Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama's death: What justice is Obama talking?

The notorious Osama bin Laden is dead. So what? It took the whole United States of America to gun down one guy, and President Barack Obama was quick to declare 'justice is done'! What an idiotic statement it was.

If you think terrorism will be buried together with Osama, you are practically brain-dead. Pakistan and the US will see reprisals from his death. The new leadership of al-Qaeda has already issued out warnings of making amends to his demise.

Malaysia, although far from being a target of terrorism nor a center for terrorist training ground, is taking necessary steps to guard its shores as nobody knows what will unfold after Osama was shot dead by American troops in Pakistan yesterday. Security has been beefed up at various checkpoints and Western diplomatic missions, including that of the Pakistanis.

And I agree with what Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said today that it is important to understand the mindset of the international criminals as they come in many forms, and they are not only limited to Islamic militants (read here).

However, what Obama said as 'justice is done' was emotionally an American-tuned statement. He is no better than George Bush in whatever sense. Such a statement only reflected how strong his despise is against Muslims by repeatedly uttering 'Islamic terrorist' again and again as a reference to Osama and al-Qaeda.

What justice was he talking when he needed the whole country to combat just a man or a small terrorist organisation? The fact that 9/11 is still haunting Americans, what justice has been served to the families of hundreds of thousand of Iraqis who were killed by the US and thousands more in Afghanistan?

What justice was served to the people if Iraq when the whole world has discovered the truth that Saddam Hussein regime did not possess any weapons of mass destruction (WMD), a bold excuse used by the Pentagon to attack and ransake the country in 2003 and Afghanistan a year earlier?

And what just has the Americans done for the people of Palestine for allowing Israel to continuously murder them?

Werent Israeli secret agents actually had their hands on the 9/11 attacks as unveiled by some American experts themselves?

We are also, and still, feel mad about the attacks on the Americans in 2001 but at the same time also feel disgusted at what the Americans did in avenging their vengeance.

What justice has been done to kill almost 1 million innocent people for one Osama bin Laden?


Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

After the announcement, US is cushioning the revenge to Pakistan and get Saudi to bankroll. The latter is nervous about protests, hence Osama got to be killed afraid that he might stoke the protest. Osama had an axe to grind with Saud.

Osama was somewhere in Pak-Ag when the 9/11 happened. He may be indirectly involved as to instructions.

Bush was at the White House when Iraq was attacked. Definitely, he was indirectly involved in the war and follow-up massacre of half million people as to orders, approving budgets for armaments, warships and fighter jets, and military might.

So is the Mother of All Terrorists! Who is the Axis of All Evils? Justice is not done yet.

Due to years of incessant media bombardment on terrorism-Osama-Muslims we become whimpish and dare not associate with anything Osama. Syahidul Osama.

tareeq said...

who says obama is a smart guy?

he is another asshole!

justice to the americans is to kill million others who got no involvement whatsoever with sept 11.

even their anti-terrorist slogan is making them one!

generator said...

pelik jugak,

apasl mayat osama nak dibuang ke dalam laut saja tanpa dikebumikan?

Anonymous said...

yes, the whole america against one man and one small organisation.

what a stupid race!

parachuter said...

the attacked iraq for its oil, not because of wmd or saddam.

they attack afghan because of its oil and other minerals

they attack libya also because of oil

why didnt the dare to attack north korea? because they got small balls!

karipuley said...

bro, obama is worse than bush. now that he is ordering the murder of gaddafi, he turns himself into another satan.

Anonymous said...

pakistan will sure kena after this for collaborating with obama.

sometimes we tend to underestimate our enemies...

nasi dan kicap said...

eh bro. hisham cakap apa ni? dia lupa ke pasal memali dan sauk?

diorang tu bukan pengganas ke?

Anonymous said...

obama thot its all over...

the worst is yet to come. my prediction is, there will be more destructive attacks on the us and pakistan interest all over the world soon.

Anonymous said...

the americans are the lembus of the rich jewish lobbies

money makes america go round - obama or any other future president will always sing to the TUNE of the rich and powerful

sad, the old america operates on a moral and ethical track but this modern america is just a big company that functions for profits only

america is just ONE big hollywood - all drama and money and not much else

obawah said...

ha ha. obama is dreaming.

osama is not dead, spiritually. his legacy remains.

obama should watch his backside from now on from any reprisals.

otroman said...

betul ke osama yang dibunuh? kenapa amerika nak campak mayat dia ke laut pulak? nak hina islam lagi ke sebab taknak kebumikan dia? nak buat apa dengan mayat osama? nak letupkan jugak ke?

voyage said...

justice is dead, practically. millions of people under us and israel occupation will forever live fearfully.

justice to the americans and jews are taking muslims' life for free!

Anonymous said...

nasib baik la obama kat amerika. kalau kat sini, dah kena jotos dah dengan aku!

anak haram!

Anonymous said...

It is just their american brand of ego talking. No evidence, no court trial - just massacre.

and the cheek to claim "justice". American justice is now garbage thanks to the jewish lobbies.

Poor true blue americans - hijacked by a tiny INSECURE nation