Friday, May 6, 2011

DAP replacing Pas, says Hisham

Hishammuddin Hussein made good stinging remarks about the Pakatan Rakyat pact by saying the DAP can and will replace Pas as a prominent Opposition party by the next national poll, and the fact that the latter failed in Sarawak state election last month was due to its inability to spread wings to the East Malaysian state.

DAP too, according to the Umno Vice President cum Home Minister takes Pas for a free ride in order to improve its position in Sarawak, and soon in the general elections.

Many agree, and so do I. Pas is turned into a vehicle by DAP leadership like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh dan Lim Guan Eng to pursue its politics of racism. Indeed, Pas is the right stooge for DAP when its spiritual leader Nik Aziz agreed to Guan Eng's disapproval of Islamic function such as the Maulidur Rasul.

"Pas is responsible for throwing itself to DAP. Pas is responsible for the disunity of the Malays. Pas is also the main reason for breaking up the Muslims... and this kind of politics is not suitable to the Malays and to Malaysians at large."

Hisham said this when officiating Pasir Puteh Umno division meeting today. He also turned a crowd puller when about 2,000 people attended it at Sekolah Menengah Kamil. And for the first time in many years, I am impressed with his speech.

Being the only Kelantan Umno Division meeting he agreed to officiate (he will be in Jerteh and Marang, Terengganu tomorrow), Pasir Puteh division is perhaps among the largest in the country, with 228 branches.

And having to officiate a grand division like this, it needs a real Umno leader to handle it, and Hisham in some ways managed to woo strong support for the party and for Barisan Nasional.

The last time I listened to such a punchy speech (not only from Hisham but from other Umno top leaders) was years ago. Nope, I am not standing by his balls as you need to be there to access him (not once but in many occasions).

His 'DAP will replace Pas' is also a warning to the Malays outside Umno that what DAP is doing now might lead to the demise of Pas if the latter loses it, and before it happens, Pas members and leaders should reconsider their political position with Pakatan Rakyat.


usin ketereh said...


dap is riding on pas to improve its political standing.

pas is already a gone case bro. next pru, they will feel the pain.

masih di BH said...

ha ha ha.... jai, sejak bila kau ikut hisham ni?

apsal kau ikut dia? what do u get from him?

but on a second thought, elok gak ikut dan intai pergerakan dia.... manalah tau dia jadi pm nanti, aku tumpang lori kau je la...

sori bro.. ha ha

kamal ataturk said...

sometimes hisham is ok, sometimes not but i still believe he got to be more tactful with what he says and what he does.

most importantly, change his attitude. dont be so snobbish

zsk69 said...

Hoi Sham, kau senyap lah!!!! tak layak langsung nak bagi comment. Benda yang patut kau comment, kau senyap macam pondan pula. LAN***.

ahli sejak 1980 said...

lupakan soal pas dan dap atau pkr.

pulihkan umno terlebih dahulu. jangan asyik kata umno dah ok sedangkan hakikatnya masih wujud banyak masalah.

apa lah budak hisham ni!

Anonymous said...


dap can also replace mca and gerakan.

why not with pas so that more malays and muslims can join us!

alloy said...

hisham looks ok on tv.... but he himself must be more accessible to umno members.... and not to his own gangs only.

he needs to learn how to be more daring in making decision as a minister too

mat gombau said...


ado apo2 ko kau dengan hisham ni?

banyak masyuk ko?

mintak la den sikit

Anonymous said...

pasir puteh is the strongest umno division in kelantan. thats why hisham chose to be there.

also besut. no big deal lor!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no doubt he good at being a politician, but as a Home Minister ?
He's either missing from the job or with his cousin sleeping on the job...err dreaming.