Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why not 'Malaysia Bersatu' against DAP?

Who says Melayu should not 'bersatu'. Nothing's wrong with Melayu Bersatu as suggested by some critics, including few fellow bloggers in support of Utusan's deputy chief editor Zaini Hassan.

I personally would like to see my race be consolidated for good reasons - to uplift their economy, strengthening their political position and enhance their ability to compete healthily with others in all disciplines.

A united Malays would augur well in upholding their rights under the Constitution. But what will become of Umno should its merges with Pas and other Malay-based organisations. Will they agree to disband their respective movements and come under Umno or a new party? Going by the latter, it will lead to the demise of Umno.

It is good to go back to the spirit of 1946 when Umno was founded to oppose the Malayan Union proposed by the British Colonial Government. But then, the immigrants from China, India and other countries were not yet the citizens of the country. However, they are now.

The Malaysian Chinese and Indians are our citizens. They were born, brought up, studied and bred, and will die here. I dont know about any Malays who chose to die abroad apart from the Holy Land.

We have a bad history of racial turmoil when Malay chauvinists incited it in 1969. Everybody who had gone through it are those (witnesses and survivors who are still alive) who really understand the true meaning of social disharmony from the ugly episode. Undoubtedly, some of them are not.

There are Malays and Chinese who like playing heroes to their own community. The easy-going Malays of pre-Independence has long gone, and now comes a new generation trying to make a big turn back into the Malayan Union era, fighting for justice and rights.

The Chinese and Indians of pre-Independence and post-World War II were grateful people until some of them fought alongside the Koumintang and Communist Party of Malaya to ousted the British and take over the administration of Malaya. Yes, it is true that Chin Peng and Rashid Mydin were among invited guests to watch the Victory Parade in London after the Japanese surrendered in 1945 but when they went back to the jungle after Independence, they were no more 'heroes' (as described by some quarters).

Now, what is wrong with a united Chinese or a united Indians? Nothing is wrong if Umno and Pas are to merge as they used to be together before going separate ways. But is there anything wrong for MCA to merge with its 'once a splinter group' Gerakan and PAP-clone DAP?

To me, yes and no. Yes to MCA-Gerakan merger but no to MCA-Gerakan-DAP. Why? The Malays are represented only in Umno and Pas. PKR is not a Malay party, it is multi-races. But still, is it wrong to have a multi-races party?

DAP cannot become a part of China Bersatu. MCA and Gerakan (there are few Malays with it) adopt a more liberal political approach in the context of recognising the rights and interest of the Malays. Similarly, Umno too upholds the rights of the non-Malays in the country.

DAP is not. DAP plans to rule the country and turn it into another Singapore, just like PAP's Lee Kuan Yew. Two years within Malaysia in 1963-65, LKY and his Singaporean Chinese had plans to take over Malaysia' administration from the Perikatan (now Barisan Nasional) multi-racial pact.

Seeing the danger, Tunku Abdul Rahman asked LKY to take his men back to Singapore and set them 'free' on Sept 16, 1965, on LKY's birthday. Many Malays still accused Tunku of being so soft and shortsighted for letting go of the Republic but in fact it was a right and proper move at that time. Had he not taken such an action, Malaysia and Singapore would see racial bloodshed.

DAP doesnt like the Malays and Barisan Nasional. They dont consider the Malays as a part of their political manifesto. They treat the Malays just like how the British had during their colonialisation - not as second class citizen but third or fourth. They look down at the Malays as how PAP looks down at the Singaporean Malays.

So, it is the DAP that Malaysian peace-loving Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races should go against. It is the DAP that we must get rid off for being so Chinese-chauvinistic. But the proposed Melayu Bersatu has no intention of taking away what the non-Malays have achieved. Unless this is their main agenda, I think it will plunge the country into chaos.

I called up a Minister earlier yesterday and talked about it for 20 minutes. Instead of Melayu Bersatu, Cina Bersatu and India Bersatu, 'why not we form a Malaysia Bersatu' to run down DAP?


Anonymous said...

Malaysia bersatu is on most sane people's wish list. By being bersatu will see the demise of any divisive politics such as being practiced now. As to which umbrella we should be bersatu it does not matter as long as it is an organization that is truly for the benefit of all. It need not be UMNO or PAS or DAP or whatever else we have now. The main point is the leadership must be clean and not led by tainted leaders put in place by an earlier tainted leaders just to cover his misdeeds. The current leaders have too much skeletons in their cupboards and will never be perceived to be clean.
Pak Tua

tebing tinggi said...

