Saturday, January 1, 2011

The year of TRUTH


I received 176 New Year wishes on my mobile, SMS and MMS. However, I didnt reply to any (as a pre-paid user, you understand laaa). Anyway, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to family members, friends, fellow bloggers and blog readers for your kind words.

Azam baru? Nothing in particular except to continue working for my family. Age is catching up fast, dont you feel it?

I will go on blogging, hoping 2011 will provide us with some truths to some burning questions that hovered us in 2010. Things like did Anwar really bugger Saiful, will BN win Tenang state seat by-election, will the 'rapist' minister be brought to court, Sarawak state election, will there be a major Cabinet reshuffle, etc

Also, will local TV station give more space to our Prime Minister's wife (unlike other First Ladies... we hardly read or watch Obama's wife on TV).

And there are few snakes I would like to catch, too... with your help, of course!


lissa said...


may you are blessed with good health and wealth.

hope to see you in kuching soon.

mario, zagreb said...

happy new year to you and family.

i will be in malaysia on jan 12th, bro. we will meet.

mario skarica

dayang said...

be serious bro,

how many snakes are u going to catch or kill?

there are four here at my ministry...

HNY 2011

dr K said...

HNY bro,

may u r blessed with good health, good fortune and happiness...

MASTANA said...


takdo azam baru ko atau nak tambah apo2 yang patut tambah?

den nak tambah anak jo kalau buleh...


Anonymous said...

some muslim city folks celebrated new year on beers and liquor.

how the malaysian muslims have changed!

orang kampung said...

To me most of your postings, unlike others, have the semblance of the famous saying by Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer, "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee." I just love reading them.

Selamat Tahun Baru.