Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rais, you got the most powerful special officer!

A small group of MCMC senior officials left for Barcelona, Spain on Friday night, looking for new ventures and opportunities. Back home, someone was praying and hoping that the group would not return as this will enable him to flex his muscle and dictate the Commission.

This guy has been 'controlling' almost all MCMC major decisions over the past two years. He is also a 'phantom' to MCMC board of directors. He will also barge into meetings of the tender board and got the guts to reverse its decision.

This includes reversing tender procurements and changing contracts' recipients to the extent of erasing those already inked under the Letter of Award (LA). He will then issue directive to the BOD to award it to his or his friends' companies.

By standard procedure, the BOD and the tender committee will have to oblige. Why? Because he will always produce letters bearing his boss' name, notes, directive and signature. So, what choice do the MCMC officials have?

His boss is non other Info Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim who late last year was embroiled in a cyber tussle with lead bloggers like Rocky's Bru and Big Dog over his son's purported involvement in MCMC massive contracts. Also, the accusation that he once raped his Indonesian maid.

On the other hand, this guy is his own special officer (pegawai khas), whom he employs almost two years ago. Whether Rais is aware or not, he SHOULD KNOW! However, I personaly believe Rais didnt sign any of the letters produced by this guy to the MCMC.

'NA', a Sabahan, is perhaps the most poweful special officer a minister ever had. Even special officers to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak are not empowered in such a manner, meddling into a ministry's agency business by deciding who should get what, when and how.

I know I might be sued for libel but I am calling on the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission to look into MCMC's files and contract records, especially in the distribution of 1Malaysia netbook, Phase 2, which Rocky's Bru once commented.

A total of 25 companies are shortlisted for the Phase 2 project. Out of 349,732 netbook already slotted for distribution, 135,842 (about one third of total volume) are going to 'NA' and his friends. At the rate of RM800 each, his group is given a contract worth more than RM108 million! If commission stands at 15 per cent, he is getting about RM16 million.

I just want Rais to act on this officer of his. The MACC, on its part, can start investigation. I have valid papers to support this posting.

I think MCMC's COO Datuk JJ cant do much to chase out this guy each time he steps into his office and asks him to issue LAs to at least six companies he and friends control.

To MACC, go check out on this companies, namely Juang Jaya Sdn Bhd, CQ Communications, Tirai Jitu (M) Sdn Bhd, Creative Century Management Sdn Bhd, Esmartpay Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd and Dynasty IT Service Sdn Bhd.
I humbly would also like to request YB Datuk Rais to look into this matter. If this 'NA' has been forgering his official letters and signature, then the minister is cleared of any involvement in this. Also, there is no point to keep this special assistant.


zenith said...

salam tuan jai,

its true. i know how this guy operates. lots of complaint from friends at the mcmc of late but nothing was done to halt his movement.

i dont think rais know about this but he gotta check.

good that u break the story. dont worry, if u got all proof, nobody will sue u!

deep shit said...


u dare to publish all the companies name!

no takut ka?

anyway, lets see if rais responds

a blogger too said...

aku boleh agak siapa NA ni.

kenapa kau tak sebut direct - NAZRI ABDULLAH!

apa nak takut kalau betul dia dan kawan2 yang bolot job tu!

aku pun ada dengar tapi takda bukti je.

kreekk said...

rais doesnt know? absurd! he is HIS special officer. dont tell me he doesnt know anything about what he did!

Anonymous said...

The Board members have not guts. They are afraid of this Pegawai Khas who is only a contract office. They are giving lame excuse. Unless the Minister personally inervenes the Board of Directors should disregard any interferance by his so called proxies even if they carry a letter from him.That much of guts they must have.Otherwise you can appoint me to the Board and I will show to you how it is done.

Please contact me through this blog.

Anonymous said...

Just read- hello dont pretend la. You know DS Rais aware of it. Why would a boss allow his underlings to dictate in such a disgusting manner? Sabah is the connection here. And are you kidding that a tyrant like Rais dont know the goings on? No way!

Rais cant be blamed if you have a cowardly bunch of even more disgusting useless self serving board members who cannot stand up and speak the truth .As T. Mahathir said Alah Malu. Should be Alah bodoh.

These BOD are the class of people who will only speak up once they are no longer on the board - they dont need to protect their own self interest. Which would be too late.

You should first recommend that the board be sacked and replace if they did allow it. You know, like former judges, former this and former that. They are really cowards.

Dont expect Rais to respect the BOD members since he put most of them there in the first place.So nobody asks questions.

So please dont even try to paint this picture that the minister dont know what is going on. We are not idiots. If you want to comment, be honest and direct.