'Malaysia bersatu' it's sound nice and inviting but can they 'Malaysian'really bersatu when they cant hardly can talk to each other what more to understand each other can they really bersatu.

The Malays goes to sekolah kebangsaan ,the chinese will go to SRJK cina and the same with indian will go SRJK tamil,how could they bersatu,just like rojak though mixed together but it does not blend well and will never be.

rexuan said...


hbchonel said...

Hi Jai,

Well, i am considering to join DAP since, they are same like UMNO, racist and corrupt, by joining
dap, i will be given a political post such as political secretary, perhap i will be appointed as town councillor.

Actually, what did i get by joining UMNO?, malay dominated seats was also given to MCA,MIC as a compromise and later this same YBs badmouth malay, really tired of one malaysia.

emm, after joining DAP, then i resign and reenter umno, perhaps i will be treated like izam and appointed a senator by badmouthing DAP, cool tak bro.....


hbchonel said...

Hi Jai,

Well, i am considering to join DAP since, they are same like UMNO, racist and corrupt, by joining
dap, i will be given a political post such as political secretary, perhap i will be appointed as town councillor.

Actually, what did i get by joining UMNO?, malay dominated seats was also given to MCA,MIC as a compromise and later this same YBs badmouth malay, really tired of one malaysia.

emm, after joining DAP, then i resign and reenter umno, perhaps i will be treated like izam and appointed a senator by badmouthing DAP, cool tak bro.....


hbchonel said...

Hi Jai,

Well, i am considering to join DAP since, they are same like UMNO, racist and corrupt, by joining
dap, i will be given a political post such as political secretary, perhap i will be appointed as town councillor.

Actually, what did i get by joining UMNO?, malay dominated seats was also given to MCA,MIC as a compromise and later this same YBs badmouth malay, really tired of one malaysia.

emm, after joining DAP, then i resign and reenter umno, perhaps i will be treated like izam and appointed a senator by badmouthing DAP, cool tak bro.....


Vendetta said...

Hmmm... the country has so much issues being run by an incompetent govt and you rant about trying to kick out an opposition. 50+ years have passed an our economy is way behind its potential, Malays are still lagging, security is a laughing stock all over Asia and many more. Worse still, today we look at each other not as Malaysians but as Cina, Melayu etc. Pathetic. Even Singapore has gone past this.

Since you brought up Singapore, let me ask you. Name me ONE policy in Singapore that oppress a particular race? Or that it gives preference to a particular race? This question is in reflection to Malaysia who give jobs, housing and educational preference (and etc) to Bumis under NEP and its crap policies.

You also need to understand one point. DAP can never ever take over Malaysia because the majority of the citizens are Malays. Unfortunately the Malays, like you have been brainwashed by UMNO to believe DAP is racial based. I wont defend that they are or are not, but the point is BN have FAILED MISERABLY to develop the nation, so Malaysiia voters will go down in history as the biggest idiots and losers as they continue to vote for them.

You dont have to feel insecure if a party like PAP takes over Malaysia. The country will develop the economy where better schools (UM v Nanyang/Poly), public amenities (LRT v MRT), housing (pls compare our PKNS and HDB in Singapore). Look today and see where Malaysia money went.. mostly into corrupt politicians pockets! Its unbelievable and embarassing to think that Singapore has surpassed Malaysia in every economic statistic. Cmon bro, special position of Malays in constitution is BS. If country is rich by being well runned (education, jobs, public transport etc), who benefit the most? Obviously the Malays! On the other hand the poor state of the country today only results in Malays suffering the most. Open your eyes bro.

The biggest enemy for Malaysians is political parties who use race to cover up their poor record to rule a country and what else to plunder the wealth for self gain. So far, one party comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

You are so full of garbage. You talk about unity and you talk about "bersatu". What has DAP done to receive your bulletless comments? If not for parties like DAP, these so called Barisan clowns would have raped our country lock, stock and barrel. You should be cited for contempt for spreading hatred. You talk about unity? Why havent those perkasa clowns who demonstrated in front of Wisma MCA apprehended for sedition and unlawful assembly? Why the double standards where Hindraft is concerned?

Anonymous said...

at least you get to read my comments which I know you spineless UMNO paid blogger will not publish. Go to hell asshole. Nexy GE will see your pimps gone.

Laksamana said...

