really got the money?

I am not so sure whether KJ really got the wealth as alleged by his many political enemies and rivals. To me, a politician MUST have money to move. Even political parties like Umno needs a lot of money.

However when it comes to KJ, I must admit that I never tried to find out from him or his aides as how much does he got. Besides, a few of his staffs sometimes do relate how difficult was it for him to raise their monthly allowances and wages. He doesnt employ too many even.

There are, of course, theories about his wealth being kept in Singapore and elsewhere but nobody could proof it. Just like allegations against a few Cabinet members who keep their money abroad, and still no evidence.

However, I personally believe in the political trend: that politicians and political parties do get financial support from those who are close as supporters or political funders. Umno too, and in fact other political parties, including the Opposition receive funding from time to time from various sectors.

In fact, the same contributors to Barisan Nasional's purse also help finance the Opposition. So, as a politician, KJ needs that money to operate, especially when it comes to attending to the needs of the constituents. To qualify into politics also need money.

I read KJ's answers to Yahoo's Question Time (read here) yesterday and I found reasons to believe that he doesnt have that much. During his in-law's tenure as PM, he was battered from every corner for his 'role' in the administration, which still runs on 'no proof'. His close relation with Kalimullah also put him into a very difficult situation as many believe the latter used him as his passport to government contracts, but KJ got almost nothing out of it.

It was an interesting 'interview' with Yahoo Malaysia when he gave impromptu answers to most of the questions, including his elevation to Umno Youth top post, his 'shares' in Air Asia, relations with Umno leaders and also with Nurul Izzah, the MP-daughter of Anwar Ibrahim.

He seldom gives interviews but his lengthy explanation to Yahoo Malaysia should clear him of some adverse accusations. I dont know how readers and the public would react to his statements but I saw a different KJ this time around, someone who matures fast.

I dont like asking people about their money but I hope those who have been making such allegations should come up with proof and not based on hearsay. Many people want to 'kill' him but quite a number see him as a promising up and coming Malay leader.

I have nothing against him and I dont think he likes me at all but I must admit how I helped him won the last party election... for 'free'.

Sorry bro... he he he!


Anonymous said...

you are another Kidrfella

Aspen said...

Certainly this is something that happens a lot in Malaysian society. For KJ- say and repeat something about him often enough and Malaysians will believe it- proof or no proof. In fact there is no burden of proof on the accuser. Forward an email to as many people as you can and it quickly becomes "truth". Noone bothers to verify. So character assassination is rampant. Some people even make a living out of it. Some thrive on it - especially those with cult followers and groupies who believe everything they say.

vincent said...

salam bro,

i believe he got the money but doesnt show it too openly.

kj with no money?

u must be joking lor!

Anonymous said...

yeap. no big deal whether he has big or small money. most important is his performance. umno dan the people should judge him by his deeds. if he got money, others also have much more than him. so, whats wrong?

gempita said...

takkanlah kj nak tunjuk yang dia banyak duit, nanti apa pulak kata penyokong dia.

dia mestilah play smart dan play safe.

BROWN CUP said...


aku rapat dengan dia. memang dia takda banyak duit kalau takda orang yang sponsor dia.

sesiapa yang boleh buktikan yang kj ni banyak duit, aku boleh telanjang kat atas menara kl laaaa!

yang fitnah dia ni sebenarnya yang hasad dengki dan cemburu je.

dah sifat melayu macam ni... sifat yang masih memundurkan bangsa mereka sendiri!

cari duit said...

how did u help him to win?

blogging about him?

dont lie laa.... he must have paid u something substantial

vontots said...

jai, aku pun kenal elena dan dax budak2 kj ni. memang gaji diorang pun kj kena pakai budibicara kawan2 bisnes yang dia boleh harapkan.

kalau kj ni betul banyak duit pun, tak salah. cara dia dapatkan pun tak salah.

jadi, apa isu yang pihak2 tertentu cuba kaitkan dia dengan kekayaan dan jadikannya sebab untuk jatuhkan dia?

macam bloger parpukari. bloger ni bukan ada bukti atas segala tuduhannya tetapi semata-mata jadikan blognya anti-kj bagi tujuan populariti blog. mana ada bukti!

Anonymous said...


which kj?

u didnt single out any of them.,,.

smart la lu... ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hello Bujai,

Why u keep trying to support this KJ? Hasnt he done enough damage? Please la u may have soft spot for him but to say he is not rich? Haiyoo, that is really insulting! He and his bro in law, kamaluddin were reaping the rewards during Badawi era. No need for me to go into details la bro!

Anonymous said...

bro jai,
to love or to hate somebody is a matter of decision!