Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hisham a 'darling' in Merlimau

For the first time ever, I followed Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's a-day visit to Merlimau today. He was a 'darling' to almost everyone whom he met and shook hands with. The ministry's 'Meeting the Customers' Day' was ovewhelmed by about 2,000 Rela members and BN party workers for the by-election.

Chief Minister Ali Rustam was there together with Hisham's deputy Abu Seman, few state assemblymen and leaders of BN component parties.

I personally believe Hisham is getting better in the sense that he is more considerate and willing to listen to others, including those who serve him at the ministry. And thanks to him for extending the 'pay your police summons' until March 10.

His presence drew much attention, notably from the Merlimau people who met him eye-to-eye for the first time. He even visited a disabled policeman outside his fixed programmes at his house, spent about 20 minutes and help painted its wall.

I personally would like to see Hisham attending to the rakyat more often, consider advises given by his buddies at the ministry... and of course by bloggers and media. Also, more Umno and BN leaders should spend more time outside their busy daily routine to meet the people, including those not in their constituency.

What Hisham did in the day brought positive impact to the party and the voters. The Opposition did not try to disrupt the event like what happened in a few previous by-elections, especially Bukit Gantang, Manek Urai and Galas. In fact, some Opposition supporters were seen trying to come closer to the event center but were 'too shy' to enter.

Even in his speech, Hisham did not launch any strong attacks on the Opposition. Instead, he only said they (Pakatan Rakyat) was becoming weak, especially in Merlimau. I have to agree.

Generally, the Opposition in Merlimau are not going all out as they dont have much confidence in winning the seat on March 6 polling. The attention given by some Federal ministers is a sign that the government really cares for the well-being of the rakyat.

The feedback I got also does not favor the Opposition thus far. Their campaigns failed to attract audience as compared to the ones by BN. The general perception in Merlimau is that, Pas is contesting for the sake of participating in the by-election.


salim benut said...

not sure la bro. hisham is unpredictable. sometimes he is ok, sometimes not and sometimes he just sucks!

however, the home minister portfolio is the toughest to handle. i dont think najib can manage.

hisham got to improve his attitude if he wants to got higher in local politics.

i used to be very close to him some years ago. his only bad side is he tends to forget his friends

punggok said...


ampu ke?

heh heh heh...

memang kau ni sengaja buat lawak!

ex-MITI said...

he is ok in the public.

u should know him better, jai. u have known him long enough.

my advise - be careful with him!

FULAT said...

kau tgh buang tebiat ke?

semalam kau puji rais, hari ni puji hisham lak.

berapa diorang bayar kau, bro?

jangan buat aku tergelak laaa.. tolong!!!

Anonymous said...


uweekkkk!!! lu buat gua muntah, siot!

hisham bagi lu apa?

goh said...

its a by-election gimmick, bro. so, its normal for any minister to show their 'care' towards anybody...

kani said...

hisham was acting lor. he is not that nice actually.

dont fall into his smile trap

Anonymous said...

merlimau folks are happy not because hisham's visit but the reality that bn will win... with or without him!

simple calculation also u dont know ka?

who is this hisham anyway?

veteran said...

memang hisham patut mengubah sikapnya yang angkuh dan tidak mahu terima nasihat orang lain, jika ingin terus mempertahankan kedudukannya dalam politik.

allahyarham bapanya ialah seorang yang mudah didampingi dan memenangi hati semua kaum.

hisham perlu memiliki penasihat dan pegawai yang mampu membantunya memperkukuhkan keterampilannya dan dia sendiri tidak perlu membuat keputusan tergopoh-gapah di KDN.

memang tugas KDN amat mencabar tetapi dia mempunyai pasukan yang cukup mantap untuk meringankan beban kerjanya.

masalahnya, hisham seperti tidak percayakan dua timbalan dan pegawai kanannya apabila menguruskan sendiri hampir semua urusan kementerian.

nasi dan kicap said...

woi bro.

tetiba je angkat menteri amaran dalam negeri ni, ikut lawatan dia pulak. apa agenda kau sebenarnya?

Anonymous said...

yes, he was a darling during the by-election campaign.

once polling is over, he will be a 'lost icon'

a mirror said...

i was there too. he was ok, improving in his PR.

however, i heard some of his officers and staffs found it difficult to serve his ego and pride.

i still think he is a good actor

Anonymous said...

hello jai,

since your ordeal with macc regarding your expose of shenanigans by rais special officer, your postings have tended to be more pro government.

Attention given by federal ministers are because of the coming election. What were these ministers doing since the last GE. This has been the scenario/modus operandi for the BN whereby "shock and awe" tactics bombarded for areas where elections are held. If you are going to congratulate the ruling government for doing what they should be doing as the government then something must not be right.

Would like to see you back to your normal critical self for both government and opposition mps and policies.

Anonymous said...

Hisham??? Pelakon terbaik Malaysia...cita-cita nak ganti sepupu dia sebagai PM selepas Muhyiddin..tu yang kena PR dari sekarang..tu sah aku tahu...