The enemies of the Malays are not just DAP but all Chinesse! I say if the like singapore so much we should deport all of them. We do not need them. We do not fear them. We are united.

Anonymous said...

LOL. What a piece of trash!

Still spreading the same lies and misinformation over and over again.

DAP is a MULTI RACIAL party. DAP is trying to remove race from the equation of politics in Malaysia. DAP has more chinese just because its socialist style policies appeals to urban middle class who just happens to comprise mostly chinese.

However UMNO interprets all that as equivalent to trying to remove Malay special rights and secretly trying to implement a 'chinese' agenda. What a load of misinformation and lies.

If Malays support socialist policies like minimum wages, subsidies for the poor, more aid for education then they should support DAP.

If the Malays support Western capitalist policies that focuses on making a few Malay billionaires, providing subsidies for profit making industries, and more development 'handouts' for industry rather than aid for schools or public services then they should support UMNO.

Stop turning everything into a racial issues.

We support DAP, because DAP returns tax payers money back to the people via its programs like senior appreciation payments, state paid free public bus for factory areas, more allocations for schools and public housing. Even if DAP was Malay, Indian or Dayak i would still support it.

Anonymous said...

What the fcuk are you talking about. You are just another racist moron trying to please UMNO.

Anonymous said...


Teng Bumicrafts Trading said...

What's wrong with Malays to be "bersatu"/Nothing wrong.Neither there is anything wrong with Chinese/Indians/Dayaks to be "bersatu". In reality we are all promoting racial bigotory.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, isn't it the intention of ANY political party to form a government? If your answer is No then why the hell you form a political party?

Secondly, are you saying DAP is chinese party? If your answer is yes then why do they have towering Malays like Tunku Aziz and Zairil Khir Johari in the party?

Which part of the DAP name says that it is chinese? Infact MCA is outright chinese. How can you claim MCA is more liberal in their recognition of Malay rights when they are set up to represent one specified race? DAP is a party that represents all races in Malaysia as can be seen in their membership unlike MCA whose membership is only chinese.

What you fail to see is that just because chinese forms a larger part of the membership in DAP it does not mean DAP is a chinese party. Equally, just because PKR has more Malay members it does not mean that it is a Malay party. In fact both parties are fighting for the rights of MALAYSIANS irrespective of race. One can take it to the extreme to say that UMNO, MCA and MIC are racist parties because they fight for the rights of their respective race. The saving grace for UMNO, MCA and MIC is that they are united under the BN banner and thus claim to be multi-racial. Maybe the more appropriate claim should be multi-racist!

By the way I am not a member of any political party so I am in no way defending any political party.

Anonymous said...

The Alliance and now BN had and has the opportunity to say Malaysian Bersatu. Are they doing it?

Anonymous said...

And still spreading lies and misinformation about the 'chauvinistic' Singapore PAP.

If PAP look down on Malays so much, why do they provide scholarships and send Singaporean Malays to MIT in US? MIT doesn't just accept anybody and has really high standards. Yet Singapore government willing to send Malays to MIT because they know they can be successful.

If PAP is so chinese chauvinistic, then why does Singapore's public housing funded by the government housing development board (HDB) have racial quota's that limit chinese ownership to maximum of only 80% of the units?

And you want to know why there's no Malaysia Bersatu to run down DAP? Because UMNO is Malay first before Malaysian. So it is an insult for them to have to refer to their movement as Malaysia Bersatu since being Malaysian is a secondary category for them.

Anonymous said...

Eh ? Are getting anywhere with all these nonsense ?

Why Not Malaysia Bersatu against UMNO ??

See what I mean ?

Jeez, what happened to UMNO ?

Jesse said...

Race, race, race. That's all I read in your article. How I wish we could have less people like you. Then, uniting people of Malaysia can have any chance of becoming a reality. Here we are in a competitive global arena, all we are concerned about internally is which race has more rights and therefore more superior. Start looking at a bigger picture, my friend.

Teng Bumicrafts Trading said...

Who says its wrong for Melayu to be bersatu? Nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong for Chinese,Indians,Dayaks to be bersatu either. After all we "Malaysians" are promoting racial and religious this beloved nation.