If you want to ask a question , ask the PM. He put Rais there .Inspite of all the self created casualties and complaints he is still there. So there must be a reason. Which means he may be doing it for the PM. So why should Rais be the target?

Anonymous said...

can you fax all the documents to 0155108455..we are the Investigation Branch of LHDN.. you can verify with this number 0355105140... we want to nail down this culprit..

sg putat said...

i believe u, bro.

otherwise, u wont be so confronting.

who is this NA anyway? reveal him, nothing to be scared of

online watch said...

dulu bos buat hal, sekarang pegawai khas pulak.

apa nak jadi dengan menteri2 kita ni? timbalan menteri pun takda kuasa, macam timbalan hisham. ni pulak, pegawai khas!

apa hubungan bos dengan pegawai khas ni? kroni bos atau apa?

SPRM tolong siasat!

Anonymous said...

another case involving rais. altho indirectly this time, it affects him. he should be well aware of his officers movement or they will bring him down eventually!

Anonymous said...

one of the companies is his, bro. the others are his friends'.

this guy is cunning and smart in dealing with MCMC...

red sky said...

why is MCMC so weak and surrender to this officer? why not lodge a report to MACC of complaint to rais himself?

bugger.... we still have this kind of people around the waist of ministers.

Anonymous said...


bos dah ada kes, ni pegawai khas dia pulak. silap2 gaya, satu kementerian terjejas dengan isu seperti ini.

kenapa najib senyap je? pegawai khas dia pun macam ni jugak ke?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think the whole mcmc needs a revamp. if they cant get rid of this officer - just a special offcier - then their credibility is at stake!

halilintar said...

takkan pegawai macam tu pun diorang tak boleh handle, bro. nampak sangat bangangnya bos2 kat mcmc ni.

takkan rais sendiri pun tak tau, pelik!

Anonymous said...

dedah je. biar rais tau yang dia simpan duri dalam daging.

nanti nama dia busuk lagi.

extreme member said...

who leak it to u, jai?

i believe mcmc officers gave the docu to u, right?

otherwise, u wouldnt know.

good expose, anyway

Anonymous said...

kalau pegawai khas pun boleh dapat projek juta2, ni kan pula orang lagi kanan daripada dia.

cuba2lah renungkan...

Anonymous said...

hati2 bro, kang klu NA ni sakit ati, nahas kau!

gunung lambak said...

rais tak tau bro. dia pun takda hak nak kawal pegawainya pergi ke mana, asalkan mereka ikut dia bila diperlukan.

jangan salahkan rais. dia memang tak tahu menahu hal ni, kecuali mcmc bagitahu dia

Anonymous said...


Talking about special officers of ministers, it seems that there are many others like that. Please check one special officer to minister higher education who has been doing favours for private colleges. He is pressuring the ministry officers to approve some colleges who is not qualified. Can someone please investigte this dr guy!!

There many other special officers at abuses their position. Another one is in ministry of works, a dato who use to work for JJ. He also abuses his position.

Can MACC please check them out!

No wonder the civil servants hates the politician!!

APB(anti power abuser)

anoy said...

apa pulak bos2 kat skmm layan mamat ni?

kenapa tak tanya betul ke surat tu rais yang sain.

ntah2 dia tiru signature untuk dapatkan kontrak

siasat! jangan tak siasat!

Anonymous said...

this is bad. after rocky and big dog, now its u bro. what's wrong in exposing such wrongdoings? mcmc looks very vulnerable to such cheats.

the macc must also investigate. call up this guy.

as for rais, he better make it clear that he never signed those letters. oterwise.....

Anonymous said...

betul ke rais tak tau?

tak lojik laaaa

Anonymous said...

pegawai khas nazri aziz lagi teruk beb..

nama dia Axx Gemok... suak sana, sauk sini... dengar cerita kat terminal bas tasik selatan pun dia sauk.. sauk utk share dgn bos dia lah...

Anonymous said...

pegawai khas Khaled Nordin is

DR H....

Anonymous said...


dont be too naive... dont think the special officer is brave enough to instruct officers without Rais's green light..

we are not bodohs..

special officers are ministers' most trusted lieutenants...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.37

Tak payah takut2 . Sebut saja nama setpol nazri aziz tu.
Macc siasat lah

Anonymous said...

Again Bro please fax those document to LHDN at that number..we will nail that person..
we will make him and those sucker bleed...
just fax to us.. you can verify with any LHDN branch regarding that number

JomoSamaTuaran said...


Anonymous said...

do you have any info for latest tender T3 Extension Phase 1?