Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It has been over a decade since the establishment of the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy (Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan or ASWARA) near Padang Merbok, KL. It objective is to produce creative performers, to nurture artistic talent and develop leaders in local arts.

In fact, ASWARA is the only institute of higher learning in Malaysia that provides formal training courses in the arts, culture and heritage to Malaysians.

It plays a sentimental role in giving birthto future scholars, thinkers, writers, motivators and artists who are knowledgeable, professional, resilient and highly capable. The government's effort, especially the Ministry of Information, Communication and Heritage is already paying off.

In tandem with our vision to emerge as a developed nation by the year 2020, education in the arts, culture and heritage is also an important part of the agenda to develop the country. Its is our diversified culture that mends our 'bangsa Malaysia' together.

I have been to ASWARA many times, especially to watch their shows and performances. The students got superb talent. I remember PM Najib was there to watch a show about Tun Razak while former PM Tun Dr Mahathir was there for another show.

Undoubtedly ASWARA has made many great advancements but the government, notably the ministry seem to be neglecting it in some aspects.

ASWARA makes us proud because it is another 'Berkeley' in the country. However, it is sad to note that the academy is being mistreated. I dont know what Datuk Rais Yatim or Sec-Gen Datuk Kamaruddin got to say about this. ASWARA is being treated as a third-class academy despite offering diplomas in about 15 disciplines.

There are about 800 students, only a few of whom stay in the hostel. The rest has to find houses or rooms elsewhere.

About 70 per cent of its students came from Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan and other States. They are 'kampung' boys and girls who are willing to go against all odds to attain their dream of becoming professional musicians, singers, orchestra conductors, film producers, choreographers, dancers, etc.

But their welfare is not being taken care off. They are not eligible for a single sen of our PTPTN study loan. Why? Are ASWARA certs and diplomas not recognised by the government and its agencies? Why didnt the ministry do anything about it?

The fees are not cheap either. Most students from the rural areas are poor, so poor that they sometimes have to share or skip meals! Of course, they dont expect much from their parents. They are like beggars when it come to utility and daily needs.

Sorry to say, this 'poor' condition has led to an alarming social problem among some of them, especially those without a place in the hostel. They are forced to to 'anything' for survival, to pay rentals, transportation, meals, mobile phones and others.

Some parents say ASWARA is turning into an ASMARA. I agree!

I hope Rais and his officials take a deeper look into this problem. It belongs to the government. If we cant take care of it, especially the students' welfare, better close it for good. Do not turn the students into destitute and prostitutes.

Unless we want to see sex videos being produced by some of them!


waspada said...

sdr jai,

saya juga dah dengar mengenai masalah sosial segelintir pelajar aswara, terutama yang datang dari sabah dan sarawak ni.

jumlah tempat di hostel amat terhad, khabarnya. yang menyewa di luar kena kongsi ramai2, adakalanya 8 orang sebilik. nak sewa rumah memang tak mampu.

anak saudara saya sendiri belajar di sana dan terpaksa sewa bilik dengan rakan2. nak tumpang di rumah saya, agak jauh untuk dia ke kolej kerana saya tinggal di sg buloh.

bagaimanapun, ada berita aswara sedang buat kampus baru di padang merbok, harap2 ada asrama tambahan yang mampu tampung pelajar dari luar kl.

benar, kita tak mau wujudnya gejala sosial di kalangan mereka. tapi adakalanya kita akan bertanya - apa daya untuk kita membantu dan apa ikhtiar pelajar terbabit untuk hidup?

waterloo said...

sex video?


waaahhhh laaaa....

sure good ones!

but... pls dont lar. the govt should address this issue. pity our young boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

i am not aware that they dont get ptptn loan.

why such a gap? i thought aswara standard has been elevated to a university.

what went wrong, rais?

Anonymous said...

the minister, his sec-gen, their officials and aswara management are useless lots!

saleeh kebas said...

suruh je pelajar pempuan jumpa bos2 kat angkasapuri, yang lelaki gi kat anwar ibrahim.

habis cerita!

susah sangat ke nak uruskan PTPTN untk diorang tu?

akademi apa tanpa pinjaman pendidikan?

don juan said...

just let the rich enroll aswara. after all, aswara is only good at collecting fees!

panas baran said...


the ministry is only good at theories. in practical, they are really HAMPEH!

what's d point of setting up a university, college of academy without loan study?


siti umbrella said...

jai, memang betul. kesian tgk budak2 tu. time makan, beli nasik dengan sayur je. tu pun mahal. cuba check harga makanan kat kantin aswara. makanan banduan lagi elok!

