Monday, February 28, 2011

'Mahathir is No.1 traitor'

In the wake of Kerdau dan Merlimau by-election campaigns, Anwar Ibrahim is left to no choice but no badmouth his 'No.1 enemy' Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, calling him the country's ultimate traitor.

The posting 'Mahathir ialah pengkhianat nombor satu' is only a link to 'his another blog' or one by his cybertrooper, Al-Husseyn. However, reading it once is enough to distinguish that it was his, his style of writing and his way of a composition.

I think he avoided posting this comment on his own blog for a simple reason. Hiring someone else to do it will give a better impact as it shows how classy his bloggers' team is. Linking it will give prominence to both his and Al-Husseyn.

The same posting appeared simultaneously, more or less, on both blogs. Hmmm....

Among other things, Anwar said Dr Mahathir was responsible in revoking the rights of Malay Rulers in 1983 under Article 66 of the Constitution; sidelining Bahasa Melayu by making it compulsory for all technology subject in colleges and universities to be taught in English, and effort to disband all Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR).

He also accused Dr Mahathir of insulting Islam by belittling the 'hudud law' and mocking the freedom of judiciary (notably Tun Salleh Abbas case).

I am not sure what was his intention (apart from getting readers and voters' attention in Merlimau and Kerdau) but I think Anwar himself knows the actual reason why Dr Mahathir made such decisions then. He was there with Dr M...


caliente said...

he supported all actions taken by dr mahathir then. in fact, he was the seconder for most of it.

and now he is attacking him for making such moves.

what kind of a leader is this? what brain does he have? a cow's?

Anonymous said...

the other day, it was mahathir who whacked him. no its his turn. he will keep on with it until he or dr mahathir dies, whoever is first.

nya-MOK said...

bodo macam lori sampah la si nuar ni.

walhal dulu dia yang 200 peratus sokong dr mahathir. apa saja keputusan yang dibuat oleh bosnya ketika itu, dialah yang mula2 sokong dengan kuatnya.

ni dah lain cerita.

siapa sebenarnya pengkhianat negara ni?

Anonymous said...

who is anwar to make such a remark on dr m?

clear your case first. if the court finds u not guilty, then u can smash anybody

kulitkraf said...

its between a boss and his former deputy. let them...

siddiq maulana said...

anwar ibrahim patut bersihkan namanya daripada semua tuduhan yang ada terlebih dahulu sebelum tuduh dr m dan orang lain macam2.

kalau setakat kes dia masih di mahkamah, cakap dia tak laku.

kalau terbukti tak bersalah, satu dunia akan kata dia betul dan jadi hero.

OWL said...


only a traitor can call others traitors.

only a thief can call others thieves!

Anonymous said...

Seorang Melayu Islam tulen dan seorang Melayu Celup Islam yang berketurunan pariah juga.

Siapa yang patut dipercayai?