Monday, June 13, 2011

Blaming Rais again...

Looks like Rais Yatim is so vulnerable to attacks by blogger (including those of the pro-BN) and anti-government media, so much so everything that he or his ministry does will not get a good spin. In fact, all is wrong to them.

I am not sure what is the motive behind this 'knive sharpening' on the minister. If it has something to do with cronyism and nepotism of politics, then Rais shouldnt have been the prime target.

I wonder why didnt any 'pro-BN' or 'pro-Umno' blogger lash out at a senior minister for letting his son-in-law to monopolise the bio-matrix card project with the Home Ministry - which is valued at RM1 billion - or the RM70 million allocation to refurbish Seri Perdana, and other matters of 'political irregularities'?

When Rais launched the Hari Seniman on May 29, the anti-govt media and blogger were fast to attack him, accusing the minister of spending RM100 million in a single day. These writers, apart from not doing their homework to establish the details of the expenditure, were happy enough to ride on sentiments.

They couldnt care less whether their allegations were founded or not. What's important to them is to jump onto the 'anti-Rais' or 'anti-wheover' bandwagon. Just because their mentor blogger write nasty, they will just write nastier.

I have nothing against Rais. And I believe he doesnt know me that well as I have been avoiding 'invitations' to luncheons and dinners. But he is an Umno veteran. Najib needs him, and so is the Cabinet. We dont have the likes of Ghafar Baba anymore to play arbitrator to domestic issues.

I was shown the proof that the tag for Hari Seniman is only RM97,665 and not RM100 million as alleged by this website. One may ask what prompted the writer to sum up the exaggerated figure when the event was not so grand at all.

And then, the dissent showed by PBS deputy president Yee Moh Chai against Rais, whom he accused of 'breaking his promise' to find solutions to the low-penetration Internet broadband rate in Sabah.

I am not surprise by such statements, especially when it came from a BN component party leader in Sabah (here). PBS used to leave Barisan Nasional over the '20 issues' during the 1980s and then made a comeback. Its leaders were known to be 'bigger frogs' in jumping from one party to another.

And so, their words too contain no merit.

I have been in Sabah a couple of times with a telco provider. The problem with Sabah, apart from logistic, is the attitude of some of its politicians and local leaders. They government cannot just be seen as introducing something new to the State without being imposed some 'tolls'.

Yes, a year has passed since the ministry pledged to achieve a minimum 30 per cent penetration of broadband by the year 2010 but the government was not getting enough cooperation from local leaders to facilitate the efforts.

I wonder whether Yee is aware of the bureaucratic problems in the State. As Rais is not a Sabahan either, his ministry officials, including from the MCMC found it difficult to work there without being hassled. As the nation gets into more sophistication, such problems get more complex, it seems.

And Yee himself is so fond of avowing 'Sabah is for Sabahans', a maxim used by his party a long time ago to champion the '20 issues'. This mentality still remains domain among most Sabahans.

It is easy to criticise but when your yourself is given the mandate to carry out projects for the people, you will see it for yourself. As politics of individuals and race still thrive in the country, such problems may take a longer time to subside, even beyond the year 2020.

Lips service is so common among politicians. I believe that Yee himself is also good at it, and so are other leaders, be it in the government or Opposition. But to blatantly accuse someone of wrongdoing without realising the actual situation, is uncalled for. And for others to hitchhike on the issue, too is very unprofessional.

Rais doesnt give me anything, neither had I asked anything from him. He is still a BN minister. If he fumbles, it will also spell disaster for the BN in the next general election. Its the Opposition job to find faults in the government but if our pro-BN writers too are taking the cue from them, something is probably not right there...

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Gelombang Wangsa Maju said...




eel said...

i personally believe our pro-BN leaders did not mean to cause any harm or jitter to the ruling pary.

they are doing it for the sake of wanting to corrent the wrongs... and for the sake of their blogs!

don juan said...

are u suporting rais or what, bro?

i know you never took side in rais bashing but you sound a bit strange this time around...

anything that i should know?

