Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chinese must choose BN or...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak today reminded our Chinese friends to either choose Barisan Nasional or lose the possibility of not being represented in the government.

Nope! It was not a threat (read here). It was a friendly reminder. As Malaysians, we always opt for the better choice when it comes to social cooperation. In fact, we have sticked together since our Independence.

So, why must there be changes when our predecessors had agreed to such an understanding? What happened in Sarawak state poll and 2008 general election (where the Malays too voted for the Opposition) should come as a reminder that chauvinist politics will only bring down the whole system.

Our nation should be kept as it is - vibrant and progressing. Our people, irrespective of religion, race and culture must be able to work hand in hand and observe mutual respect like what the founding fathers of Malaysia had worked on.

The country is not about the Malays anymore. It needs the Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Ibans and other races to cohesively develop the nation for the benefit of all. We need each and every race to be represented in the government, at the Parliament and State Assemblies.

So, why must we opt for a new government when the ongoing one has proven its ability to speak for every sector of the community? What are learning from Selangor, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan?

Unless you prefer to remain Chinese rather than 'Malaysians!'


Anonymous said...

When they are poor they become nyonya and baba to blend in lah konon

now kaya sikit sudah mahu tunjuk terror - hapus itu dan ini

hak istimewa menjadi sebab mereka tak puas hati - AWAS jika hak itu dikikis maka china pendatang harus dipulangkan ke negeri asal, dibiayai oleh british

Anonymous said...

"Our nation should be kept as it is - vibrant and progressing."
and let the corrupt leaders plunder the wealth of the nation to enrich themselves and their cronies? We must be mad to allow such a thing to happen. We must save Malaysia before it is too late.
Pak Tua

cokmar said...

let me comment your last line.

they will forever prefer to be chinese rather than malaysians. even in the us, canada and other countries, they refer themselves as chinese.

but its a different case in singapore. they call themselves singaporeasn because they control the republic and they are comfortable with pap rule.

in malaysia, they wont be malaysians. they will refuse. with dap 'chinese slogan', more and more chinese will be more chinese than the mainland chinese.

unless the pro-bn chinese unite and throw undivided support for the ruling party, we will see more and more chinese votes go to dap

joni guard said...

why just najib appeal for the chinese to vote for bn?

let them think of the consequences if they dont have any rep in the govt or parliament.

if this happens, dont blame it on the bn

pat said...

you bloggers will forever blame it on the chinese.

hey. look at the chauvinist malay organisations like perkasa and pekida. they still look at us chinese with suspicion. so, you want the chinese support but at the same time encourage anti-chinese sentiment without any check.


melayu deli said...

biarkan aje kaum cina pilih dap atau tak sokong barisan nasional.

kita test dulu, tengok apa akan jadi.

Anonymous said...

i think we need a real discussion among malay and chinese leaders. pm should call for it.

i am a malaysian, a chinese-malaysian who was born and brought up here.

what benefit will it bring if this crisis goes on?

only a small faction of the chinese is pro-dap. similarly, some malays are pro-pas, pro-pkr and pro-dap too.

kapak said...

macam nak berperang je ni.

siapa nak perang? cakap la!

no problem punya laaah!

buang yang keruh said...

satu penyelesaian harus dicari bagi mendamaikan mca dan umno. saya rasa kedua-dua pihak ada silapnya, khasnya mempolitikkan ulasan utusan malaysia.

Anonymous said...

You and the BN government still don't get it despite the numerous losses in the Chinese votes.

Do you expect us to vote for an MCA which has:
- two ex-presidents prosecuted for cheating the government
- current president who has a record of cheating his own wife
- the ex-president who dare to investigate the corruption case was voted down?

Ask yourself, if such were to happen in a country like Japan, will the party still survive? If you were the Chinese, do you want to be represented by the corrupted and moral-deprived party?

The Chinese are not all that clever, but we are not dumb. After the 308, we know what our vote can do. If you think by threatening us you could get our vote, you still have not learnt.

Let me be more direct, if you want our vote:
- give us a party which has a credible leadership and who can promise the rakyat they will be clean and not to support cronyism
- prosecute the high ranking for corruption (still remember how Badawi won the election of 2004)?
- stop playing the racial card. The Chinese don't just vote for DAP, we vote for PAS too. So if you think the Chinese vote for DAP to represent the Chinese, you're wrong. We vote for the opposition so they can balance the absolute power enjoy by our current government, which leads to the corruption and cronyism.

This is nothing about race, for BN, they have tried bribe, threat and induce, but all fail. So the only way is to play the old trick - race card. If you are truly loving this country, don't fall for this. Look at issues as it is and stop bringing in the race.

Race issue is an issue exaggerated by a group of corrupted politician who lack political mileage but have to resolve to using the race card. Nothing more.

bugis johor said...

orang cina dah kaya-raya. sebab tu diorang tak kisah dengan bn lagi dah. kalau takda wakil di parlimen atau kerajaan pun diorang tak kisah punyalah.

diorang salahkan melayu kerana perkauman tetapi mereka sendiri lebih tebal semangat perkaumannya.

memang diorang ada hajat nak jadikan malaysia macam singapura.

tapi kalau nak tau akibatnya, cuba je lah!

Anonymous said...

kalau kaum lain boleh sokong bn dan berbaik sangka terhadap orang melayu, kenapa orang cina tidak demikian?

chong tan said...

we are getting to nowhere with this.

mca is making open statements about the malays, and so are umno-related organisations such as perkasa.

what do we gain from this?

kubota said...

dah semuanya nak jadi hero, padan la muka.

brahim ali dengan perkasanya, soi lek dengan mcanya. kit siang dengan dapnya.

lama2 sok akan meletus perbalahan kaum lagi, yang dikhuatiri lebih buruk daripada 1969.

jadi, hati2lah. semangat permuafakatan dalam barisan nasional perlu dipatuhi.

Anonymous said...

pas is considering to join bn.

so, what is wrong if mca is to join dap or the other way round?

you malays talk malay unity. so, let us the chinese talk chinese unity as well.

sakuntala said...

ni lah padahnya bila pemimpin kita yang terdahulu terlalu bertolak ansur dan pemurah terhadap bangsa ni.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anon, mcamana ngan guong dong kau tu????, tapi aku tak heran, memang dari dulu cina tak akan sokong BN, mereka rasa mereka dah boleh kuasai negara ini, but they never learnt... Sejak ada PKR aku rasis bertambah....

Anonymous said...

Perkasa says Malays only
BN says 1UMNOMalaysia
Utusan says 1Bumi1Melayu
MCA says 2Chinese
DAP says BangsaMalaysia
Pakatan says MalaysianMalaysia

Can you spot the real racists?

ExMalaysian since 2003

Anonymous said...

ExMalaysian since 2003 @ May 1, 2011 12:35 PM

so you been following the happenings in your ex-country for ahhh 8 years eh?

masih rindu atau menyesal tak sudah

Anonymous said...

we are sick of those idiots in mca...

if there are any sincere hardworking reps that are willing to help the downtroddden in its community, then you will expect the votes keep pouring in.

but if bn still insist holding hands with all those nincompoops, then by all means keep all the posts for umno rep.

if by next ge and the same bunch of idiots are still there... we rather take the risk of having no representation and this is our promise!

Anonymous said...

anon 12.04,

bukan rindu...

just watching & hoping your leaders doesn't prove the singaporean to be correct... i.e ain't nothing but a bunch of STUPID & INCOMPETENT fools.