Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kohilan - a MGR in Cairo's ordeal!

He didnt bath for 2 days and was holed up at the Cairo airport with Malaysians and foreigners trying to get out of strife-torn Egypt. What an experience, and what a horrifying ordeal!

I think Deputy Foreign Minister Senator A Kohilan Pillay deserves a 'datukship' for his bravery and good job. Stranded for 2 days at a fully air-conditioned international airport and without shower, makes him a 'hero', dont you think so (here).

With him were PM's sec-pol Datuk Shahlan Ismail dan a few National Security Council officers.

Try to compare his ordeal with this - retiring deputy sec-gen of Ministry of Information Datuk Mohammed Mohd Daud was our trade commissioner to Kuwait in 1990 when the US launched the 'Desert Storm' operation.

He was assigned to lead about 200 Malaysians and Singaporeans to safety. Know what? He managed to take them from Kuwait City to Baghdad in an 18-hour journey filled with obstacles, among which were booby traps, bombs and gunfire.

And he didnt tell Malaysians or the Press about it.

Back in 1982, I was in Iraq, covering the Iran-Iraq war, moving with the UN and Iraqi armies from north border t0wn of Suleimaniyeh to Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Mosul, Karbala and south port of Basrah. Together with Indonesian 'Kompas' editor Petrus Suryadi, we slept in tents or bunker dug beneath army tanks, exposed to extreme cold weather and night and burning hot during the day, no shower for a week and had to survive on limited food and water supply.

I remember the adjacent building of El-Mansour Melia hotel was shelled at 10pm, two hours after we checked-in, killing 9 people and injuring dozens others.

Try talk to former NST senior journalist Ben d'Cunha who joined me in Iraq in 1984. We embarked on a 12-hour midnite train from Baghdad to Basrah, accompanied by 3 Iraqi officers, only to discover on arrival that the train was carrying about 300 corpses!

And that was part of the stories which was not published by our editor then. Why, we went there on our own expenses and at our own accord! (During that era, Malaysians were barred from visiting any Communist country while a trip to Eastern Europe or any Socialist country would be deemed as not appropriate).

Many other Malaysians, especially former students and embassy staffs in Baghdad during the 1980s were subjected to various difficulties. Ask our Ambassador to China Datuk Norulzaman whom I first met in Baghdad in 1982 when he was the Second Secretary to the mission. Ambassador was Nadanarajah.

I am writing a special book about their ordeals, hoping to send it to print sometimes in May this year. It will also include

To our Deputy FM, it was nothing what you had experienced. It was your job, like it or not. If you want to know about real ordeals, talk to our war veterans, including those who used to serve in Congo, Somalia, Lebanon and in other countries.

Anyway. good job bro!


DR Bubbles said...

Terima kasih tuan kerana sudi meletakkan situasi ini dalam perspektif yang betul.

dotsnodds said...

Yes give Kohilal a datukship for that. maybe Datuk Mohamed Mohd Daud took a bath during his 18hr journey from Kuwait to Bahgdad or during the 48hrs in between. So Kohilan beat him without taking a bath for 2 days...hahaha!

summi said...

give him tan sri instead of datuk, and add his name to any history books for our students.

u call that an ordeal?

poket kosong said...


give me a complimentary copy of the book when its published.

frankly, i wish how i could experience what u had during that time...


bunga popi said...

bagi can la kat dia bro. sebagai timb menteri luar, dia tenggelam. jarang kita baca atau lihat dia di akhbar mahupun tv.

dia muda lagi, tak pernah alami keperitan hidup agaknya.

sebab tu bila baru dua hari tak mandi, dia rasa lain macam je... maklumlah!

Anonymous said...

i think had he undergone some bombings near the airport, bernama story would have come in 10 takes!

keju cair said...

dia amat bangga dengan tugasnya. sebab tu lah dia buat kenyataan seperti itu.

cuba hantar dia ke iraq atau afghanistan pulak. agaknya dia mesti panik punya laaa!

karipuley said...

a book?

i ve been waiting for that. better do it good bro.

i will wait for it!

mesin jahit singer said...

macam nak nama je mamat india ni.

tapi betul gak, bagi la dia datuk walaupun tak banyak buat keje kat wisma putra tu.

kesian la kat dia sikit. deputy minister mesti ada datuk, kan?

Anonymous said...

masa dia budak2 dulu, dia selalu mandi ke?

heh heh heh

red sky said...

u dirty blogger.

why must u snub at him? what has he done to u?

he is an indian, remember? as an indian, he wants his name to be included in our future history writings.

london taxi said...

even the students and other malaysians stranded at the airport did not complain.

however, on 2nd thot, let him. he rarely appears in news of any sort.

regarding that datukship, let his boss assess him

jambalaya said...

being an inexperienced person, he was 'over-excited' with what he had been thru.

so, dont blame him, bro.

he has never been thru the real traumatic situation like palestine, lebanon or any war-torn areas.

as for the datukship, i agree.... he is a good and upcoming indian leader. give him.

Anonymous said...

pengalaman seseorang itu berbeza, bang. abang pernah jadi wartawan perang, dia ni pulak baru nak tengok dunia. mestilah reaksi dia macam tu. bagi peluang la kat dia naik sikit...

Anonymous said...

that was his biggest task ever, bro, and not to bath for 2 days was a bell to tell us how much he has served the govt and the stranded malaysians.

tempeleng said...

syabas kohilan!

we are proud of your courage. soon you will get rewarded. dont worry.

Anonymous said...

what's your point? don't be like this la! it's like when m.daud kilau and Michille Yeoh were given the datukship by Sultan Perak. Many Malays questioned why Michelle Yeoh? Please don't made comparison's highly inappropriate and misplaced.'re better that this ...

Anonymous said...

are you a racist now?

moon rose said...

At least die do something for the kadang2 ntah sape sape kasi Datuk..nayayi 2 3 lagu..dapat datuk. org tua yg dah lama belakon..lakonan pon x bope bagus..dpt datok.. apelaa..