Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Minister and his toothache

Mr Minister, we were supposed to have lunch on Monday, right? Your officials from various agencies called me, a few even came over to my house to make the arrangements. I spent most hours of my weekend attending to your officers, from one place to another.

They said it would be better off if we meet up to clarify things and to clear the air. I agreed, and I dont deny they make good peace-brokers.

So, came Monday. Your officers called to inform that you could not make it because your were having a toothache. What was wrong? Your gum... or your decaying tooth? Still, its okay.

Then it was deferred to Tuesday, and then Wednesday. No calls yesterday although I have to skip my busy schedules for the past two days. Suddenly, everything was quiet.

I guess it would be fine if we call it off. Even your Sec-Gen wanted to see me too but I guess he didnt mean it at all. I know you are very busy too, sir. Go on with your good work for the people and the country.

On my part, I will continue with mine. I will unearth what the public should know more about who, what, when and how at your ministry, other ministries and the agencies. We have to be fair to the taxpayers, and they deserve to know what had and is going on.

The more I discover, the more info they will get.

For the time being, let us attend to what we need to do. No point seeing me, actually. I am nobody. However, I am not humble. Italian proverb - "dont be humble; you are not the greatest!"


Anonymous said...

Advice to you:
'Apa kau ingat dia kisah'

Anonymous said...

Just Read, it is common happening in Ministry you refer to - to cancel last minute - minister and ksu they feel no guilt if they keep 250 people waiting and cancelling - no apology. So what is there with you , one person only. To make sure people have perception they are working , for one silly function , all senior officers must show face , be present and waste time bec not related to their work. If not present you will be verbally mutilated at every meeting. Your life is useless from then on bec the minister and his ksu are vengeful. So consider yourself not having a life after this!

IN that case can you please remind and advise rtm, to buck up, now , and keep us informed intellgently. We hate americans and cnn for invading our lives and monopilise info in new media. Now with the nuclear crisis in Japan, we hear nothing from govt media like RTM , no assuarance , no explaination, no alert, no proper warning and info for public. How will the extremely high radiation affect us , our food and import from japan, our environment, our health? We have to depend on cnn and aljazeera. What about the kampung folks, the villages near the shores towards pacific ocean?

Come on please ask rtm to buck up, this is a serious human and environment disaster about to happen and we are just 5 hours away from the wind bringing the extremely high radio active to our shores. We want rtm , the health minsitry, environment ministry to play a bigger , positive, active and intelligent role here. Update us from what our own nuclear agency have to say and advise. Dont let minsiter say rubbish and keep us stupid.

mat gombau said...

waaarrghhh harrghhh hah!

bukan main lagi kau mengusik ni, jai. goli ati den baco pagi2 buto ni.

takpo lah. kau sibuk, dio pun sibuk tapi den pecayo tak lamo laie koghang bejumpo jugak.

ni untuk kebaikan, untuk melayu dan untuk perpaduan. silaturahim pun kono jago. masalah kocik kono setelkan, jangan simpan dalam ati.

den ni lagi lak nobody.... bini pun dah takdo!

cannonball said...

hello mr nobody.

u are damn rite. just attend to our respective duties and concentrate.

what's d point of meeting miisters anyway? they dont give u anything. on the other hand, they want something from u.... your support

Anonymous said...

who, jai?


stereotype said...


most ministers dont have time for lunch.... they only take supper!

orang minyak said...

siapa menteri tu, bro?

biar aku agak. datuk hisham ke?

jangan haraplah. dia memang macam tu, mudah lupa. kadang2 dah betul2 janji pun, kencing jugak.

soal ksu dia mahmud adam tu, aku tak biasalah tapi dengar2 kontrak dia sambung lagi setahun. tak best betul!

genetic said...

i know u and hisham got very, very old issue since both of u became friends during his tenure at miti.

dont tell me u havent square up things with him.

anyway, my advise - dont get too close to him! he will forget u more easily should u come any closer. kah kah

Anonymous said...

sakit gigi?

menteri mana yang selalu sakit gigi ni?

kelakar betul la apa yang kau tulis ni. tapi kalau aku sakit gigi pun, aku memang tak boleh jmpa sapa2 bro. kau tak tau macam mana seksanya bila sakit gigi ni.

backpipe said...


i dont like u making fun of toothache.

i am having one, and u dont know how painful it is!


alex SP said...

i think i know who the minister is! a soft who doesnt know how and when to act on home matters!

he is such a character!

mr kudita said...


dont waste any single minute with ministers. they are politicians. having lunch and appt of any sort wont give u anything.

also, never trust what politicians say. they are born to lie!

yob lekior said...

sakit gigi memang menyeksakan, jai.

so, jangan marah kepada orang sakit gigi jika batal atau tunda meeting.

kalau akulah tengah sakit gigi, dan tetiba kau datang marah2, memang nahas kau! heh heh

Anonymous said...

so common already.... excuse and reasons.... delay and defer.... thats what politicians are good at!

paku payung said...





gedangsa said...

gua tau bro.

rais yatim!

apsal tetiba je korang nak berbaik-baik ni?

takyah la. nanti kau stop tulis pasal skandal diorang lagi. tak best dah jadinya nanti

moon keramat said...

biasa le. skip lunch, tangguh meeting, tunda mesyuarat.

kadang2 janji jam 10, dia yang beriya-iya suruh datang jam 10. bila kita sampai je,dia suruh kita nanti sejam dua sebab ada orang lain nak jmpa dia dulu.

last2 kita balik terkucil!

Anonymous said...

padan muka lu!

gua dah cakap, jangan mengada-ngada nak dekat2 dengan mana2 menteri pun!

voguelove said...

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Anonymous said...

kalu rocky misti depa jumpe. BRU

Anonymous said...

rais, right?

he likes to kencing people one!