Anonymous said...


karipuley said...


u got the best idea so far, unlike some journalists and bloggers who prefer 1melayu 1bumi which is not anymore fit in malaysian politics.

indigo said...





wahab nelson said...

alamak bro, aku dah tersokong lak 1melayu, 1 bumi ni. kau punya pun cun jugak, malaysia bersatu lawan dap pukimak ni.

nanti la aku pikir nak sokong kau atau tidak... heh heh

vendor proton said...

memang benar, melayu zaman jepun dan british memang ketinggalan. bila merdeka, kerajaan melindungi mereka dan perkenalkan macam2 skim dan bantuan agar mereka dapat berusaha dan menyaingi kaum lain.

malangnya, sebahagian besar rancangan kerajaan gagal kerana sikap melayu sendiri yang dengki sesama sendiri, khianat dan menidakkan hak bangsa lain yang juga warganegara malaysia.

saya rasa pemimpin terdahulu, termasuk tun dr mahathir dan paklah pun kesal dengan semua ini, apalagi gagasan 1melayu 1bumi ini boleh mencetuskan rasa tidak puas hati di kalangan rakyat berbilang agama, bangsa dan keturunan.

kita bukan lagi di zaman penjajah. semua sudah berubah, negara pun dah maju. seharusnya fikiran dan cara kita juga sudah maju tetapi melayu tidak banyak berubah di segi sikap dan penyampaian.

saya juga melayu tetapi yang gunakan bantuan kerajaan sebaik mungkin untuk meningkatkan ekonomi. bukan meninggi diri tetapi saya ingin melihat bangsa saya benar2 maju atau dapat setaraf dengan bangsa lain yang sudah maju di dunia.


Anonymous said...

shut up la u silly blogger. u dont know what dap is all about. they are fighting for the just of all races, not only chinese.

dont you dare write about them again!

OWL said...

i heard some dap leaders will be in singapore next week as guess for the election....

no wonder laaa...

ginggong said...


melayu rakyat pribumi asal manakala cina, india, keturunan eropah dah lain adalah rakyat pendatang.

cuba fahami maksud 'rakyat pendatang' ni betul2 sebelum tulis panjang lebar.

kau tahu sejarah tapi kau tak bantai pulak diorang ni!

small merchant said...

how to conduct general election like this haaaaa???

dont gaduh2 laaaa.... no good for everybody.

let's yam seng!

simple mind said...

the whole system is being fucked up by your people!

blogger and journalist alike must be blamed for inciting racial hatred.


swinger said...

the chinese are the ungrateful lot. they have forgotten how well the malays had terated them when their ancestors came to malaya during that time.

Anonymous said...

takda kesudahannya kalau macam ni.
pelik, kenapa datuk najib tak cuba campur tangan atau leraikan mca dan umno ni?

takkan nak biarkan berulat baru nak bubuh ubat!

resident.wangsamaju said...

Jai- Good chronicle on the history bit, but the part on DAP & race is not accurate. Just hentam DAP for fun only eh. Im sorry this washes the quality of the whole posting away.

Anonymous said...

berulat baru dapat control dengan alasan-alasan sama yang dah berusia 50 tahun.

Lim Yung Keng said...

Hi Jai, don't get me wrong. I am no DAP member. But do you think you have got DAP correct? I find that you don't know how to differentiate between DAP's struggles and some of their die-hard Chinese supporters' opinions. But as far as their official position is concerned, theirs is NEVER race-based. But UMNO MCA & MIC are.

I am not saying you are wrong, please. But in order to lend weight to your ranting of DAP, please understand them first before you shoot. Isn't that right for intellectual discourse? Where in their administration (Penang's & Selangor's) has DAP position is race-based?

Anonymous said...

Haiya people

UMNO, MIC and MCA are not racists - they are racial. They protect the interests of their own race coz they know best what is good for themselves.

BUT they believe in POWER SHARING unlike the pakatan rosak - a marriage of convenience between parties with such contradictory mission and vision.

As I see it, the chinese are to be blamed for questioning the constitutional rights of bumis. In any contract, delete one phrase and the whole agreement goesup in smoke.

If the chinese who are super rich are still not happy with their lot and start grumbling about the tongkat NEP etc, then it is a wake up call for the bumis to take heed.

Perkasa was a REACTION to dong zong - if you want to play with fire - be prepared for backlash and get burnt.

The bumis will not allow the pendatang tribe, possible descendants of eunuchs to dominate in politics coz they already dominate economy.

So if you rock the boat, be prepared to get seasick or washed off to some obscure shores.

Got it?? A reaction for an action - beware!!!

beras basah said...

Errr....eunuchs buleh ada zuriat ker bro?