Wednesday, February 23, 2011

US must stay out of Middle East revolts

In his e-mail, my journo friend Romy Trinidad of the Manila Chronicles wrote from Muscat that the Americans should step in fast to safeguard its and allies' interest in the region. As more countries - with China in the probable lineup - facing the 'uprising', Washington has a big role to play in ensuring the transition of power is carried out smoothly.

My immediate answer to him is: "Sorry bro, I beg to differ!" And so, I sent him a reply:

"This assumption is incorrect and ignorant. People in the United States want to assume they are the center of the universe, and act as overbearing parents to every other nation in the world. They take this responsibility in many situations because they cannot stay out of others' business.

"If their help is asked for, then assistance can be considered. Otherwise, they need to stay out of the Middle East and China if these countries continue to revolt. They are grown-ups and can handle change if they seek it. These changes are their doing, and the US had nothing to do with it — the US needs to leave them alone unless they ask for its help. Only then will any form of responsibility fall on the US.

"China's revolution, if it continues to exist, is going on the same path as the Middle Eastern countries fighting for rights. It would appear Tunisia set off a powder keg. All repressed citizens who have seen change can happen, and finally have the courage to step up and take their lives into their own hands.

"This, despite what some may believe, is something that has been waiting and needing to happen for quite some time.

"No one deserves to live a life less than satisfactory, and many countries do not have the freedom like what they have in the US. Even though some do not want this level of freedom, if others do no one has the right to deny it to them.

"It has also been said because of these revolutions it will become the US's responsibility to provide funding and military support to those countries revolting, especially considering statements made by President Barack Obama that encourage Egyptians to take what they want.

"Wrong. Egypt belongs to the Egyptians, Bahrain belongs to the its people while Libya belongs to Libyans. They dont belong to the US. Not even Obama can claim any part of them as being an American interest.

"So, let them settle their domestic problems. After all, they are not attacking their neighbors. We can only hope for the best. I am convinced that any new leader would look forward to maintaining good relations with the US and other countries, including Malaysia. For us to tell them what and how to do, is not right..."

Carry on with your reporting bro. I always follow your reports.


ombudsman said...

wah lannn...

a good one bro. i believe u can make a good diplomat if anifah is looking for one! he he.

but seriously, your answer is of international class. i dont think anifah can come up with such a statement.

btw, merlimau or kerdau?

stereotype said...

u got to understand. the filipinos are so proud of being associated with the americans rather with asean. such a call is always their catchline.

temper said...

saya rasa amerika lebih suka bagi senjata kat orang arab yang tengah bertelagah ni.

biar diorang berbunuhan sesama sendiri, biar semua mampus.

lepas tu, amerika boleh masuk rampas segala kekayaan mereka, terutamanya minyak.

ini memang rancangan diorang! anak haram punya amerika!

Anonymous said...

tell that to obama, bro!

igloo said...

i agree with OMBUDSMAN, u can be a good diplomat.

our diplomats nowadays are a bunch of useless and empty-minded.

gone are the days when we have a lot of pride in the likes of tan sri razali ismail, hasmy agam.

even pak lah and king ghaz were good as foreign ministers then.

khalifah said...

israel pun tak senang ati bila hosni mubarak letak jawatan. israel dan mesir sign perjanjian damai kem david, ketika itu dengan presiden anwar sadat pada 1979.

israel akui kekuatan mesir dan hubungannya dengan dunia arab. kalau pemimpin baru mesir nanti tarik diri daripada perjanjian tu, maknanya israel dah takda kawan di kalangan blok arab.

silap2 gaya, boleh tercetus perang arab dengan israel sekali lagi seperti tahun 1967.

jika berlaku perang kali ini, israel akan lebih tertekan kerana kekuatan mesir dan dunia arab mampu menenggelamkan negara yahudi tu.

Anonymous said...

the americans are only worried over oil... and oil....and oil.

no matter how many millions arab die, their only concern is oil!

budak sekolah said...

harap2 jangan merebak ke malaysia dan rantau ni je, bang. susah nanti.

biol said...




anti-US said...


fuck with the americans la. they think they own the world.

they should look and attend to their domestic problems first before interfering in others.

their blacks are still treated as second class citizen, their bastards are multiplying, many people are still living in poverty, millions are still jobless....

so, waddefuck they want to meddle in other people's affairs?!

Anonymous said...

obama is a pondan, no balls to talk sense to the arabs about arab-israel conflict, leaving it to mrs clinton who lost her clit in jakarta!

yessir said...


three countries in the middle east can at anytime match the military might of israel. they are egypt, turkey and iran. this three is enough to bring down the whole zionist regime without any assistance from the rest of arab and muslim world. that is why israel and the americans are watching with full interest the events taking place in the middle east now, i mean the revolts.

should egypt and turkey (as iran is already anti-US) adopt the same reversible policy against the US, the a catastrophe is awaiting the region.

the US and israel alone cannot match this three nations capability. if libya, syria and saudi join forces, then it will the start of third world war.

zeep said...


lu elok jadi menteri luar je. nanti gua cadang kat najib buat lu jadi senator, pastu jadi FM.

lu memang cun, siot! nampak gila tapi lu punya ilmu antarabangsa memang baik punya!