Anonymous said...

ok laaa... our next generation will be experts in pornography and illicit materials. good money, right?

underworld said...

ksu himself is embroiled in scandals at rtm bro. thats why he did nothing to help aswara student.

btw, is it true he got another year? what a waste!

pokok getah tua said...

dah lama dah masalah ni. dari dulu lagi takda usaha dibuat untuk ikat ptptn dengan aswara.

mungkin ptptn tak iktiraf aswara agaknya atau kementerian tak pernah usahakan langsung.

mana perginya budi bicara diorang ni? takkan nak biarkan pelajar kita melacur untuk sesuap nasi??!!!!

pakai la akal sikit oiiiii!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for highlighting it, sir.

if that's the case, i wont allow my daughter to enroll at aswara.


nazareth said...

then, better change its name to asmara.

why in the hell dont ptptn give out study loan to aswara students?

ptptn should cover all IPTA and IPTS. what is aswara then? a place to train AYAM?

zee zee, sg siput said...

macam mana budak2 tu nak belajar kalau perut kosong, sewa rumah dan bil tak berbayar, buku rujukan takda.... ni semua menggalakkan mereka buat benda negatif.

dalam islam pun ada sebut - kemiskinan boleh memurtadkan seseorang!

Anonymous said...

masya-allah! betul ke apa yang tuan tulis ni?

kalau betul, elok behentikan saja budak2 tu. jangan buang masa.

lim brady said...

this is a strange case. no study loan for an academy-cum-public college.

there must be reasons why ptptn refused to collaborate with aswara.

i think the minister should know, the govt should know and the peoples must know

Anonymous said...

senang je.

lepas ni jangan sesiapa pun hantar anak belajar kat aswara.

silap2 jadi producer blue filem pulak bila dah pas kelak. tak ke haru dibuatnya nanti!

kahar said...


saya dengar tenaga pengajarnya pun tak cukup. ramai artis diambil secara rambang untuk ajar pelbagai subjek. gelaran artis bukannya pasport untuk jadi pensyarah kat situ.

kenapa sampai macam ni? ada bidang yang tak cukup tenaga pengajar pulak tu. kalau ada pun takda kualiti.

kenapa dibiarkan hal ni berterusan? kementerian macam melepaskan batuk di tangga je dalam menangani masalah di aswara... atau menteri sendiri pun tak tahu wujudnya masalah ni sebab pihak pengurusan aswara cuma beri laporan yang baik pada rais.

eok bukak kilang belacan je kat tapak aswara sekarang ni!

a father said...


good thing u brought up this issue. i have been getting lots of complaints about the academy and the lack of basic necessities for the students. after more than 10 years, they still are not entitled for study loans. why? because the ministry and the people in charge are sleeping on it. so, how do we expect parents would send their kids to study there, mostly the poor? i am also concern for the bad image on some students who are left to no choice but to become 'escorts' to survive. we cant deny this fact, even the ministry cannot deny this if they conduct thorough investigation. as u said, aswara is suppose to be our berkeley-like academy for malaysians and perhaps for foreign students keen to take up the courses there. they got good and beautiful building, a prime location and a fantastic environment. somehow, the students welfare is being neglected. what can most of them do without study loan? pls check how many left the academy just like that for financial reasons....

boy aswara said...

bunyi je gah... tapi orang atas buat endah tak endah. diorang tau tak ramai pelajar kena gugur sebab tak bayar yuran?

terima kasih tuan kerana menulis mengenai perkara ini.

Anonymous said...

Rasanya ASWARA masih belum dapat sepenuhnya pengiktirafan MQVA. Bagi kursus yang dah dapat pengiktirafan , mahasiswa boleh dapatkan PTPTN loan. Tolong semak facta anda Jai. writing a piece without proper research, not only makes you look stupid but also confirmed that you have lost your journo touch..

Anonymous said...

Bro siasat ada antara tutor disana yang membawa pengaruh pembangkang

Anonymous said...

sdr jai,

Has your daughter completed her
study at ASWARA yet?

عمدة كافيه said...


john brown said...

aswara tidak tertakluk di bawah Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti (AUKU)seperti mana IPTA/IPTS. oleh yang demikian, para pelajarnya tidak layak untuk membuat pinjaman PTPTN. aswara hanyalah sebuah akademi pengajian di bawah KPKK, sama seperti maktab kerjasama malaysia di bawah kem.perdagangan dalam negeri dan ehwal pengguna. pergilah check di maktab kerjasama tu, apakah pelajar mereka menerima pinjaman PTPTN. kalau di maktab kerjasama tu, pandai2lah cari sponsor. begitu juga kalau nak masuk aswara,pandai2lah cari sponsor! pelajar aswara janganlah bersungut bila tak dapat PTPTN. mungkin kpkk ada caranya tersendiri untuk membantu mereka.gunalah saluran yang betul untuk meluahkan kesukaran mereka kepada kpkk.

