Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bersih and Ops Lalang 1987

I believe Malaysians still remember Ops Lalang that saw 106 politicians from both ruling and Opposition parties being kept at bay in October and November 1987. The Home Ministry and Bukit Aman were fast to keep the situation under control. Otherwise, the recur of 1969 communal riots would not be contained.

Although the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was against the use of ISA, the police felt it was necessary to carry out such pre-emptive measures. And it really proved effective. Bukit Aman even refused a permit for Umno to hold a 1 November rally of 500,000 members in support of the government policies.

I was in Kampung Baru with other members of the Media when the Malays - at the height of their incense - marched to protest efforts by some quarters to promote Chinese language, culture and education, and other issues such as a proposed development on the Chinese cemetery and the failure of the MCA's Deposit-Taking Cooperative.

Not only the DAP rode on the issue but MCA - led by its deputy president Lee Kim Sai - and some newspapers too were lashing out at the government and the Malays. In the end, apart from the 106 detained, the Home Ministry also revoked the printing permits for The Star, Sin Chew Jit Poh and Watan.

Now, in attending to possible security threat poised by the July 9 Bersih rally, I think the Home Ministry should also act fast before it explodes. Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar must discuss another pre-emptive action to tackle it. Should the rally takes place, its consequences could be more damaging than that of 1987.

We should be wary of our university students' involvement. In 1987, they were racially separated over the issue, and their racial sentiments could fly even higher this time.

No doubt that Pas is supporting Bersih this time around - in 1987 they were accusing the churches for mass conversions of the Malays - we cannot discount on any possibility, especially when Perkasa, which is led by Ibrahim Ali who was in 1987 formed the 'Group of 106' will be at a confrontative encounter.

Anybody who holds the Home Minister portfolio should not expect to be popular but instead to be remembered as being most effective and powerful. As a deputy minister then, Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayub was known for his 'enforcing power' and he survived in politics.

Bersih is not only tearing apart the racial harmony we are just about to enjoy under the 1Malaysia concept but is also preying on domestic politics and this is already turning away potential foreign investors.

Although the police have already reprimanded some, they should take in the lead organisers of the planned rally. The Seditious Act is applicable here in order to remand them without having to resort to the ISA package.

The whole nation is now in jeopardy. While Bersih 2.0 destabilises the nation, our citizens (notably in the urban areas) are viewing it as yet another weakness of the government in guaranteeing them of a harmonious and peaceful living.

The Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture too should play its role here. Apart from using its electronic media to remind the people not to take part in any Bersih rally, it is only proper to fully-utilise its 'non-functional' Jabatan Penerangan again by launching a massive anti-Bersih campaign in the rural areas.

For Hisham, its time to act, bro. Put out the fire before it burns all of us!


Anonymous said...

Just jail everyone who is a threat to UMNO and UMNO can rule and plunder the nation of its wealth for ever.

Anonymous said...

its time for hisham to proof his ability, bro.

he is okay with the portfolio. the only thing is, he is becoming too considerate

indigo said...

tangkap je ambiga lahanat tu, abis cerita.

jangan tangguh2

mat bonet said...

i like your posting about 1987. i was also there bro.

we must avoid any untoward incident from this bersih rally. we are all malaysians.,

for those who dont trust your own govt and system, better fuck off from the country

Mazidul Akmal Sidik said...

Bro, I couldn't agree more.

A police officer once told me, "Bila tangan bergari, selalu suspek senyap dan tidak berkata apa pun"


ku jik said...

i agree that datuk hishamuddin should make a big decision in this issue. we just cannot accept another 1969 or 1987 tensions. we had enough of it. its better not to be popular as long as the nation is safe... he will be appreciated later on.

Anonymous said...


as far as i can remember, najib and muhammad taib were among umno leaders waging the demo against the chinese.... or am i wrong?

sakuntala said...

tak patut kalau datuk hisham tak bertindak tegas kali ini. ia benar-benar menguji beliau dan kerajaan.

tak salah kita cekup je ambiga dan dua tiga orang yang lain, termasuklah brahim ali daripada perkasa ni.

saya bimbang melayu sesama melayu akan bergaduh, apatah lagi melayu dengan bangsa lain.

kita boleh menyekatnya daripada berlaku jika kita tegas. tak kisahlah sama ada orang ramai suka atau tidak, niat kita ialah untuk mengelakkan perpecahan dan pertumpahan darah!

Anonymous said...

hisham wont take any action la bro. even the police will just watch it happens!

kawan hisham said...

jangan tunggu lama, wahai hisham.

jangan sampai ia meletup, baru nak ambil tindakan.

takda salahnya bertindak awal untuk mencegah benda buruk daripada berlaku.

belajarlah daripada ops lalang ni.

