Thursday, June 16, 2011

ARSEtro sucks!

Issues on Astro - being a blood sucker for a poor and recycled-content satellite TV provider - was brought up at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday. And for the first time ever (since the amendment to the Constitution in 1990s to limit the Rulers immunity), MPs from BN and the Opposition shared equal views.

Being one of the world's most expensive providers for such a service, Astro is getting complacent. With some much revenue against lagging in service quality, the government was urged to review the monopoly license issued to the company.

Not to blame Ananda Krishnan (as he doesnt really runs the show), the company seems to be well-protected for that monopoly, untouchable to the extent that nobody, especially the customers - had ever taken it to court.

Unlike customers in other countries, Malaysians are very 'forgiving' in accepting the serious interruptions on Astro channels.

And despite the issue being raised at the Parliment, Astro has already issued out new rates for its various service 'packages' without even trying to improve on the existence.

So, who to blame? Rais Yatim's ministry or the MCMC? The Information Communicating a supplementary question from Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) (here). He said the new package price effective July 11 is not final but many believed it will be imposed on customers' next bill.

I think the government should consider issuing another license to another provider. Without competition, Astro can toy around with its customers, 'cheating' them out of better services being offered in other countries (and without interruptions, too).

In Cambodia, the flat rate for its satellite TV service is not more than RM20 per month compared to Astro's 'different-price-for-package' offer. Even its after sale service is very poor. Its agents will charge you RM75 for just 'a visit' to rectify your problem. Upon a second visit to repair whatever defaults, they will charge you triple.

So, this Astro is really a leech!


Pak Zawi said...

Get Telekom to hurry up with its Unify coverage. Though Unify package maybe more expensive, the quality is good value for money and the internet speed that comes with it is a pleasure to use. Free phone calls on terrestrial line to boot.

zas said...

i m with you : astro is real sucker!

duster said...

astro only knows how to make tonnes of money but never consider the plight of its customers. the normal channels carry 'reburfished' stories and documentaries every now and then.

i agree that the govt should issue another license to a capable provider.

without a competitor, astro is blind.

low battery said...

ananda doesnt run the show. a malay guy, who is an idiot and got no business sense, is.

he is turning astro into his own.

if you got the time, go talk to some astro staff...

george boy said...


masa aku kat vietnam, tv satelitnya takda gangguan pun walaupun masa itu ribut petir.

berbanding dengan astro kita, aku rasa satelitnya dah padat dengan benda lain, dah tak mampu tampung.

patut lancar satelit baru untuk atasi maslah ni

Anonymous said...

astro should answer.

as far as the parliament is concerned, this issue will gain centerpoint

samsul, mentakab said...

aku dah lama potong langganan astro ni.

makin menyampah dibuatnya. bayar mahal tak asyik tengok benda yang sama berulang kali.

elok tengok tv biasa je - tv3, rtm dan lain2.

bangang punya astro dan pemiliknya!

rumah pasong said...

inilah masalah bagi monopoli. dia ingat pelanggan dan rakyat malaysia ni boleh dibodohkan.

elok benarlah kerajaan kaji balik lesennya dan bagi lesen baru kepada syarikat yang benar2 prihatin akan kepentingan pengguna.

kalau negara lain takda masalah gangguan siaran, kenapa kat sini pulak ada masalah?

ni semua tak masuk akal. kalau cambodia yang baru beberapa tahun tu cuba kenakan yuran murah je untuk satelit tvnya, apsal astro kena sembelih rakyat kita?

kumar said...

my suggestion - why not consider this.

all of us, malaysians, should stop paying for 3 months. let astro terminate all customers' line... and see whether they will realise how much it will cost them on their purse!

they need to be taught a good lesson

Anonymous said...

the solution is simple - issue another license.

Anonymous said...

astro is a junk provider... feeding us with similar old recycled materials to watch everyday.

fuck them lor!

kluangman said...

Ada sesiapa yang telah mengadu kepada Tribunal Pengguna Kementerian Perdagaangan Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri hal astri ini????

Anonymous said...

A lways
S trive
T o
R ip
O ff

ultra-viewer said...

the leader responsible in issuing out this monopoly license to astro must be taken to task!


how much did he get?

Anonymous said...

they are worse than money lenders and loan sharks!

they only know how to make money, sucking us like leeches!


kundur said...

kalau kat negara lain, dah ada pengguna yang akan saman astro dan bawak ke mahkamah.

dia kata siarannya tak akan diganggu oleh elemen cuaca masa mula2 dilancarkan dahulu.

pengguna malaysia, termasuklah aku memang buta undang2. nasib baik la astro....

Anonymous said...

Look at all the business in Malaysia are MONOPOLISED. There is no free market here. They are protected by those in power. Only when there is a free market then there will be competition to get the market share with value for quality. Too bad ....sigh

Botak said...


Nak sambong balik pun kena bayar RM10.00. Sebab nya short payment of RM2.00 aja.

Betul2 intahhhhh.

Anti-Astro said...

All these monopoly, unfair agreement all backdated to Tun Mahathir's time.All his friends get to rob the rakyat's money. Which country with plenty of land and yet the people still pay toll?Which country has only 1 cable tv provider like Astro?