Anonymous said...

saya setuju dgn john brown...kalau dah tau yuran mahal ke x mampu ker..sebelum masuk sini sediakan la duit tu awal2 dan cukup2...x payh la nk berhutang...bak kata org.."sediakan payung sebelum hujan"

Anonymous said...

There's friction between ministry, its purely political. ASWARA is under Rais which explains why they seems to be havin a lot of problems since they do not want to be under the MInistry of Higher Education.

Politic. Pity its the people that is stuck in between

.ejat. said...

aswara sekarang sudah dapat pengiktirafan MQA tapi tidak kesemuanya jurusan yang menerima lagi,tentang pinjaman tu jugak menjadi masalah.

Anonymous said...

yup, itu mesti di selesaikan.tapi sy ingin memberi jalan yg lebih baik dr itu..knp seni itu perlu di letakkan harga yg tinggi bila mau mempelajarinya?Yg penting adalah hasilnya.Hasil yg baik itulah ganjaran atau profit ASWARA dan NEGARA.Bekeley ke atau tidak, yg penting hasilnya.Saya mahu lihat ada tak artis2 yg hebat2 terhasil dari ASWARA, maksud hebat itu sepertinya P.RAMLEE,AHMAD NAWAB dsbgnya..kalau setakat hasilnya untuk cari makan sahaja sy rasa belum benar2 namanya Institusi Seni.Kerana seniman2 dan seniwati adalah wira bangsa dan negara, penegak dan pelestari imej maruah sesuatu bangsa dan negara.Jadi karya itu penting dihasilkan yg agung demi seni tanahair.Saya rasa ini perlu di awalkan dgn memahami apa itu seni dan apa yg bukan seni.Pelajar seni dan kerajaan menetukan nasib generasi akan datang.Apa kah itu seni?Kalau hasilnya bukannya ini atau menuju kpd ini, belumlah berjaya namanya...

Anonymous said...

Seni - Mempunyai sesuatu yang baru untuk diberitahu,anda mesti menjalani kehidupan,anda mesti merasakan semua hal,anda mesti mengasuh diri anda dengan idea- idea baru agar supaya sesuatu karya itu tidak menjadi satu pengulangan idea yang sama terhadap karya yang anda telah cipta terlebih dahulu.Seperti untuk mengatakan sesuatu yang baru,untuk mencipta sesuatu yang menimbulkan kejutan,untuk membolehkan seniman menikmatinya secara tersendiri dan mempunyai sesuatu yang baru untuk dipelajari atau untuk merasakan sesuatu dari hasil karyanya. - Rasa kelaparan adalah selalu insentif atau pemangkin daya semangat yang penting dalam membina seseorang menjadi lebih matang.Terdapat ramai seniman kini menyombongkan diri bahwa mereka sudah mendapat tempat yang terbaik di tahap mana mereka berada sekarang tanpa perlu adanya rasa kelaparan,tetapi seseorang itu akan mendapat banyak faedah yang berguna terima kasih kepada rasa kelaparan, karena jika anda dilahirkan dengan perut yang sentiasa kenyang anda akan mempunyai lebih sedikit insentif. - Bagi pendapat beberapa orang ia adalah cara yang kompleks untuk mengekspresikan hal yang mudah,bagi orang lain pula ianya adalah cara yang mudah untuk mengekspresikan hal yang kompleks. - Akal logika manusia adalah terbatas kerana ia bergantung pada kecekapan intelektual anda.Akan tetapi imajinasi tidak mempunyai batas,dan kadang-kadang imajinasi manusia punya kapisitas untuk mengatasi akal logika. -Adakalanya dengan kita tidak mengetahui teori seni adalah seperti tidak mengetahui tentang akal logika,teknik;tetapi tahap ketidaksedaran,melalukan ia secara serba ketidaktahuan dapat membuatkan anda 'terbang' lebih tinggi atau paling kurang,memaksa perasaan jiwa anda terus terbang dan mendarat di tempat di mana akal logika tidak akan sampai untuk mendarat.

Anonymous said...

ASMARA? bkn kt ASWARA je bdk2 boleh berasmara....kat Uni n kolej lain boleh je nk berasmara.....alhamdulillah belom pernah dengar lagi pelajar aswara terberanak kat toilet dan buang anak tu dalam lubang jamban atau kes bunuh diri akibat x lulus periksa atau putus cinta dgn terjun dari tingkat atas sekali bangunan bentuk rebana tu....kuikuikui..

Amarafura said...
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