Monday, April 25, 2011

1Melayu, 1Chinese and 1Indian Malaysia!

Two rallies are planned at 3pm today to support Utusan and Perkasa over their '1Melayu, 1Bumi' slogan. One at Utusan office in Ipoh and the other at MCA HQ in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

The slogan drew first blood from MCA and DAP, two Chinese-based of 'different ideology' parties. Malay chauvinism, it seems, is also fast backfiring. Former PM Tun Dr Mahathir said on Saturday the label itself would be a disaster to the nation.

Now, who is right or wrong doesnt matter, not just yet. But the Malay-Chinese confrontation is bringing us back to the era of mid 1940s when our British Colonial master introduced the Malayan Union that could have turned the Malays as beggars in their own homeland.

British idea to award immigrants from China and India with equal citizenship had, for the first time saw the Malays to defy 'politics were the prerogative rights of the royal families' mentality they held for centuries, and launched a massive anti-Malayan Union campaigns throughout the country.

The Malays were the destitute lot then. The Malay Rulers also were part to blame for 'selling' their respective States as British Protectorates. But when the Japanese came, the British abandoned Malaya.

The Malays were doing the right thing then in protecting their legitimate rights as owners of Tanah Melayu. The British, in taking up the Malays for granted, brought in people from China and India to work in their tin mines and rubber estates. The Malays were known to be less interested in such economic activities, except for planting paddy and as fishermen.

These immigrants helped the Malayan economy grow. Their contribution is well-recognised, even by the Malays. And when they were given equal citizenship under the administration of Malayan Union, Malay discontentment was minimal except for those in Umno.

But more than 50 years after Independence, the Malay-Chinese issue flares again. Why are they against each other when the Malays in Umno and Chinese in MCA are buddies in the ruling Barisan Nasional?

Are the Malays to blame for their 'still lagging' position in this country as compared to the Chinese, and perhaps the Indians too? And is it because of the much reduced Chinese votes for BN in previous by-elections and the recently concluded Sarawak state election?

Many said the Chinese will never change since they already have almost everything in the country except political control of the government. But does Umno really dictates Putrajaya? And how are we going to face the next national poll should this time-bomb is not defused by now?

The problems with modern Malaysians now is their thickening prejudice among each other. The post-Independence harmony is fast diminishing. Those were the days when the three major communities helped each other in many ways and aspects. They understood each other well enough.

However, the non-Malays began to grow pessimism over the government's affirmative plan in the 1970s meant to assist the Malays boost their economic standing in a thriving multi-racial nation. They, the non-Malays went to the extent of accusing the indigenous Malays of wanting to rob them of their wealth and high standard of living.

Had the '1Melayu, 1Bumi' slogan was chanted during the Malayan Union and before the immigrants were made citizens of Malaysia, they could have fared better than Umno. However under 1Malaysia concept, we need to admit the fact that we are now one. But again, disparity gap claims its tolls in domestic politics.

Racial tolerant too is making ways to race chauvinism. But are blaming MCA for tailoring to DAP's 'Chinese chauvinism' when Umno and Pas are agreeing to talks on a solidarity government? Are we blaming the Indians as well when Hindraf was formed to the likes of Perkasa and few Chinese-for-Chinese organisations?

Now, what will be the future of the country if a Malay-for-Malay, Chinese-for-Chinese and Indian-for-India politics thrive?

We are so fond of blasting the issue out of context. Had we resorted to the post-Independence and Perikatan concept of 'musyawarah' (consultation), today's bad episode would have been settled amicably.

Another thing. I consider the government failure in containing such chauvinistic activities is also leading to it.

So, whoever wants war, go ahead! You want racial riots, you make the calls!

But who should we blame for all this? The BRITISH?


clemence said...


need to find ways to compromise. the malays, chinese, indians and others are all citizens of malaysia. this bickering will not augur well for bn in the next general election.

prime minister, in his capacity as bn chairman must intervene to stop this throw stones drama. nobody will emerge winner.

i am sad that there are still factions trying to fuel racial tension and shake the stability.

we used to settle it behind close door. why not this time?

fatt choy said...

you tell perkasa and utusan malaysia - this is not the year 1946.

now that the chinese and indians are all the rightful citizens of malaysia, the malays must accept it as a true fact.

sarina said...

jai, diorang ni saja nak nama je. kes anwar dah terlalu ramai yang bercakap, so kenalah cari platform lain untuk tonjol diri.

budak U said...

hidup malayan union...

opsss... sori... hidup malayan unity!

ramu said...

so, what is wrong with your heading?

lets take care of our own race. forget about bangsa malaysia because only a few understand it.

why la some people are still stupid and never use their brain to do all this!

lang tengah said...


orang cina memang bersatu dari zaman dulu pun. siapa kata cina malaysia tak ngam dengan cina singapura?

siapa kata mca, dap dan gerakan adalah bermusuhan.

melayu je yang buta hati, buta perut!

belinda said...

you are a fair person, jai. but unfortunately not many of you around. most malays got very radical mind.

