Monday, May 2, 2011

English: Education Ministry only wants to make money

DPM and Education Minister Muhyiddin had recently announced plans to train 10,000 English teachers this year to improve the standard of the language among primary and secondary students nationwide (here).

I think this is one of the major steps ever taken by the government since the 'destructive' step was taken in abolishing English medium schools in 1979. Who was Education Minister then, remember?

The ministry also plans to hire 600 retired English language teachers between this year and 2013 to serve nationwide on contract. So far, 168 retired teachers have accepted the offer. A total of 12,000 English teachers were trained last year.

When we discuss about teachers and education, the things that flash our mind, among others are teaching facilities, teaching aids and proposals that help. Education specialists had from time to time conducted researches for new methods which can enhance the process.

Apart from books and other references, more teachers are subscribing to teaching patterns introduced on the Internet. Even some major universities around the world have on-line teaching for English and other subjects.

Local English experts too have introduced a simplified approach to understanding English. But the major problem still lies with the Ministry of Education's senior personnel in-charge of finding solution to a better and suitable education kits.

Whether Muhyiddin realises it or not, his officers are not very supportive of fresh proposals forwarded by local educationists, especially when they introduce a system which benefits the ministry and its officials with NOTHING!

This people are not asking any single sen from the ministry or the government but was only trying to help improve English by enhancing its teaching methods. But pathetically, the ministry's answer was: "... oleh kerana ia hanya membabitkan kepentingan pelajar secara individu, kementerian tidak mahu menyertainya..."

Means that if the product only benefits the students but not the ministry and its officials, it has to be rejected!

So, they will only support anything that generates money!


juggler said...

bro, most senior govt officer are such laaa... if your proposal doesnt bring them any money, they wont commit by giving many lame excuses.

this is the trade we have to jump into. otherwise, we will end up with nothing.

wahab nelson said...

many talks, many announcements, many new programmes and lots of money spent... however the standard of english is still very poor, esp among our malay students.

we still depend on the same teaching methods which are already considered obsolete in many countries.

why? the ministry only want to make money from the amount spent. corruptions talks!

biol said...

dah banyak tahun dah cakap pasal bahasa inggeris ni tapi budak2 kita masih di takuk lama jugak.

nak buat buat itu dan ini kalau takda hasil. duit tu baik beli beras je, boleh makan nasik ramai2!

Anonymous said...

muhyiddin should go down at every level of his ministry by getting rid of the bad apples.

as long as they are not helping those with good teaching products, tell them to go home and fly kites!

cilaka punya orang!

Anonymous said...

it runs in the family. when ministers make money, their officers dont want to be left out.

so, no big deal!

justin said...

some ministries are not receptive to ideas and good proposals, bro.

i experienced it few times. they shot it down just because it will bring no revenue to them. all i asked was a support letter for the product. yes, they did say it was good but since no money could find its way to them, they remained adamant.

masih di BH said...

wrong strategy, jai.

prepare some good cash before seeing this officer!

that also u dont know!

frustrated mom said...



so much money wasted but no significant results!

so, forget about that plan to train 10,000 more teachers.

even the previous batches didnt perform well enough!

capla-mangga said...

daripada ajar b inggeris, lebih baik jadikan bahasa mandarin atau tamil sebagai subjek pilihan wajib di sekolah.

cakap pasal 1malaysia berdegar-degar.kita nak orang lain belajar bahasa melayu tapi kita taknak belajr bahasa kaum utama negara ni,

apa la punya bangang menteri ni!

Anonymous said...

dah bos pun makan, takkan staf dia taknak makan sikit kot!

pembaca banyak blog said...

why must we buy foreign products when locally produced is also of high quality?

we keep on hiring foreign english teachers but no positive results. our students, notably the malays are still lagging behind others.

why not the ministry call those who got ideas and proposal as to how we can improve english among malaysians, instead of engaging foreign experts.

after more than 51 years of merdeka, we still have to rely on the british?

malu la sikit!

Anonymous said...

this is the major problem.

everybody wants to make some money out of something.

if the product is good, say its good la, dont issue such a statement.

at least give a letter of support or recommendation so that our students can subscribe it.

if moneys is what you people care of, may as well quit and go digging for some gold mines

nonama said...

mungkin benda yang disyorkan pada kementerian tu bagus tetapi oleh kerana orang yang membawanya ialah nobody, maka pegawainya pun main putar alam. lainlah kalau ada masyukkkk....!

Anonymous said...

no money, no talk bro.

thats their policy nowadays!

online watch said...

yes, lots of money spent but no improvement.

you think foreign english teachers got quality, i mean good teaching skills?

no point of having good products by they dont know how to teach effectively!

gagak di rimba said...

orang inggeris pun bukan tau semua grammar dalam bahasa dia, sama jugak orang melayu.

jadi, kalau ada produk tempatan yang mampu perbaiki inggeris di kalangan pelajar, apa salahnya kementerian sokong dan sarankan pada sekolah?

diorang ni bukannya minyak duit kerajaan tetapi sedikit pengiktirafan.

kalau tu pun tak boleh, berapa juta diorang nak agaknya?

Ozz said...

Bila dah bertuhankan Kapitalis bin Kuffar, maka tidaklah menjadi satu kehairanan kepada penyembah-penyembah Dajjal Laknatullah ini bersikap demikian.

Anonymous said...

sebab tu ramai pegawai kanan kerajaan buncit2 perut diorang.

makan haram banyak sangat!

takda duit, taknak tolong orang.

macam ni ke?

Anonymous said...

tugas menteri cuma cari nama, umum itu dan ini. dia bukan tau pegawainya tak buat kerja, tak mau bantu orang yang cuba bantu kerajaan dan rakyat.

Othman I-Write said...

I absolutely agreed with you Bro. Just wanna share my own personal experience. I considered myself as "nobody". I've proposed an English solution which is already proven to have improved millions of students in the world in enhancing their English proficiency. I've submitted my proposal several times to BTP, BPG,BKM and I've even personally handed over my proposal to Muhyiddin in a convention in Labuan in July 2010, but unfortunately, it was either cold-storaged or i received -ve responses.

MOE should actully be more receptive when it comes to incorporating technology into the Taeching & learning of English. The actual fact that 60% of MUET candidates were "failed" and these result should actually be the benchmark to measure the level of English among our students...

Anonymous said...

english is dead since 1979 bro. u and i know.

who's mistake was it?

the govt la!

Anonymous said...

kalau kau bukan kroni dia atau orang yang dia kenal, dia takkan tolong atau sokong punya la, hawau!

inilah sikap orang kerajaan sekarang ni.

undilah diorang lagi pada pru akan datang!

Anonymous said... of the major steps ever taken by the government since the 'destructive' step was taken in abolishing English medium schools in 1979.
How true and how sad. My children had been blaming me for not helping them master the English language or at least be conversant in English. If only the leaders have the foresight to give us a choice like they did during our time before 1979. Luckily I sent one of them to a Chinese school and he is very fluent with Mandarin.
Pak Tua