Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RM6 billion for 6 boats. Wahhh lannnn...!

I agree that our sea surveillance needs to be enhanced. Of course our military must be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. High speed patrol boats are one of these.

However, a whopping RM6 billion for 6 patrol boats is beyond comprehension. I dont know how Mindef or MoF arrived at the figure or whether Boustead Heavy Industry has recommended that price.

But still, RM1 billion for a boat is simply an exaggeration. Even Norway and Sweden, two countries that produce the finest patrol boats on earth do not have such price tags. Unless if we want them (or other makers) to design and build extraordinary boats.

Let's not repeat the same mistakes again and again. Remember the submarine issue? Its fine that the govt has appointed Boustead to do the shopping but are we retaining the same group of people who twisted our arms once?

How old is our navy now? 10, 15 or 20 years? Its more than that, right? So, why talk technology transfer if we still need to continue buying such items? We spent so much money on 'transfer talks' but nothing seemed to happen.

We already have Proton, Perodua and two satellites well-placed in the orbit, and yet we cant afford to build our own patrol boats for our own use!

Blimme... I forgot that we have so much money to spend, including that RM60 million to refurbish the PM's official residence and sending irrelevant people overseas on 'govt official business'.

If Singapore can develop the 'fearless class' patrol vessel, what is the capability of our Lumut and other local dockyards? The Republic's boats are armed with 76mm cannon, Simbad AA and Gabriel SSM missiles and 308mm torpedos. The 300-tonne vessel can easily notch over 20 knots of speed and is more vicious than the ANZAC frigate.

Again, why cant we build our own patrol boats? How big and sophisticated a RM1 billion patrol boat can be?

On top of that, who is getting the commission this time?


middle age said...

i think it will come as patrol-cum-leisure boats, equipped with sauna, jacuzzi, a mini bar and mini casino.

i want to join the navy laaa... got jalan or not?

tony phua said...

i like you last line - who will get the commission?

he he he.... u are pretending not knowing anything, jai.

u should know better. i think the kickback will be about 30 per cent of the contract deal.... that's why the price fetched rm6 billion!

google jelah said...

Check the real price first of the ship (gowind class corvette) in the web before commenting..
"4 Gowind corvettes estimated EUR 900 million (then about $1.25 billion)in 1997."

Anonymous said...

apa nak heran bro.

orang yang dapat kontrak kerajaan pun claim satu paku rm5 walhal harga sebenarnya cuma 60 sen!

itu pun diluluskan

Anonymous said...

the govt should reveal the vessel full spec so that the rakyat and experts could know whether its cheap or expensive.

paladdin said...

kalau kapal peronda untuk selat melaka, laut china selatan dan laut sulu, tak perlulah kapal semahal tu. membazir namanya.

kita cuma perlukan bot peronda berkuasa tinggi dan dilengkapi senjata canggih.

kalau harganya sampai rm1 b sebuah, maknanya dah jadi kapal besar yang tak boleh bergerak laju!

kolonel said...


saya pegawai mindef. dalam perbincangan sesama pakar dua hari lepas, kami dapati memang harganya terlalu tinggi.

maaf, tak dapat cakap lebih lanjut.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro,

Well, you must realised by now that, the Petrol Boats specification by " Busted Group" are made of Titanium body and the guns is powered by supersonic laser.

Secondly, the toilet fittings are of gold with diamond tap. All the electronic gadgets and communication system are from latest sreen touch gismo. They no longer use thumb print security but using DNA recognizance gatgets.

"Busted Group" is very professional in it purchasing policy, no hanky panky, very trustworthy la bro, please do not worry, all six boat wilkl be delivered before it's due date.

For your information, Busted Group has been in the shipping business for more than 100 years, so please trust them and Datuk Zahid, after all, Busted Group is an associate of LTAT, kasilah tabung tentera some business..., he..he..

You suka-suka saja nak hentam, apalah 6 billion to the governmnt, kacang je bro, kalau boat nie siap nanti, boleh juga bawa balik, pelajar-pelajar yang mungkin terkandas di Australia, Kazaktan, ke?

Bro, Zahid tu alim bro, rasuah tak makan, setakat 40 biji kereta dah ada dah, dia dah tak pandang harta dunia, percayalah....

mr kudita said...

tech transfer, good one but we always end up in despair. talk too much on technology transfer but nothing is done.

our lumut dockyard is capable of building such vessels, they have proven it.

the only thing is, too much politic. we gave it to wrong persons.

tuxedo said...

we need such patrol boats, sir. if u look at the sophisticated boats owned by the sea pirates, your balls would shrink.

however, the price should be lesser than that while the full spec of it should be made open to the public.

defense is important for the country but we cant spend unnecessarily.

bousted will have to conduct a study first before drawing a conclusion as which make is suitable for us.

Anonymous said...

ambil setengah bilion cukup untuk naikkan gaji pegawai dan kakitangan awam di kementerian pertahanan.

cuba tengok tanbggagaji mereka... dah lama terbiar!

cenderawasih said...

saya setuju yang kita patut buat sendiri bot tu jika ada kepakaran. selama ni kita banyak bercakap mengenai perpindahan teknnologi di pelbagai bidang. jadi, apa salahnya hantar pegawai atau pelajar jalani kursus pembuatan kapal jenis ini. bairlah ambil masa tiga hingga lima tahun. bila mereka dah benar2 mampu, kita bina dermaga buat kapal atau perbesarkan kemudahan yang ada. sudah tentu kosnya akan jatuh separuh jika dibuat di sini.

Anonymous said...


tu duit kerajaan...

yang dapat laba pun kawan2 diorang...

Anonymous said...

60m for pm house. i heard about it a few months ago.

what are they building? an extension as big as the existing residence?

Anonymous said...

From here, we know we need to do something in the next GE before it gets much worse. CHANGE is the word!

Anonymous said...

Ni Big Dog punya alasan:

transfer of technology pun ada lagi :)

Look... this is how our local company makes money in which more of the percentage goes to the people top of the pyramid.

Open secret la taktik ni...

This is how our government operates to gain support and fund themselves. You support the current government, then you have to live with it.