Friday, April 29, 2011

PM/DPM in 'Program Turun Padang' T'ganu

Prime Minister Najib and deputy Muhyiddin will be in Terengganu Saturday, meeting Umno state officials and attending mass gathering with the rakyat. Some ministers will join them, including Home Minister Hishammuddin and Defense' Zahid.

Many would question the motive for such a big trip to the eastern state. Some even suggested that it will be an interlude to the next national poll, which is to be expected later this year of latest by mid 2012.

Whatever the perceptions are, Terengganu needs special attention, especially this time around. Some problems plaguing the state's Umno has been 'swept under the carpet' and this has led to members' displeasure.

I am worried with reports and indications about the possibility of Terengganu coming under the Oppositon again in the next general election. The oil-rich state may look stable on the surface but some ugly episodes which saw Umno and BN supporter going for a split after 2008 polls, need special attention from the leaders.

As Sarawak state election on April 16 denounced BN campaign mechanism which saw DAP and PKR added eight more state seats, both Federal and State governments cannot deny the fact that no matter how much we 'attack' DAP and Anwar Ibrahim, the voters still got the final say.

Perhaps something needs to be rewritten. In Terengganu, captivating the mindset of the majority Malays should emphasis more on their local needs rather that offering them national political sentiments. More bridging can be done to help the rural folks uplift their standard of living. To them, bread and butter is the main issue, and not Anwar Ibrahim.

Terengganu MB Ahmad Said, on the other hand, should also 'turun padang' and not just listening or reading reports fed by Umno division heads. Some of them are good liars, elsewhere too.

However, the problem with top leadership is, some refuse to attend to 'bad and unpleasant' news as it will to their existing problems. In previous elections, this attitude saw some 'wakil rakyat' lost their seats.

So, Terengganu is undoubtedly the best platform for the PTP (Program Turun Padang). Attend to Umno first before going back to BN drawboard.


ABNK, KT said...

hope nobody denies the fact about BIG prob in tganu. and dont discount the possibility of the state falling to Pas again in next general election.

i am involved in many state's party matters and i know many 'bad things' about tganu.

hope pm and team will look into it and help solve it before its too late

kawan penyu said...

so many complaints about mat said but no action from top leadership.

that is the main problem here!

stinger said...

sign of pru13 closing in, bro?

i believe it will be held sometimes after hari raya or before christmas.

wanna bet?

kamalshah, seremban said...

pm should have chosen kelantan first as the state has been under pas for more than 2 decades.

if we are able to wrest power in kelantan, the whole nation will be under barisan nasional again.

terengganu looks like a jitter too but focus must be given to other states esp kedah and selangor

bantal kekabu said...

rakyat tak perlukan acara macam ni. apa yang penting, cawangan dan bahagian masing2 aman damai, takda ketua dan timbalan ketua dan yang lain2 bercakaran rebut kedudukan, bermuka-muka dengan menteri besar dan dengan pucuk pimpinan.

terengganu dah banyak kes macam ni. walaupun mat said kata semuanya ok tapi ahli akar umbi lebih tahu sebab mereka yang jadi penonton kepada pertelingkahan ni.

jadi, macam mana umno dan barisan nasional nak jamin kemenangan lebih besar kali ni?

pro-PKR said...


kau rasa terengganu boleh jatuh ke?

aku rasa tidak. terengganu cuma akan hancusss.... he he

Anonymous said...

turun padang or not, pls attend to the basic needs of the people first.

in trengganu, some people are still without ample amenities.

some still dont have proper toilets!

orang minyak said...

kj started it the other day. now pm and dpm.

what is the purpose anyway? if you want to be with the rakyat, no point going to just one place. u expect people from all over tganu to come down?

Anonymous said...


macam nak bodek je lu ni!

apsal tak ikut?

tapai ubi said...

ha ha ha!

terengganu.... kalau ahmad said terus dengan telinganya yang pekak tu, boleh rosak negeri ini dalam pru akan datang.

dia suka sangat percaya apa yang dicakapkan oleh ketua bahagian.

aku rasa masalah ni bukan masalah dia sorang je. ramai lagi pemimpin umno yang tak suka dengar berita tak sedap dari negeri atau bahagian masing2.

Anonymous said...

You need to come to Terengganu to look at what is going on, feel the anticipation and talk to the people who knows about the grass root politics. I strongly believe that Umno Terengganu is strong...not getting stronger, but strong. But that is politics, people like to believe what they read rather than be at where the action is. No matter how much success Terengganu has achieved, they still believe in one error. Bad blood...well tell me where in the world when politic is involved there is no bad blood! But no one talks about the containment exercise to get almost everyone to their senses. I think the Prime Minister has done a good job on this, and I believe, the Menteri Besar has has done a good job in getting the support from the grassroots. That counts because it translates into votes.