Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Only DAP poses a threat

The only threat for Barisan Nasional in the Sarawak state election comes from DAP. As for PKR and PAS, their ability to 'sting' voters is getting blunt, thanks to the Anwar who is embroiled in his latest dilemma, the sex video clip.

There would be some sympathies for PKR as a result of the issue but since the media published some pictures of it a few days ago, it is fast diminishing.

As for PAS, its unstable ideology - from an Islamic approach to Pakatan Rakyat secularism - has not augured well in effort to make a big stomp in the state. Nonetheless, the peculiarity in which PAS leaders make their stand in Anwar's case reflects their uncertainty for the political pact.

BN gotta take up the challenge from DAP. Forget about PKR and PAS.

After winning Sibu Parliamentary seat in the by-election last May, DAP has mobilised its political machinery to give special attention in other towns. Their focus is to conquer as many state seats in Bintulu, Miri, Kuching, Mukah and Sarikei.

In Sibu, its state seats in Dudong, Bukit Assek, Senadin, Pelawan and Bawang Assan will brace for stiff competition between candidates from BN and DAP. With the Chinese and Iban form the majority of voters, BN must give strong emphasis on its campaigns here.

After nomination at Sibu Municipal Council Library building this morning, Bukit Assek incumbent and DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng said he is confident of defending his seat while at least two more seats in the Parlimentary would fall to DAP.

He will face Chieng Buong Tong of SUPP, who is out to wrest back Bukit Assek seat for BN.

Phone calls to some journos and bloggers around Sarawak also pointed to the same issue - be ready for DAP onslaught.

As election campaign kicks off today, many believe DAP will ride on Anwar's issue which they believe could attract young voters.

Also read Bernama reports


mr borneo said...


dont underestimate our opponents, esp dap.

also, voters may opt for the opposition should our strategies backfires!

teku said...

sdr jai,

sibu memang kawasan orang cina dan iban. kalau bn memandang rendah keupayaan parti lawan, mereka akan ada masalah di sini.

orang iban ada isu tersendiri manakala orang cina sudah pun menyuarakan bantahan terhadap kerajaan taib mahmud yang begitu lama dan isu pembalakan yang cuma mengkayakan orang tertentu.

bilalah agaknya anak iban boleh jadi ketua menteri sarawak?

Anonymous said...

bagi saja sibu kepada dap.

susah ka?

tauke umai said...

kenapa barisan nasional turunkan calon yang lemah untuk lawan di bukit assek? sudah rasa kalah atau tidak ada calon sesuai? kenapa tak pilih orang yang bagus sedikit daripada sekarang? kalau calon yang ini, memang kena ngap la

lydia said...

bang, dah tiba masanya pas dan pkr fikir semula kehadirannya di sarawak dan sabah.

jika kemelut yang ada pun sukar diselesaikan, macam mana nak bantu atasi masalah rakyat dua negeri ni?

elok keluar saja dari sini!

langkau said...

we need a change. its time to change. so, let us change the government of sarawak. they have been deceiving us all this while.


dah lama dah! said...

taib mahmud lawan tiga penjuru. sepupu dia pun boleh tahan jugak pengaruh dia.

memang tough untuk taib kali ni. lagipun, dah lama dah!

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