Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A 5-minute toast by the Chinese, 25-minute from the Malays!

This is about coffee and toast, between a big Malay cafe and a small Chinese shop. I have been observing it since I first joined my late grandpa at 'kedai kopi' at the age of 7 before he sent me to school.

Last Friday, I entered an impressive Malay cafe or restaurant just opposite Hospital Universiti Sains in Kubang Krian, Kota Bharu. In fact, the set up was bigger and better than the Old Town White Coffee outlets in KL and other places.

There were about 15 workers, including a cashier. Time was 10.10am but not many customers. Needing a good breakfast (as I arrived quite late the previous night), I placed an order for a cup of coffee and a pair of kaya-butter toast.

The drink came in 5 minutes but for the next 20 minutes, the toast didnt make it to my table. Fed up, I went to the cashier and just paid for the coffee but I did complained about the toast to the manager, a lady, who just didnt say anything but to show her red face.

In all Chinese coffee shops I have been, especially during my 3-year stint in Penang, any drink would normally took less than 2 minutes to serve while toast of any kind will reach us in less than 5 minutes.

If you complain to any Chinese coffee shop 'towkay' about the service, he will humbly apologise and thank you as that would further improve the quality of service.

I am sad at how many Malays are still taking good service for granted. And they also tend to get complacent when their business start to grow.

If such is the attitude, better stop talking about competitiveness! Sorry, but I really want to see the Malays improve in many disciplines, including their service.


noksokmo said...

Went to TMpoint Shah Alam yesterday, press the item no.4 for Streamyx and get 4015, current running number is 4012, so i sit and wait, thinking I make a good choice going there on Monday.

You know how long does it takes for 4012 to become 4015, 1 hour 4 minutes.

Tahniah TM

krakatau said...


as a malay myself, i admit the fact that the chinese and even indians are much better in this aspect of business - providing good service.

not many malays are of the same quality but there is room for improvement.

harap2 orang melayu boleh buat lebih baik daripada ini.

cikgu sejarah said...

agree. the chinese are better because bsness has been in their blood since the day they are born. but after much effort and insentives, the malays are still not giving much attention to service improvement.

mat gombau said...


den tau restoran yang kau maksudkan dopan husm tu.

edan ponah tekono. memang kodai cantik dan bosa tapi servis macam hampeh.

pekojo dia sonyom pun tidak!

org cino buleh beniago sobab pandai sonyom.

Anonymous said...

that's why most malays are losing customers....

admit it!

benjo said...

agaknya dia bukan bakar roti tapi bakar tangan dia.

kalau roti bakar pun kena tunggu dekat setengah jam, apa lagi kalau kalau tunggu mee goreng. mahu dua tahun agaknya!

melayu oh melayu!

Anonymous said...

Kenali diri sebelum kritik orang lain.

mumble said...

in some places, the chinese charges u much cheaper.

in this context too, our malays have lost!

mie, bachok said...

saya tak setuju.

mungkin ada sebab kenapa lambat. mungkin ramai orang ke atau tak cukup pekerja.

ini mungkin kes kecil membabitkan pengusaha restoran atau kafe melayu.

masih di BH said...

waahhh bro!

what were u doing in kelantan on that particular day?

with hisham ke?


its okay bro...

Anonymous said...

so pathetic, u malays!

so, this is what the affirmative action plan has taught u people!

pls wake up lor!

adik, UM said...


agaknya dapur dia rosak kot.

tapi tak eloklah manager dia buat tak tau je pasal ni.

eloklah orang kita ubah sikap kalau nak maju dalam perniagaan.

lambat laun, pelanggan boleh lari

ulat dalam batu said...

i think complacency is the right term to use here.

that is the main problem with our malays.

when business is growing, they tend to get complacent.

when the non-malays are doing well, they will make unwanted noise!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha.

diorang tak suka kau kot. sebab tu taknak buatkan roti bakar tu.

lain kali, pergi je kedai cina, dah suka sangat!

joko said...


i agree with u. this is not only a malay problem but the govt.

just take a look at our immigration counters in putrajaya. for your number to be called, you will have to wait the whole day... if you are lucky enough!

kundur said...

hoi mie bachok.

kau tak paham ke apa kau baca? bujai kata pekerja dia ramai, pelanggan pulak sikit.

yang kau melalut tu pasal apa?

nak mampus?

taknak jadi polis said...

benar. hal sebegini banyak berlaku.

kadang2 tu susah nak tengok orang melayu ni senyum kepada pelanggan.

isu senyum ni dah dilaungkan oleh kerajaan. dulu pun ada kempen senyum, terutama kepada mereka yang bertugas di perkhidmatan kaunter.

tetapi cuma sekejap je. lepas tu, tarik muka masa semula, lebih2 lagi kalau banyak kerja.

Anonymous said...

engkau tak pakai kopiah, baju hijau dan beri salam tak? pasti dia ingat kau ni UMNO. tengok kaya dan kete besar, duduk mcm duduk dlm kedai ayah sendiri. bila mintak kopi mcm org UMNO mintak kopi, berlagak. tu yang dia marah.
lain kali buat cam nik aziz minum kopi makan nasik lemak tepi jalan je. bila sakit pegi kelinik kerajaan. bila sembahyang hajat guna stadium BN. bila kutuk, mencarut baru la guna PAS.

Anonymous said...

Malay can cook but when come to service..
They are F*****

Anonymous said...

Now that you have mentioned it, it strikes me how true those observations are!

I have experienced the same thing as you. Every time I go to a Malay gerai or a Mamak restoran, I find myself sitting at the table waiting and waiting for service. It's not just me, other customers too are ignored even though the staff at the gerai were not really that busy.

In contrast, at a Chinese establishment the customer had hardly sat down before a worker is already at his side ready to take his order!

This really shows the difference in mindset between the two groups - one is obviously eager to seize every business opportunity that comes by, whereas the other group tends to be more laid back and casual about chasing after business/customers.

This difference in mindset may be one explanation why one community seems to be more successful in business than the other.

Anonymous said...

Sebelum buat komen, u kena study kenapa jadi begitu...Dia orang tidak mahu kecoh-kecoh macam orang KL makan...lupa baca Bismillah dan sental aje mcm di kopitiam. Lebih baik lambat kalau dah tentu halal drp cepat mcm jet di kopitiam tapi tak tahu halal dan haram. Benda yang kita makan itulah gambaran kita