Anonymous said...

not necessary to use the ISA this time.

just charge them under the seditious act. enough!

zulkarnain Y said...


rtm dah mula siarkan nota kaki untuk ingatkan orang ramai agar jangan sertai perhimpunan bersih 9 julai ni.

cuma, kementerian belum gunakan sepenuhnya jentera jabatan penerangan untuk pergi ke kampung2 dan terangkan kepada rakyat betapa bahayanya perhimpunan ini kepada kestabilan dan kemakmuran negara.

agaknya kementerian tak nampak natijah buruk bersih ni!

cleaner said...

what do u expect?

arrest those people and cramp them up in a single cell?

the govt must first proof that no cheating took place in all previous by and general elections!

submarine said...


kau suruh menteri amaran dalam negeri ni bertindak?

dia akan bertindak dengan amarannya saja....

tapi aku rasa dia takut bertindak tanpa keizinan ketuanya, sepupunya, perdana menteri kita.

batu giling said...


takyah susah2 la nak tangkap siapa2 pun.

biarkan diorang berentap. siapa2 yang nak mampus, pegi la mampus.

lepas tu, nilai la sendiri perbuatan masing-masing!

buku lima said...

guna je ISA tu. apa takut!

takkan nak biar je diorang tu gugat keselamatan awam!

kalau setakat nak bagi amaran je, aku pun boleh!

Anonymous said...

to those who try to court trouble - if i have a gun, i will shoot all of u bastards!

sandora said...

makin negara kita maju, makin banyak angkara yang dibuat oleh rakyat, terutamanya yang nenek-moyang mereka bukan berasal dari negara ini.

macam mana kita nak pertahankan negara ni jika kerajaan turut berdiam diri dan membiarkan saja ia berlaku?

kalau kementrian dalam negeri tak mahu bertindak, biar rakyat saja yang jadi pengamannya!

umbut pisang said...

melayu dalam pas dah lupa diri kerana politik.

mereka lupakan bangsa sendiri dan agama.

mereka sanggup bersekongkol dengan kaum lain demi menegakkan politik mereka.

merekalah yang sebenarnya KAFIR!

Anonymous said...


FU lor!

u think this country belongs to one single race aaa???

Anonymous said...

if the rally takes place and create havoc, the rakyat who lost in terms of deprivation of peace, calm and earnings due to the massive crowds

SHOULD get together and SUE ambiga, mat sabu, anwar - all the chief organisers

for COMPENSATION that will sun into millions and declare these agitators BANKRUPT

time to get GOOD lawyers (not ambiga brand)

abu idris said...

arrayah.info - Analisis di antara KHILAFAH 2.0 dengan BERSIH 2.0

Anonymous said...

Bro Jai...

U r rite abt d "non-functioning" jabatan penerangan or d information dept...i think its abt time d gomen open up d top post for d rightful n correct person to lead dis dept...it can x longer b run d way it is...

The nAtion is facing one of d challenging times but nary a word is heard of them...apa depa dok buat? Dah ada dg baru tapi dok tidoq kA??

Dis jabatan shud b at d forefront of explaining issues on hand but wat-the-heck r they doing? Dont tell me they r busy giving out flags on d pretext of instilling patriotism among malaysians or distributing buboq lambok come ramadhan???

Plse dont tell me d new dg has no new ideas but wait for minister to give direction on how to handle this illegal demonstration issue? Plse tell me d new dg has lots of ideas to really run dis almost dead jabatan back to its glory...plse tell me he has idea...

Plse tell me there is a solid propagandist or gomen campaigner wit dis once-hebat jabatan? Plse dont tell me dis jabatan could x find a replacement for the late C.C Too who was instrumental during Emergency??

If d new dg has no new ideas then he shud b appointed adviser (cold storage) to minister, nd gomen shud open up d post to have someone else takeover...

If there's nobody qualified then let me step in...i hv more than enuf experience n knowledge to do d job....simply I Know What To Do and I Know How To Do It...

The Don

Anonymous said...

kalau ketua2 kampung di sarawak diugut "at gunpoint" utk menyuruh penduduk kampung mengundi BN semasa pilihanraya sarawak bebaru ini, memang sudah boleh nampak ada masalah di situ.

kalau elaun cikgu dari sememanjung ke sabah lebih tinggi daripada elaun cikgu dari sabah ke semenanjung, di situ ada masalah.

kalau undi pos tidak mahu dihapuskan,dakwat tak boleh padam tidak diterima pakai, di situ ada masalah.

kalau selepas lebih 50 tahun merdeka, kampung aku di sabah airnya masih dicatu, walaupun tidak perlu, di situ ada masalah.

Negara kita bermasalah, rakyat tidak didengari. pemimpin dipilih oleh rakyat, "to serve the people". tetapi rakyat pula diugut, ISA, Sedition Act.

Saya tahu, ramai di sini kata jgn setai himpunan bersih. Tetapi itu sebab hidup kamu mewah atau kamu adalah konco kepada si anu, atau kamu tidak tahu apa2 ataupun tidak menghiraukan kesusahan orang lain.

Saya telah melihat perit hidup dan merasai perit hidup akibat rasuah, akibat keengganan melepaskan kuasa, kerakusan. Sekarang kalau nak apply sesuatu dan berjaya, tender misalnya, "it is not you know how, but you know who".

Bersih 2.0 will not raise racial tension but will unite races. The only tension that will rise is between the power greedy leaders, who does not admit to their weaknesses and the civil society united under 1Malaysia. Kalau ada pertumpahan darah, puncanya bukan dari rakyat, tetapi ketamakan pemimpin. Saya anak Malaysia