Thursday, March 31, 2011

NATO uses depleted uranium bombs on Libya: The world must protest!

“An unacceptable threat to life and a violation of international law” – that’s how the United States’ former Justice Secretary Ramsey Clark slammed the use of depleted uranium weapons on Libya.

The United States first used depleted uranium bombs during the military invasion of Iraq in 1991. Apparently pleased with the debut, the Americans pounded them on Yugoslavia nine years later. These days, world news media have been awash with reports that NATO is using depleted uranium bombs against Libya.

Leaving aside the legal and moral aspect of the attacks, a question arises: can’t NATO crush Colonel Gaddafi’s Armed Forces without radioactive exposure?

Shells, bombs and cruise missiles stuffed with depleted uranium easily pierce through thick and heavy armor. That’s why the American military value them so much. According to political research centers in Germany, about 300 radioactive shells were fired at Saddam Hussein’s troops from the air and from the ground during the first campaign, launched in 1991. Twenty-one US tanks were hit by mistake.

The consequences were not slow to arrive. In 2003, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported a rise in cancer diseases in five provinces in southern Iraq. Air, water and soil were contaminated with radiation. Leukemia south of Baghdad assumed epidemic proportions. By 2009, cancer rates grew to thousands of new cases per year.

The uranium filling boomeranged on NATO troops. In the densely populated Yugoslavia, leukemia symptoms were particularly extensive with radiation levels 10 to 1,000 times above normal. More than 250 Italian soldiers died from cancer-related diseases. As for civilians, here’s just one example. Leukemia rates among new-born babies in former Yugoslavia have soared from one per 1,000 prior to NATO’s uranium attacks to between 10 and 15 per 1,000 now.

Is there any point in using radioactive shells in Libya? Can’t NATO manage without them?

There is absolutely no point in that. It could be that the Americans have something to test, considering the tasks they need to fulfill. But how does all that fit in with the UN resolution on Libya?

At present, there is absolutely no need in using such kind of shells. Although the quantity of uranium is small, radioactive shrapnel, when penetrating into a human body, creates big problems for the treatment of the wounded.

The aim of the UN resolution on a no-fly zone over Libya, which took shape before our very eyes, is formulated very precisely: not just shutting the air space but protecting civilians. Nothing beyond that. No one authorised NATO to fight on the side of one warring faction against the other, let alone use depleted uranium shells.

Even if these shells explode in a desert far from residential areas, for many Libyans this is a postponed death sentence. The same happened in Iraq where depleted uranium bombs were also used in a desert. A brief look at cancer statistics in Iraq and former Yugoslavia is enough to imagine what awaits Libyans in the near future.


POW said...

what d fuck are the americans and nato intefering in libya's domestic affairs?

they didnt even get approval from the united nations for the attacks.

barack obama too must be dragged to the war tribunal! son of a bitch!

masih di BH said...

jai, u have been there.

gaddafi is a dictator... a real one!

usop sedaka said...

libya akan terima nasib yang sama seperti iraq dan afghanistan. serangan dibuat bukan saja untuk membunuh ghaddafi, malah menguasai ekonomi libya yang kaya dengan sumber minyak dan gas asli. inilah dasar luar barack obama sekarang, yang tidak ada bezanya dengan bush dahulu.

omar king said...

i dont think nato is there to stay. they mission is to protect the rebels and outs gaddafi for good. then, its up to the libyans to decide their future

anti-war said...



budak sekolah said...

bang, bawak je gadafi ke malaysia ni, suruh ternak kambing

OTC said...

obama sama macam bush dan blair.

manusia haram jadah. kalau dia mati, aku nak buat jamban atas kubur dia.


cardilac said...

we are helpless bro.

the world is helpless

the UN is helpless too.

what can we do rather than extending sympathy to the people of libya and condemning the use of such bombs?

muammar gaddari himself once suggested for the UN to be shifted to a neutral ground.

this is what happens when we let the US controls the world body

fatt choy said...

down with nato!

down with zionist!

down with the americans!

go to hell OBAMA!

al-najef, KL said...

inilah akibatnya bila orang islam tidak bersatu, berpuak-puak dan berpecah belah.

ini amaran daripada Allah!

Anonymous said...

US and NATO or any organisation for that matter shouldn't meddle with Libya's internal affair or any country's affair. Let the Libyan people deal with their own problems. Ban Kim Moon is a US puppet, US intervention is about controlling of the oil supply and world domination and Obama is distracting US citizens from US acute domestic problems. Hillary Clinton , just stay home.

nasi dan kicap said...

obama ni memang pukimak, bro.

gua klu jumpa dia, gua bakar je rambut dia.

gadafi pun satu hal gak, dah lama jadi ketua, bagi la orang lain lak. ni pun nak kena sekeh ni

KT mok said...

jai, stay with foreign news. u are damn good about it. leave local politics to the asshole bloggers!

tamboo said...

have our wisma putra issued any statement on this?

an observer said...

the use of such weapons, including cynide is prohibited under the convention or war. US and nato should observe it before using it in libya, iraq and other parts of the world. attacking another country is already against the norms

temper said...

obama dan sekutunya memang setan gila babi, haram jadah, sundal, anak haram, pukimak dia bernanah!

al-munajat said...

ya Allah ya Tuhanku,

jatuhkanlah bala ke atas amerika dan sekutunya dalam Nato. biarlah mereka menderita akibat perbuatan mereka sendiri. lindungilah manusia, terutama umat islam yang tertindas di mana2... Amin!

Anonymous said...

the international community is just looking and sitting on it. even our govt refuses comment

vinnan said...

When you Qaddafi divide and rule your country along clan, tribe, race and religious lines you have no one to blame but yourself when some out side power literally cut your country into two. UMNO keeps persecuting the Christians and one day you will find Sabah and Sarawak being forcibly partitioned by some outside power. Oppress your people in the name of any sort of 'Ketuanan' and one day it WILL come back to haunt you.