Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is Khusairi at SSM?

Glad to be back again after a short lull. On the day experienced a glitch, my system engineer called up and advised me to stop blogging for a week as he noticed some brilliants were trying to hack mine. I dont know why but they must have reasons.

I've been left out from so many boiling issues but my fellow-blogger have and are attending to it well enough. I also missed out the MACC invitation on Tuesday due to a bad flu.

I think I just want to touch on a simple yet complex issue. It may upset several people and parties but I am compelled to expose it after talking to some friends and 'victims' of the system. It is about Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM, located at The KL Sentral.

Complaints are centered on a few persons but the hi-lite is this someone by the name of Khusairi. There are few Khusairis with the SSM and I believe it must be one of them. This Khusairi is said to be very powerful, much powerful than the CEO and other senior personnel.

He makes decision (does he?) and at anytime can decide who and who get SSM projects. Whether the BOD (they are actually Commission Members) and the CEO are aware of this, is something we need to ask. My phone calls to the CEO office (a few times last week) was attended by a sweet girlish voice who kept on saying that her boss was busy.

Now, if this ordinary non-Commission member executive is not that powerful, his name wouldnt be mentioned by some people outside the organisation. The minister in charge of the SMM is also playing adamant to complaints about him. But still, who and what empowers this Khusairi?

A party has already lodged a police report about 'scandals and conspiracy' at SSM, notably in issuing out contracts to various companies. While the general practice is to issue letter of award to the lowest-yet-reasonable bidder, SSM team will opt for the highest bidder instead.

Its government's (taxpayers' money to be precise) money we are talking here. I dont think it is a wise move to give letter of awards to highest bidders whose offer, as compared to the low-eligible one is a few million ringgit.

Not only the police should investigate but its another assignment for the MACC. If this Khusairi and his team are getting kickbacks from such deals, then the authority must come down hard on them.

One of the cases involves a company by the name of Puncak Semangat, the highest bidder for one SSM contract. A check found out that the company belongs to Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary stable. My question, did SSM choose Puncak Semangat for its boss or for the 'reward'? And was Khusairi involve in negotiating its project award?

If Syed Mokhtar is a label to most of our projects, then what will happen to our new and upcoming entrepreneurs? Dont tell me that our government-linked agencies are compelled to award any projects, including the ones that cost RM2 milion and RM3 million to an established name? Where is the government's initiative to nurture more millionaires among Malaysians, especially the Malays if they are not given an opportunity to proof their efficiency and capability?

Ok, Syed Mokhtar aside (frankly, I have high respect for this guy), SSM should also investigate the discrepancy clouding another related name - Riadz. My contacts believe Khusairi and Riadz are buddies and are well-connected with Puncak Semangat.

Well, the MACC got another case here, I presume.


Anonymous said...

This is a case against a crony so don't expect it to be investigated. Find a case against somebody in the opposition and it will be speedily investigated. Mark my word.

mr kudita said...

which khusairi? if u are so sure, name him in full so that its easier for the authorities to investigate.

anyway, i believe in what u wrote. i also heard similar cases except for this khusairi. there are more people involved.

gunung daik said...

SSM patut dirombak saja. daripada sepatutnya menyenangkan ahli perniagaan, mereka banyak menyusahkan.

pegawai yang bertugas pula jenis yang tak sopan. diorang ingat mak bapak diorang yang tubuhkan semua syarikat yang ada kat malaysia ni sampai tengking orang ramai yang buat urusan.

kalau nak dengar masalah usahawan, minta maaf je la.... jauh panggang dari api.

menteri berkenaan buat apa entah, main lepas tangan je.

Anonymous said...

macc must only investigate this khusairi but other officials too. some say they are on the take. many people kena alerady.

Anonymous said...

betul jugak. takkanlah projek kecil dua tiga juta pun nak bagi syed mokhtar. dia main ratus juta dan bilion cukuplah. kasi orang lain peluang meniaga sama2. kalau asyik2 orang tu je yang dapat projek kerajaan, sampai bila2 pun usahawan lain takda peluang.

samagagah said...

depa tau buat duit ja.

tak pandai layan orang, tak tau senyum pun.

kalau tak caya, pi tgk sendiri.

menteri pun dok goyang teloq!

rajawali said...


bukan setakat SSM je bang, banyak lagi agensi dan jabatan kerajaan yang buat macam ni. cuma tak dihebahkan saja.

kalau SPRM nak siasat, kena siasat seluruh kerajaan.

