Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bulletproof vests in a mosque?

A bulletproof vests in a mosque? Why? In our history, nobody have ever been shot in a Malaysian mosque. This is not India, neither we are in Pakistan or Palestine. What are you trying to proof, anyway?

But the “Datuk T” trio who attended a 'sumpah laknat' ceremony at a mosque, did it for no reason. According to a retired senior cop Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim by doing that, they had defiled the mosque.

The former city criminal investigation chief said Wednesday “Datuk T” created the perception that the situation in the Masjid Amru Al-As, Sentul was unsafe.

“It was as if they would be hurt or shot in a mosque. In fact, they should know that even the Malay Rulers do not wear bulletproof vests when they enter any mosque in the country.

“This act has defiled the holiness of the mosque and insulted Islam,” he said in a letter sent to editors today.

He said the trio — businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, former Malacca Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik and Perkasa treasurer-general Datuk Shuib Lazim — had run afoul of Section 295 of the Penal Code.

“As with the offence of screening the obscene video under Section 292, this is also an open-and-shut case. In my opinion, they have no defence,” Mat Zain wrote.

Section 295 states that 'whoever defiles any place of worship, with the knowledge that any class of persons is likely to consider such defilement as an insult to their religion' will be jailed for up to two years and/or fined.

So many craps and a lot of nonsense are taking place in the country. Sooner or later, someone may drive a Hummer straight into a mosque...


Anonymous said...

It was interesting to note that Eskay had to be told that he was holding the Holy Quran upside down and he immediately corrected it.
The police must have provided them with the vests which goes to show how much they trust their own ability to keep the peace in a mosque.
Pak Tua

Arif Baharudin said...

they are cowards...but for safety reasons thats the right thing to do...remember ..the AMK thugs didnt come to the mosque to pray but to prevent the trio at all cost from taking the sumpah laknat

kluangman said...

Setiap penyakit ada punca dan ada ubatnya.

Apa puncanya keperluan Tiro T memakainya? Kenapa itu yang tidak dikupas dan yang dipertikaikan.

Apakah ada larangan dalam Islam di dalam masjid tidak boleh pakai baju kalis peluru? Kalau tidak ada, apa yang dipertikaikan sangat. Jangan cuba buat satu 'fatwa politik' yang karut.

Jika negara selalu dalam ancaman orang desperado yang merusuh di dalam masjid sudah tentu DYYM Agong dan PM dinasihatkan juga untuk memakainya.

Cari punca? Itulah penyakit? Yang mencegah (pakai baju kalis peluru) adalah harus untuk dirim mereka.

lordapes said...

Dalam masjid memangla org x tembak. Kat luar masjid tu? On the way ke masjid? More over, at least he's got the courtesy to wear the vest UNDER his baju melayu. Kalau org tak bukak cerita, nobody will know. Tak macam gang-gang AMK yg terkinja2 buat demo dalam masjid. Tu tak kena penal code section 295 pulak? Amoi2 PKR tak tutup aurat kat masjid, tak kira defile ke? Why the double standard?

clown said...


ha ha ha... they are dramatizing it and some bloggers are sensationalizing it.

this datuk t team is getting more absurd. instead of getting the public to support and believe them, they are now courting hatred!

so, talk about intention... hmmm.... they just want cheap publicity. anwar is just another case, whether he did it or not, the manner in which datuk t trio presented the case is becoming a personal mimic rather.

anthony chong said...

ok what. but in which part did they wear it? front of backside?

if backside, then its proper because anwar may come screwing them them for exposing the video.

this is all a FARCE!

lang tengah said...


betul jai. ini bukannya pakistan atau afghanistan di mana masjid pun dibom.

kenapakah mereka dapat gambaran yang sebegini buruk terhadap negara sendiri walaupun semuanya dah lahir dan membesar di sini tanpa pernah mendengar ada serangan dilakukan ke atas sebuah masjid!

apa tujuan mereka sebenarnya? menghina masjid atau menghina sistem perundangan negara?

daripada kita mula2nya menyokong mereka, kita dah mula meluat pulak dengan perangai tiga orang ni.

mereka nak apa sebenarnya?

nak jadi terkenal?

Anonymous said...

just bullet proof vest? did anybody check if they brought in guns too?

this is far too much!

sucitra said...

this is what we call heroes turn villain.

they thot can get more support but people are getting fed up already.

if anwar really did it, let the authority attend to it.

but why must the trio resorted to such an approach?

they just want fame... thats all!

buku lima said...

apsal tak bawak bom nuklear je ke dalam masjid tu?

kat malaysia ni, siapa la nak bunuh diorang? ni dah jadi kisah filem hindustan la pulak!

Anonymous said...

rasanya tak salah pakai jaket kalis peluru dalam masjid. di negara lain pun, ramai yang buat demikian.

cuma bezanya, ini malaysia. siapalah agaknya tergamak nak tembak diorang ni.

anwar? anwar pun takkan buat macam tu rasanya...

belida said...

what's next?

get agong to intervene? or get ban kim moon to support them?

mengarut la semua ni!

rexuan said...

i dun tink wearing such vest insults the mosque institution in malaysia. most malay datuks i know of have licensed guns for personal protection, i'm not surprise if they hv their own bullet proff vest too..

Anonymous said...

The trio must have KNOWN the REAL anwar ibrahim and have seen for themselves how far he will go to protects his interests

As for the bullet-proof vests, they were just taking precautions - must have received tips about the rowdy anwaristas coming to create trouble

Back in 1997 when anwar was sacked, he instigated riots burning chaos destruction hatred and vitriol typical of a desperado

Adeline said...


asri said...

Apa nak jadi ne?

Anonymous said...

Apa nak jadi ni?