Monday, February 7, 2011

Replace Interlok with Kamasutra

The Indians show disgust at Interlok, which prompted DPM-cum-Education Minister Muhyiddin to agree making alterations to the novel before it gets 'approval' from the Indian leaders for it to become a literature book for Form V students.

The government, according to some NGOs, observers and Umno members are bowing low to the minority in whatever action that would satisfy them, even to the extent of changing what has been written in history.

My opinion is, Interlok has to go. No point changing the facts and contents of the novel just for the Indians to feel nothing was wrong with their caste system in mainland India - the home of their ancestors.

As they also deny some history events relating to their migration to Tanah Melayu a long time ago, let me suggest one thing to cheer up the Malaysian Indians - let us replace Interlok with Kamasutra.

Those who know what Kamasutra is will agree that its 'helps multiplies' Indian population since it was introduced hundreds of years ago. And for Malaysian Indians to multiply and surpass the number of Malays in the country, they better take up such lessons.

When they become the majority, they can be in total control. Who knows, the Malays would be the third largest community after the Indians and Chinese, say in 50 or 100 years from now!

By that time, we would have an Indian or a Chinese as the prime minister. The Malays would just be the minority. Then, the Indians can deny them of any request to demolish some Hindu temples near their place.

Even today, there are more temples than mosques in the country. The government should look into this. Perhaps, we can plan for the largest temple in Putrajaya in preparation for the future. And what will become of Masjid Negara? It will not be in our history! Not even Masjid Jamek or Masjid Kampung Hulu in Melaka.

Our history books would by then be filled up with Indian stories, i.e how Samy Vellu, MIC, Hindraf and Makkal Sakthi have fought for the Indians to become the supreme race in Malaysia. No need to include IPF as the late Pandithan was against Samy. For the Indians, anything 'no good' must not become content of history.

For the time being, what else will the government do to please our Indian friends? My suggestion - choose some roads and buildings and name it after Samy Vellu, Moorthy of Hindraf and Palanivel. If they propose Kamasutra as a text book, just accept it!

In the next national poll, let us have Indian candidates to contest for Umno. Although many Malay NGOs have urged the Malays not to vote for Indian of any party in the general election, I believe they will have no choice but to vote for the ruling party.

(I bought the Kamasutra in Connought Place, New Delhi in 1995 and lent in to someone from the PM's Dept.... and I never got it back!)


Anonymous said...

Makan belacan banyak-banyak lagi.
bolehlah dapat idea jijik macam ini..memang butoh engkau

Mohd said...

I'm sorry to hear that you lost that book.
Its just because : Melayu mudah lupa!

kamakalawa said...


kama sutra to replace interlok. it will encourage more births not only among indians but all races in malaysia.

the indians claim that kama sutra is an art and has nothing to do with open sex.

so, what do you think, DPM?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.... good one, bujai! lets see more babies next year onwards!

ripin, tg keling said...

siapa pegawai di ofis pm tu?

mintak la balik buku kalau belum lunyai

aku pun nak pinjam gak, nak belajau.


east life said...

kamasutra bukan buku yang elok. tak bermoral langsung tapi orang india sukakan buku ni.

boleh pulak!

sanitarian said...

what? kamasutra?

can i have a look first before making any decision?

abudzar said...

waaaaaa... siapa yang marah kau sampai mencarut-carut tu? anon 2.01 ni agaknya kalau dapat buku tu, dia pun tak lepas!

biasanya orang yang marah ni la yang paling suka benda yang dia marah tu.

anyway bro, aku tau kau cuma menyindir je kat kerajaan. elok la macam ni, biar diorang pikir sikit untuk orang melayu, jangan asyik tunduk dan jalan bongkok je...

Anonymous said...

kena bagi pm dan tpm dulu bro. bagus buku kamasutra ni!

B747-400 said...

my advise to indian friends.

pls read the novel and understand its content.

if you want the history to be erased, dont start anything!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yessireee. Agree with you except for one thing you missed out. One temple for each deity each one worships.

orang kampung said...


Continue blogging on this issue. Hopefully they'll come to their senses.

If I were Abdullah Hussein, I'll withdraw the novel and let's see how those in authority and the Malay populace react. Let's also see whether the Indians can claim the ultimate victory and in what manner.

Anonymous said...

whoah ... wait seminit

all indians to reproduce?? or just the higher echelons of indian society, you know, according to their rank and file

suami orang said...

interesting idea, bro.

in singapore, pm lee told singaporeans to have more babies this year.

i guess kamasutra should be sold in the republic too!

rebung said...

idea lu memang gila tapi lu sindir kerajaan memang patut.

kita tak boleh guna kamasutra kat malaya ni, bro. bahaya.

tapi elok gak lu suggest tu, biar tpm paham maksud lu.


Anonymous said...

chiisssss... the book belongs to the indians.

why not the malays and chinese come up with their own kamasutra?

20 froggies said...


can we ask the indians to change some contents of kamasutra before adopting it to our culture?

will they agree?

Anonymous said...

Yang anehnya,

Walaupun ada karya macam kamasutra depa tak pernah rogol anak sendiri...

Ozz said...

Errr...Salam...Does this mean that in the future, Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang needs to change the name too?

halimunan said...

waaaa.... kau perli kerajaan ke ni, bro?

memang padan muka diorang tu, suka2 je nak pinda novel yang dah lama siap. apsal dulu2 orang india tak bising pun pasal kandungannya?

saja nak mengada-ngada... bagi betis, nak peha!

Anonymous said...

go on with it, bro. someone has to fight for abdullah hussein. kesian dia.