Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stop dancing to Anwar's tune!

Anwar is gaining political 'strength' (here) out of the sex video which links him. Why?

1. PM Najib has quashed at Nazri Aziz's earlier statement that the Datuk Trio would be protected under the Official Secret Act (OSA). So, Nazri is making himself looks very stupid, acting on his own and without the PM's consent.

2. Rumors that PM gave his 'full blessing' for Rahim Tamby Chik to expose the video and have a good preview to members of the media, is definitely wrong. Why should Najib do so? The rumors itself provide a morale booster to Anwar.

3. AG Gani Patail's rebuttal that RTC and Gang would be free from any kind of prosecution also adds strength to Anwar (here). As RTC was pinpointed to be the mastermind in the sex video, he can be charged as 'intruding' into someone's personal life, making a clip video out of it, in possession of illicit materials and showing it to the media. As to whether it was really Anwar who 'acted' in the scene, the 'actor' can sue those involved as planning a conspiracy against him.

4. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein too wants a part in it (here). He plans to sue Anwar for accusing him and the police of planning the set up and for supporting RTC and Gang. And a tip off that he will employ TS Cecil Abraham of Zul Rafique for the job is already raising a lot of questions since Abraham 'is a good friend of Anwar'. Suing Anwar too would make the whole government looks like its leaders speak different tones about the issue. I hope bro Hisham will not sue Anwar as all that happened is already backfiring us. Anwar made such an allegation to provoke Hisham. The more we sue him the more political mileage Anwar gets.

So, I think the best way is for every BN leaders, media and bloggers to stop riding the issue. Just let the police conduct proper investigation while the AG office consider appropriate actions to settle it.

In other words, all should SHUT UP! Let Anwar do whatever he likes. Court cases and libel suits are nothing to him.

Its time to separate the men from the boys...


the arbitrator said...


anwar gains political mileage from inconsistent statements issued by BN leaders. it has backfired, true.

if hisham sues him, he will win as that's exactly what he wanted!

montoya said...

ask anwar to tune your ass, stupid politicians!

so many of you wanted to become heroes here but you didnt even know what you said!

actually you people are dancing not only to anwar's tune but to rahim's music!

it was a personal vendetta, nothing else

emas tulen said...

betul bang. nampaknya anwar yang menang daripada pendedahan video seks ni.

KZSO said...

you're definite wrong in these issue. 1. let's hishamuddin sue anwar. teach him a lesson.
2. if definitely rtc and co are in the 'wrong', at least he's exposing anwar's true character should be exposed!

you have to look the bigger picture and real issue on this vc.

by saying this; anyway, let's the police investigate and if need to, set up the royal commission.

Anonymous said...

Semalam semasa duduk di teksi stand, terdengar perbualan seorg apek dengan security guard.
'Itu polis tahan sama saya cakap saya SALAH sebab tak pakai tali pinggang keledar'. Saya cakap sama itu polis'mana boleh cakap saya bukan Hakim..'

pelesit said...

bodohlah kalau hisham nak saman anwar. anwar bukan kecik anak. dia sengaja cabar hisham agar ambil tindakan. jika hisham saman jugak, maknanya hisham dah kalah, kerajaan jugak akan terjejas.

lord draman said...

jai, bro

all parties from the govt side should just ignore the sex vido and stop making speculation and any contemplation about it. this will weaken anwar politically as what he needs is for the govt to come down hard on him. then it will be used as a tool to attract more foreign support for him. suing his will also brings more sympathy towards him. remember, we are facing sarawak state election and most probably the general election later this year. anwar is fast gaining political momentum from the video issue, thanks to rahim and his 2 friends. unless if the govt really wants to be seen as being behind the video, then we should be ready to be bashed up!

melody said...

dsai is not stupid to simply provoke hisham and the police. he is well prepared to be sued as this will boost his politcal image and morale.

the best thing, as u said, is to let him defend himself from the scandal accusation. lets see the outcome later on before considering our action

pelita said...

memang melayu haprak yang makan melayu, makan daging sendiri.

bangsa lain bertepuk tangan di belakang kita, berharap agar melayu berbunuhan sesama sendiri.

lantak korang lah. makin negara maju, melayu makin bangang!

Anonymous said...

mana nak dapat video tu?

kat kedai mamak ada ke?

atau kena tempat kat rahim?

long john silver said...

rahim was lucky. nobody install video during his scandal in the early 90s...

Anonymous said...

kesian wan azizah dan keluarga...

bila lagi la si anwar ni nak sedor.

tiongnam said...

hisham should join the boys team. he is not that matured to detect anwar's ill intention.

i think he got a pool of boys as his advisers.

poor him!

Anonymous said...

aku dengar memang pm endorse rahim dedahkan video seks tu. kenapa?

lepas tu, kenapa tiba2 je kata rahim dan co tak boleh dilindungi di bawah osa?

pelik la diorang ni!

light cargo said...

i personally believe anwar is trying to divert attention towards his court case.

rahim is actually hiving him a good hand!

Anonymous said...

I have always believes that Anwar Ibrahim is a victim of UMNO's quest to survive to further plunder the rakyat and Malaysia's wealth.
But they underestimated YAB Anwar fighting spirit and YABhg Wan Azizah loyalty and love for his wife.
The Datok T episode is a desperate and stupid attempt by UMNO to demoralise ANwar and the PKR.
The Tamby boy only made YAB Anwar stronger.

ex-SMSJ Johor.