PS... apa cerita menantu dan anak muhyiddin dapat kontrak geo-matrix RM1 bilion untuk KDN ni?

masih di BH said...


do u have a copy of the police report? can i have one?

adik, UM said...

good to have u back bang.

rindu nak baca tulisan abang dalam blog ni.

saya ada dengar gak kisah SSM ni tapi tak berapa tahu hujung-pangkal.


yessir said...

so, what is the minister doing?

busy playing golf?

get down to it, mr minister!

Anonymous said...

i dont think macc will investigate if khusairi is a crony of his bosses...

think about it!

leith st said...

ssm treats companies as its own. the management is full of lazy bumps who on know how to squeeze other peoples' balls.

the govt needs to review ssm status. we must make them understand that without the revenue from companies, they wont be able to cari makan.

but the way they treat customers is like shit!

line clear said...


kalau khusairi ni berkuasa dan amat berkuasa, maka siasatan terperinci perlu dibuat bukan hanya ke atas dia, malah pegawai atasannya.

kita bimbang mangkuk ni hanya jadi tunggangan bos-bos dia je

Anonymous said...

siapa kusairi ni?

orang ceo ke?

kalau tak, takkan dia boleh buat keputusan!

kulitkraf said...

ha ha ha.... now u know.

all projects are for the big names. kalau projek buat jamban rm1,000 pun diorang nak kebas, kalau boleh.

what is happening to our govt?

they keep on awarding big projects to the same group of people and companies...

now the small ones too!

gajah berang said...

waaaa.... lu berani sebut nama dia. yakin sangat le tu.

tunggu la dia saman lu... he he he

revolt said...

let us take the entire ssm to task. while macc can go in and investigate, the govt should replace the top management with a group of responsible people. otherwise, things like this will go on forever and will give a bad bearing on us, the company owners!

Anonymous said...


kau keja dengan siapa ni?

lantang je tulisan kau...

meriam buluh said...

semua anggota suruhanjaya SSM perlu letak jawatan bagi membolehkan SPRM menjalankan siasatan penuh.

saya rasa ada anggota suruhanjaya yang menggunakan khusairi ini untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.

adalah tidak masuk akal orang seperti khusairi boleh membuat keputusan ke atas kontrak dalaman SSM tanpa kebenaran pihak atasan!

chan said...

dear sir,

the police wont investigate this kind of case as it involves a company under syed mokhtar's stable. everything about him is of govt interest.

so, they wont althou its a noble thing u did here in exposing their wrongdoings.

Slyguy said...

Anonymous said...May 26, 2011 6:50 AM

This is a case against a crony so don't expect it to be investigated. Find a case against somebody in the opposition and it will be speedily investigated. Mark my word.

I say kawan, Anwar and cronies dah kenyang dengan duit & projek masa jadi Fin Minister dulu, DAP and PKR bagi-bagi kontrak untuk kroni- ada investigation ka? Dont talk lah!

Anonymous said...

aloo'bro....,'itu'khuzairi nothing lah di ssm. But, agree sprm kena siasat kontrak ssm. Bukan puncak semangat only, tapi raflesia. Tak tahu macam mana ssm boleh lantik malaun ni. Semua mau perah duit rakyat. Info murah jadi mahal.ssm dah jadi liabiliti kepada gomen menjelang pilihanraya.

Anonymous said...

bro, u should write more pasal ssm ni. They all rasa dah powerfull sgt sampai lupa they all still guna duit rakyat bukan duit makbapak dia. Roc dan rob much more better sebelum jadi ssm. Govt kena tengok balik sebelum lebih parah.

Anonymous said...

Ssm officers will decide your company name chosen by you is ok... Will give you alasan - nama hampir sama... What the hell... Can you tell me nama apa yang tak hampir sama... It will be differentiate by the company no... So why bother having company no. How many Mohd here... bukan hampir sama... Memang sama. But diff IC no. They rejected 9 names... Giving that reasons! Everytime you have to pay for every single name submitted...