Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double agent job, anyone?

About spies and secret agents. I remember a few bloggers and pro-BN politicians were hot on Anwar's 'backside', accusing him of playing spy for CIA. Some even went to the extent that the Opposition Leader was close to Israel.

Rembau MP and Pemuda Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin too was accused of spying for a foreign country although there wasnt any single proof whatsoever to substantiate such allegations.

Whether you are on the wrong side or not being in the politics 'good book', such accusations come easy. When you are no longer in power, it will get worse!

Similar case in Tunisia. The bodyguard of deposed Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (pic) has revealed that the ousted president was allegedly spying for the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

Abdurrahman Sobair accused Ben Ali, his wife and his son-in-law plus a number of senior Tunisian security officials of spying for Israel, IRNA quoted the bodyguard as telling the Algerian al Shorouk newspaper.

Back in 1991, Leila Trabelsi, Ben Ali's wife, instructed two Tunisian intelligence agents to assassinate a Tunisian businessman who was one of Ben Ali's closest friends, said the bodyguard.

“Leila was also involved in the assassination of several Palestinian leaders in Tunisia,” added Ben Ali's bodyguard, adding that Ben Ali's son-in-law was also involved in the murder of a 4-year-old girl in 1992.

Moreover, he noted that Mohammad al-Arabi al-Mahjubi, the former secretary of the Interior, has had a close cooperation with Mossad since 1990. Investigations carried out by the Tunisian security apparatus showed he had commissioned somebody to commit the crime.

Wow! I wonder who plays such a role in our country and what is the take? Is money laundering part of the mission?

So much of double agents!


ex-diplomat said...


double agents are everywhere in malaysia. they spy for various countries, including of the small nations.

mind me asking - what are their ambassadors and diplomats doing here?

think about it... just like our diplomats abroad!

junta said...

good la. we need them maaa... it makes life more exciting.

dont blame them if our govt fails to take care of them and families!

don kisot said...


memang ramai spy kat negara ni, temasuklah spy leman.

yang mengendap dan mengintai orang mandi tu pun spy jugak.

yang pasang video kamera dalam bilik orang BUAT KEJE tu pun spy jugak.

susah nak kategorikan spy ni. dalam rumah kita pun ada spy... spy mak untuk mengendap ayah dan sebaliknya.

mat sentul dah lama buat filem pasal ni. ingat tak tajuk filemnya?

Anonymous said...

whether its anwar or not, kj or anybody else, we cant monitor them. they are cunning and well-protected by their masters and also locals. wikileaks is the best world spy, of course!

masterkey said...

frankly, we dont need spy these days. the superpowers have installed satellites in space to monitor every inch of the planet.

by means of internet, everybody can access all documents, including secret ones.

means that we have nothing to hide and nowhere to hide, right?

imam pencen said...

apa nak herankan bro. dalam masyarakat hari ini pun kita tak kenal siapa jiran kita, khasnya di bandar. entah2 jiran kita tu spy ke, manalah tahu. inilah kesan pemodenan

Anonymous said...


kerja spy ni memang pelbagai dah sekarang ni.

dalam jamban pun ada orang intai!

ini perisik najis namanya!

peng chin said...

espionage has been the core business of developed nations and superpowers. some info are correct while others are blown our of proportion.

in the case of wikileaks, some are even mere lies.

we have to live with it sir!

young undergrad said...

secret agents are everywhere. many want the job as it promises good return and special treatment.

so, why cant the govt introduce a special position for such a task ini the public sector?

rashid siber said...


bini aku pun pasang spy intip ke mana je aku pegi.... dah tak hairan dah!

desperate din said...

are u aware that the ruling party dan opposition are spying each other. its interesting, actually!

so, dont worry about spies, secret agents or double agents.

evrybody is, in fact!

jembalang tanah said...

spy ni banyak jenis, ada yang baik dan sebaiknya.

tetapi mereka yang menjual atau menyalurkan maklumat sulit negara seperti fail keselamatan dan sebagainya, patut dihukum mati!

Anonymous said...

that shows how much we get more suspicious of each other.

next, another world war!

Anonymous said...


so many spies. singapore spies, us, russia, israel, etc.

wonder who the mongolian spy in malaysia is?

meleleh said...

spy yang paling orang melayu suka ialah jenis yang pasang kamera dalam bilik hotel dan bilik tempat orang berasmara.

tak lama lagi akan bertambahlah video lucah buatan malaysia di negara ini.

apa tidaknya - kalau yang terlibat pun dapat sokongan kerajaan dan tidak dikenakan sebarang tindakan, ramai lagilah akan ikut serta dalam bidang ni.

celaka punya orang!


masih di BH said...


better install cctv at your home and surrounding....

you are being followed...

jeng jeng jeng!

MASTANA said...


dokek masjid tanah pun dah gamai spy. dulu ado chilin, dah arwah dah. lampam pun dah lamo jalan.

kojo dioghang maso tu intip teksi. sapo2 yang tak baya 'tol' gerenti kono sosah dengan lampam.

yang jadi mangso eh, si chilin. kesian dio, kan?

anak cina said...

did u watch the spy who loves me?

i want to be that way... can or not?