Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egyptians don't recognise Kem David anymore

Now that Hosni Mubarak is gone, most Egyptians would like to void the Kem David Accords signed in 1979. A recent US polls show that more than half of them also felt Israel Embassy should leave their soil.

However, the research by the US Pew Research Center indicates 36 per cent of Egyptians believe the peace treaty with Israel should remain in effect.

A whopping two thirds of Egyptians are happy with the country's progress following the ouster of longtime president Hosni Mubarak, the poll says. The results were based on interviews with thousands of Egyptians between March 24 and April 7.

The poll also marks a ten per cent hike in support for democracy since a similar survey was taken last year.

About 88 per cent said that the Egyptian army, the recipient of power after the former regime's downfall, has had a positive impact in the country's functioning.

But there was mixed opinion about police, as 61 per cent said they believe that police have had a negative impact regarding legislation. Around 60 per cent said they believe that law should be based on the Quran.

The revolution which overthrew Mubarak apparently did not curb the country's negative view of the United States. The poll says that 70 per cent of Egyptians believe Washington played a negative role or had no role at all during the country's political turnover.

Barack Obama has also maintained a negative image, as 64 per cent said they don't trust him, and 52 per cent were disappointed in how he has dealt with Arab revolutions sweeping the Mideast.


raouf said...

in the first place, anwar sadat should have signed the treaty with israel, knowing that the regime will not recognise palestine and will forever become the enemy of arab and islam.

this has led to his murder by his own people.

Anonymous said...

the egyptians never recognise the peace deal. jimmy carter then was sadat's best friend but not to the arabs.

zamil said...

perjanjian damai tu takda makna sebab takda damai pun. israel sampai sekarang pun masih bedil sempadan mesir dengan palestin yang kadang2 terkena wilayah mesir. rakyat mesir di sempadan hidup dalam ketakutan. anwaar sadat buat silap besar kerana meterai perjanjian tu walaupun dibantah dan ditentang oleh rakyatnya dan negara arab lain. inilah padahnya bermuka-muka dengan amerika dan zionis laknat!

Anonymous said...

egypt has been the us stooge and tool for so long.

so, its time to put a stop to it.

karissa said...

the egyptians made the right decision to void the treaty. it serves no objective as it is bias. israel still poses threat to egypt and other neighbours for its atrocities in the palestine.

for once, the egyptians think its time to make amends to the mistake done by their former leader sadat dan mubarak.

even the US and israel are worried with the latest development. should anything happens to the kem david treaty, the whole region will be in turmoil again, and this time could be worse than that of 1967.

on call said...

thats what happened when the people do not agree with what the leaders do, in the case of anwar sadat.

also, when the people got fed up and tired of too long a leadership, in the case of hosni mubarak

Anonymous said...

west asia will go down the drain if egypt nullifies camp david peace accord.