Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Special officer NA is Rais' 'pet'?

Confirmed! The number of 1Malaysia netbook given to 6 companies belong to-and related to Datuk Rais Yatim's special officer is 135,842 units, as stated in my earlier posting. The figure is compatible with that of the MCMC.

Furthermore, this guy is Rais' favourite or closest (his pet?), according to ministry and MCMC sources. NA has been making frequent visits to the MCMC in Cyberjaya over the past few months after the government announced the distribution of the netbook throughout the country.

Out of 25 companies shortlisted as distributors for 349,000 netbooks (my earlier posting put it at 349,732), his and friends' companies got almost half of it.

Breakdowns for the six companies are:

1. Juang Jaya Sdn Bhd 23,850 units
2. CQ Communications 26,277
3. Tirai Jitu (M) Sdn Bhd 10,220
4. Creative Century Management 27,142
5. Esmartpay Solutions SB 23,906
6. Dynasty IT Service Sdn Bhd 24,447

There is no need for me to reveal the full list as our concern is more towards the six.

Now, I was told that Rais has denied any involvement in it, and that he never issued any letter of recommendation, directive or desk memo instruction to NA to be made as 'a passport' to influence MCMC's decision making.

A friend at the Info Ministry also called me today that this NA wanted to see me.

Anyway, I will be at the MACC next week...


dorm 7 said...

that's a whopping rm100m bro. he is richer than his boss!

Anonymous said...

if he is rais pet, then we got the answer already.

so, no need for rais to deny any involvement, unless he can proof that the letters were not his!

Anonymous said...

No 3 and 4 is the same. Try go the their website.

Anonymous said...

Rais has been a giant of a portfolio that he is sure to fail. It is near impossible to monitor even the major aspects of governance so he has to depend on honchos supposedly he could trust. And with the billions allocated, overbudgeted beyond justifications, it is a heaven for corrupts.

Anonymous said...

company 4 and 5 is the same. surf their website and walaaa..... same company

a kaur said...

the volume given to the six companies is quite significant. it shows irrelevancy in distributing it to the rest of 19 companies on the list.

there must be a strong directive for the six to secure such a big volume.

and i dont think the special officer dares to intrude into mcmc without strong and valid letters from those who got the upperhand in in this.

think about it

masih di BH said...


baca, ada story pasal kau.

blog siapa ni agaknya, tapi dia sokong kau dedahkan perkara macam ni.

MASTANA said...


den gaso masa pemilihan umno tahun dopan, kau bertandinglah di kawasan kito.

kami nak tengok gak org macam kau ni jadi adun atau ahli parlimen.

peminat kau pun dah gamai di masjid tanah, gamai yang kona kau

Anonymous said...

i heard each notebook costs rm950 and not rm800.

wah lan ney... kaya la mamat tu!

vincent said...


i dare u to mention his full name in this blog if you are on the right track.

do not be afraid. i think the mcmc and macc are on your side

anak rusa nani said...

'pet' tu maknanya ternakan ke?

maknanya dia ni 'ternakan' rais yatim la.

patut laaaaaaaaa..............

Anonymous said...

not only him, bujai. there are other special officers acting like ministers.

they, too do some grillings at ministries and agencies in search of projects.

some also carry ministers' recommendation.

snakecharmer said...

the macc should start investigation. and i would suggest u lodge a report with the commission.

whether rais did or did not issue supporting letters to his special ooficer, will be determined later on.

since u already started opening up the case, it must be completed with full investigation and verdict!

bandito said...

jai, jgn takut. lapor je kat sprm, biar diorang siasat, abis cerita.

kalau terlalu banyak projek untuk dia dah geng dia, apa jadi pada orang lain?

kalau rais tak tau pun, takpa. yang penting ialah siasatan

Anonymous said...

bru and rais,

now u and rais' officer.

macam dah pakat je amek job masing2

money changer said...

i also believe u got the info from mcmc insider.

there must be reasons why they want this guy to be kicked out by rais.

rais has denied of any involvement in this scandal but do u really trust his words?

Anonymous said...

to other special officers serving various ministers, be careful - we are watching!

airman_1 said...

mmbuat spikulasi satu hal mmbuat aduan satu hal, kalau ada bukti kenapa tak buat lapuran polis atau sprm, kalau nak jatuhkan kerajaan banyak2 buat cerita tapi kalu nak bantu kerajaan buat lapuran polis/sprm...kah...kah...kah...

fius lama said...

hati2 bro. ada desas-desus di kementerian untuk nafi dan pertikai story kau.

kau tau la siapa punya keje...

Anonymous said...

why didnt the minister make any statement?

is he defending his officer or just didnt want to say anything?

lord draman said...

saya jumpa ramai pegawai khas yang berlagak dan jadi kaya sejak kerja dengan menteri tertentu.

dalam kes ni, saya tak hairan sebab kementerian rais memang banyak projek, terutama di SKMM

walimah said...

makin hari, makin ramai yang korup. daripada ketua, sampailah kepada orang bawahan.

di manakah kredibiliti sebuah kerajaan yang memperjuangkan langkah antirasuah jika pegawai seperti ini turut menjejaskan nama baik menteri dan kerajaan?

datuk rais seharusnya cepat menyiasat dan bertindak sejurus mendapat maklumat seperti ini dan membuat kenyataan sama ada surat yang dikemukakan kepada skmm oleh pegawai khasnya itu datang daripada bleiau atai tidak.

si pitak said...

as a boss, i think rais will defend and protect this officer of his. after all, he trusts him so much, it seems.

and u bro, have to proof it by taking all evidence to the macc