Anonymous said...

fuuhhhh.... from a small amount to rm100 million?

from where did they get the figure?

kucing belang said...

kesian gak kat datuk rais ni. tak pasal2 kena hentam buta je.

betul gak, dari mana diorang dapat angka 100 juta ni? aku pun ada pegi jugak function tu pada 29 mei, tak nampak pun kosnya sampai 1 juta pun.

diorang ni menyalak untuk siapa sebenarnya?

vincent said...

i have to come in support of rais - only for this issue.

first, from where did he get thet '100m' for such an event?

second, as u mentioned, we cannot trust the PBS even thou they are back with bn.

and finally, those who accused rais of so many wrongdoings have yet to come up with any evidence.

so much of a conspiracy - not against rais but against the BN govt!

gula melaka said...

alaaa... sebut je la menantu tan sri muhyidin yang dapat job biomatrix 1 bilion tu. semua orang dah tahu.

jadi, macam mana rakyat nak hormat pemimpin macam ni? bila rakyat atau orang bawahan buat, itu salah. bila pemimpin yang buat, jadi betul pulak.

ramai bloger tak berani hentam isu biomatrix ni sebab dah kenyang kot!

Anonymous said...

pundek la jai.

buat hapa kau bela dia?

tak cukup lagi masalah yang dia dh buat?

lampu picit said...


aku tak la sokong rais tapi dalam hal ni, aku kena cakap sikit.

bukan mudah nak belanjakan duit kerajaan sampai 100 juta sehari. dari mana datangnya asas tuduhan bloger dan malaysiakini, tidaklah diketahui tetapi ini semua macam ada pakatan yang bukan nak tembak rais, tapi nak jatuhkan kerajaan barisan nasional pimpinan umno.

kita memang ada hak hentam pemimpin tapi biarlah yang berasas. janganlah sebab orang lain nak jadi bloger, kita pun nak jadi bloger.

bila ada orang lain hentam menteri, kita pun ikut sama sebab taknak ketinggalan dalam memperkatakan isu itu.

manusia jenis apa korang ni?

Anonymous said...

manalah diorang berani nak kritik najib, muhyidin dan orang lain, bro.

Anonymous said...

dulu kau juga yang bantai dia

ini mesti kamaruddin siaraff dah bayar

alahai mcm lalang

sonang ditiup dan diboli

ko mmg tak blh pakai punya bekas wartawan paria

Anonymous said...

Jasa Dato' Rais Yatim amat banyak kepada rakyat dan negara. janganlah kerana fakta salah yang dibuat orang lain dia kena kutuk sebegitu rupa. Macam dia ni buruk sangat. Ini semua kerana Sabahkini yang kutuk Rais kena saman dek Rais lah ni..lalu buat fitnah kat Rais ..dendam la tu..kita ni ada otak tak payah percayalah. Dari WAKSIRBESUT

hashim chonel said...


It's a norm in Malaysia, when you reach a certain age-you are perceived as old and outdated.

As such, some bloggers are championing a Dato Sri from TV 3-mega prima to replace Rais- a young blood indeed...

Well, in term of broadband penetration in Sabah, as you are aware apart from the warlords mentality, there was also problem of remote underlating terrain thus hamper coverage penetration.

I was involved in Vsat connectivity for rural Sabah, and the problems were plenty.

Put that aside, Rais has done a good job in other areas such as the national library upgrading project.If you are a book lover, please visit the national library and you can see the tranformation.

Anonymous said...

rm100 million is too much and lots of exaggerations, bro. dunno what is the motive of malaysiakini untuk come up with such a stupid story.

kamalshah, seremban said...

seems to me some bloggers are running out of tune. in upholding the ruling party, they also do something to bring it down.

what are they up to actually, nobody knows but this is not good for the next general elections.

i hope if we are on the govt side, find a proper outlet to voice out our dissatisfation.


i dont like rais either but this 100m thing is a stupid and nonsense.

who initiated this stupid idea to bring him down?

now, they will start blaming blogger and cyber media like msiakini for their stupidity!

but you people are really STUPID!

post-merdeka said...

kalau nak spin pun, biarlah yang lojik sikit.

ni sampai 100 juta untuk hari seniman, siapa pun takkan percaya. malaysiakini pun macam bangang je...

tak pro langsung nak menipu orang ramai, khasnya pembaca

Anonymous said...

frankly, what u said about PBS is true. in fact, they are still at it bro - sabah for sabahans!