Monday, March 14, 2011

When did I accuse Rais?

Friends got me wrong. Some readers too.

When I exposed the 1Malaysia netbook distribution scandal about a month ago, I only wrote about NA, the special officer to Info Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim. Never had I in any posting tried to implicate the minister.

It's all about NA, based on the evidence 'given' to me on February 12. My duty is to report it on this blog. Should NA is guilty, it is the jurisdiction of the MACC because its officials are conducting investigation (which is almost completed, I was told).

Hence, it is not true that my postings are implicating Rais. It is beyond my reach to interfere in MACC investigation although I did provide them with similar evidence on Sunday Feb 20 and to the MCMC on Tuesday Feb 15. What happened after that is not for me to meddle as I was promised a fair investigation.

I am also not certain whether the letters used by NA to influence MCMC bosses to award the contracts to his group were issued and signed by Rais as I did not see it. However, I believe the minister did not... and I hope he had not!

And so, let's leave it to the MACC and let the law takes its own course. Not also too wise to contemplate...


misuari said...


looks like there is a conspiracy among certain quarters to use some bloggers to bring rais and the govt down. this include pro-umno bloggers and journalists who seem to team up with the opposition for that matter.

i dont know how this would help barisan nasional in the next general election, also in sarawak state election.

whatever it is, it doesnt look good. i believe there are more appropriate ways to deal with personal issues. why dont you people do it behind close doors? unless rais of the person involved refuse, then we could go to blogs or newspapers.

kanebo said...

ooppsss... i think i am wrong too... he he.... but because so many peole are also pointing fingers at him. why? because he didnt comment anything about NA. he is protecting him

Anonymous said...

you are a well-balanced person, sir.

bella said...


kau betul. memang sekali pun kau tak hentam dia.

tapi orang ramai suka buat andaian sendiri. tu yang tak eloknya.

sepatutnya sesama islam, kita juga perlu menjaga nama baik serta maruah sesama penganut islam.

kesian gak tok rais

generator said...

dtk jai,

people are good at contemplating. if they see a lorry overturns, they will immediately presume the driver is dead or someone is pinned under.

as for rais, he also takes the bashing just because his officer is suspectedly involved in some wrongdoings at the mcmc.

what to do... its human!

Anonymous said...

protecting him now, huh?

or are u afraid of the consequences, i.e in court?

Anonymous said...


sebagai bos kepada nazri abdullah, dia berdiam diri kerana mungkin dia tak tahu apa yang dilakukan oleh pegawainya itu, atau dia tidak ingin memperbesarkan isu itu kerana ingin membiarkan mcmc dan macc buat siasatan.

aku rasa rais tak bersalah. mungkin dia setakat beri surat sokongan sebagaimana yang dibuat oleh menteri2 lain. dia pun tak tahu 6 syarikat tu milik kumpulan nazri.

jadi, aku rasa cakap kau betul. biarkan siasatan dibuat dan hasilnya akan diketahui

chongsam said...

the question here is - why is he protecting that guy?




Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe he is innocent. It is sure NA playing de role.
But minister & skmm should act fast freeze all company involve . They can't juz sit & wait 4 Macc 2 investigate .

If not ppl will be start blaming dato seri & skmm as counterfeit ' .

bzbody said...


memang pun u tak implicate de minister. from the beginning i follow ur blog u din mention a single word bout the minister.De point is rais & skmm din take any seriiosness of it. no action taken in skmm as well. i dun tionk rais is protecting him but jus din pressure skmm on freezing those comp in investigation.

he is an old politician tat got much respect he wont do tis kind of tink as far as i concern. maybe NA misuse his power in effecting the skmm onli. so pls skmm should take drastice movement to protect themself & the minister as well. dun let tinks go further worsen

Anonymous said...

ye la tu.

kau memang tak tuduh dia tapi ramai komen yang tuduh dia, betul tak?

maknanya, kau sengaja buat macam tu untuk membuka persoalan kepada pembaca untuk menuduh atau tidak

ex-BPR staff said...


when are they going to nab this NA?

cermin gelap said...

saya rasa datuk rais memang ada keluarkan surat sokongan kerana fikir ia bukan syarikat NA.

surat sokongan bukan salah. semua menteri pun buat.

yang salah jika menteri bagi arahan kepada kemneterian dan agensinya agar memberikan sesuatu projek kepada syarikat tertentu.

dalam isu NA dan datuk rais, saya rasa datuk rais tidak sedar beliau dikelentong oleh pegawai khasnya

a blogger too said...

yes, u never accused him of anything but your postings deliberately invites contemplation and speculation.

he he he....

u are damn smart bro! known u for so many years.

Anonymous said...


is it true that datuk rais and u will be meeting soon?

what for?

better dont go! that can be used against u later on if the court calls you should this NA is implicated.

this guy is cunning, u know!

lempeng pisang said...


jangan tuduh sesiapa. hal NA tu memang kau ada bukti. biarlah SPRM dan mahkamah tentukan.

jangan salahkan rais. dia tak mungkin buat sesuatu yang boleh jejas nama baik, politik dan masa depannya

caramel said...

u are smart bro...

he he he.

although u didnt accuse him, u were very insinuating!

Anonymous said...

GROW sum balls lah, JAI. pengecut dan kaki ampoooo, hang serikkkk kah x dpt elaun tiga ribu tuuu. Hang ni kaki duit lahhhh, nampak sgt. Kalu kocek, digoncang, hang teroiii tundok je.

Kawan Bru