Anonymous said...


aku dengar macam tak jadi je perhimpunan tu. ujan lebat, kang ada yang kena panah petir lak kang!

ikhwan said...

dengar la cakap tun mahathir. dia lebih faham kedudukan sebenar isu ni. dia tahu apa akan jadi kalau pihak terlibat gagal mengambil kira kesan perbuatan mereka.

banyak2 la sabar, wahai orang malaysia. jangan sampai melalut-laut dan memecahbelahkan masyarakat,

mr kudita said...

its getting worse and worse by the day. the chinese are shying away from bn because they think dap can rule the country one day.

lets see to that!

even if it happens, they wont last long

usop sedaka said...

pengarang utusan yang tulis isu ni pun sengaja nak api-apikan sentimen perkauman agaknya.

elok jugak, boleh tengok pertumpahan darah di negara ni... kalau inilah yang diorang nak!

aku boleh bawak keluarga aku lari ke mongolia!

Anonymous said...

kau sebelah siapa ni, bujai? kau ni melayu ke apa?

gula melaka said...

memang silap british kerana bawa masuk diorang ni kat malaya masa tu, pastu letak melayu jauh di pedalaman manakala orang cina di bandar untuk bantu mereka berniaga timah. di singapura pun sama gak masa tu. aku ni tak buta sejarah. walaupun suasana dah berlainan, bangsa lain perlu menilai sikap tolak ansur dan pemurah orang melayu dalam memberi mereka laluan untuk kaya-raya. bila kita bangkit semula untuk tuntut hak, bukan bermakna nak ambil hak bangsa lain tetapi agar langkah lebih berkesan diambil untuk lindungi hak melayu dan naikkan ekonomi mereka. jadi, janganlah salah faham wahai sahabat cina dan india!

jeeva said...

i think najib should step in fast before it explodes before our very own eyes.

his 1malaysia spirit will be much infected by such campaigning, whether they are malays or chinese.

Anonymous said...

history is history, bro. no need to rekindle it as it sucks!

talk about the present era where malays, chinese, indians and others have their own role to develop the country.

history is all about the dead!

Anonymous said...

Actually the older generation chinese are smarter - quietly reap as much wealth as they can and not disrupt the status quo

THAT was the perception of Malays

But now we know they are just bidding time - lky is one clear ICON of the chinese

In the early days - he wore a BLACK SONGKOK to woo for Malay votes - NOW he says the Malays should be strict Muslims as it is hindering integration

Recently yaacob ibrahim wants to "promote" Bahasa Melayu by demoting the status of NATIONAL LANGUAGE to a foreign language

Singapore pumped in funds to promote Mandarin but effectively ignored their national language

so to use the red dot example - the chinese were all along AIMING to wrest control of govt from the Malays - who they regard as "backward"

But as a practical people, they want to obtain wealth first

Their political agenda was never abolished from way back - May 13 is a historical reminder of such ambitions

This time they instigated the indians to join hands to achieve chinese domination in all sectors especially politics

Najib should remove his rose-tinted glasses to accept such FACTS. The MARBC is a great tool to create awareness and to communicate with the govt - Najib has attested to this role

Bloggers have an honourable edge in promoting social responsibilities

The SSS campaign is one proactive movement that can be taken up by ALL bloggers to jolt the govt into action

With a single school system - instilling a national identity is much easier - Najib has to be CONVINCED that SSS is the only viable system for patriotism and harmony

The subject HISTORY has to be given an elevated status - for better understanding among the different races

The content of the constitution MUST also be emphasised to keep it protected - some elements are going for abolishment or at least amendments - again to achive EQUAL status

The bumiputeras must realise that the chinese will NEVER give up their fight for a bigger piece if not all of the political cake, now that they have a monopolistic hold onto the economic cake

The negative reactions from the bumiputeras will be riots as had happened in Indonesia - where the chinese minority were seen to abuse their position

If the BBO - buy bumiputera only is implemented to diminish the chinese wealth - then the chinese will have to accept their reduced wealth

This is entirely possible thru the blogs where chinese ownership can be exposed for boycott by the bumiputeras

paklah and sil (possibly a trojan horse) allowed this "new" voice of the chinese (and hindraf) to be heard - although it is against the constitution, they are gunning for "equality" - which may backfire into a revocation of their citizenships

and of course they were relying on anwar all along to wrest control from dear Tun Dr M - seen as ultra Malay. Now that his star is dim, they might deploy kj in his dwindling political career to provide the last jolt - he seems to be speaking on behalf of the chinese

so the time for Najib and bloggers as well as the rakyat, to take REAL proactive steps is NOW

SSS for starters

Truth Seeker said...

Fatt Choy,
You also tell the Chinese and Indians to respect the Malaysian Constitution in its entirety especially Article 153 and to embrace the Rukunegara also in its entirety especially on 'Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara' .

kowalski said...

tak salah melayu bersatu di bawah satu parti. tapi parti apa?

apa akan jadi pada umno?

batu giling said...

siap nak perang?

pegi lah perang!

aku nak makan nasik je!

drunken sailor said...

some of you people, journo and bloggers are really very inciting.

how could u do this when u know bloody well it could ruin barisan nasional?

Anonymous said...

good idea bro.

lets have a party for each race, like the ones in sabah and sarawak.

we compete in next general election. if the chinese party wins, i hope the malays will accept a chinese prime minister.

Anonymous said...

drunken sailor

the journo and bloggers ARE just creating awareness of the Malaysia Malaysian agenda campaigned by dap

they ARE the ones inciting the chinese to identify as CHINESE more than as Malaysians

stop blaming the bloggers - we value their information/news

you on the other hand should just go on drinking till your liver explodes and sail away to oblivion