Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who gets Alcatel's cash-for-info?

MACC goes global. The had cancelled a London trip to interrogate PI Bala last year. Now they will go to Paris in effort to find evidence linking Alcatel to giving out bribes worth millions of ringgit to few Malaysians in a tender which they finally won (here).

Hebat MACC ni! That's the way to go but dont waste too much money on it by bringing a big entourage and staying in a 5-star hotel for a month (sorry bro!).

Alcatel was alleged to have paid for confidential information as an advantage to win the public tender sometimes between Dec 2001 and June 2006.

I wonder who are the businessmen (and few politicians, likely) involved in accepting Alcatel's money. There are also reports that the company gave bribes to officials in a few countries as a 'professional fee' in assisting them to win public contracts worth billions of dollar.

In related development, Alcatel-Lucent SA has agreed to pay more than US$137 million to settle charges brought against it by the US government (here).

The Securities and Exchange Commission in New York yesterday accused the Paris-based maker of telecommunications gear of paying bribes to foreign government officials to illegally win business in Latin America and Asia.

Alcatel, a top supplier to US and European phone companies, agreed to pay more than US$45 million to settle the SEC's charges. It will pay an additional $92 million to settle separate criminal charges announced by the Justice Department.

The SEC's complaint said Alcatel's bribes went to government officials in Costa Rica, Honduras, Malaysia and Taiwan between December 2001 and June 2006. Alcatel bought US-based Lucent Technologies at the end of 2006.


lin na said...

it was a public tender. of course some people at respective ministries and agencies had the info to help alcatel win it.

then, who?

our rubbertappers? taxi drivers? the whores?

common sense lor!

Anonymous said...

inside info can be bought, sir. in this case, alcatel doesnt have prob to fork out about rm20m for the tender. chicken feed!

omar king said...

aku pun dapat. rm300 beli henfon 2nd hand alcatel.

pakai dua bulan dah rosak.

sial btol alcatel ni!

ex-BPR staff said...

no speculation, pls!

not until the macc has completed investigation!

Anonymous said...

what's wrong paying for info if it helps winning something?

its a normal practice in the country, rite?

buku lima said...

alaaaa bang,

polis pun bayar info yang diberi oleh orang awam sehingga tertangkap atau selesainya sesuatu kes.
tak salah pun. ada macc saman polis sebab bayar informer?

x-factor said...

like alcatel, some malaysian giants are advocating to the same tactic - money to buy what they want.

its not healthy but can we avoid it of some govt servants are on the take?

macc should investigate here first before going abroad and spend lot of money.

Anonymous said...


its part and parcel of big business. call it 'marketing money' if u may but its a common practice worldwide. for alcatel to pay few million dollars to its informers, is a dirty game but take a look at any big companies - dont they too?

Anonymous said...


kes ni dah lama... amerika yang siasat and they got the culprits.

di malaysia jgn harap.. pkfz sampai sekarang tak ada apa2 pun. bukan cina saja yg sapu duit pkfz, melayu pun ada.

tapi kita bukan amerika.. di malaysia pilih bulu..

budak sime darby rasuah 23k pun dia org charge. bapa rasuah duk enjoy serupa saja di sime darby tu

katanya bapa rasuah pernah sewa kapalterbang and asked sime darby to pay.

why wasn't he charged?

btw let the MACC officers have some fun overseas.

kita jangan jealous lah. dia orang pun nak berhibur juga

kublai khan said...

dah lama dah kes ni, cuma sekarang dibongkar balik sebab ada yang dengki dengan orang yang jadi informer tu.

orang tu dah pun kaya-raya dan ada yang terkenal pulak tu.

persoalannya, nape sekarang baru nak cari mereka?

cable car said...

must be govt people la. they got the info to enable alcatel win the tender.

that also i must tell u people aaarr!

Anonymous said...

same game. big or small, if u got the money, u chance to win a tender is bright.

otherwise, forget about it.

mato-mato said...

sprm ni pun satu.

isu sime darby, khir toyo dan kes lain masih belum selesai, ni nak ke luar negara pulak.

takyah makan angin ler. kita dan perancis boleh bertukar maklumat siasatan.

saja nak buang duit ler tu. ni nak kena siasat pulak sprm ni!

gila talak said...

susah nak siasat rasuah ni. dah diajar dari kecil. suruh anak ke kedai beli tepung 80 sen, bagi duit singgit, pastu cakap 20 sen tu upah. ni pun rasuah gak, kan?

so, dari kecil dah disogok untuk sesuatu keje dan tugas, sampai tua pun terbawak-bawak...

Anonymous said...

graft is as old as prostitution... the more u try to contain them, the more they spread!

ingat sikit! said...

tak heran la beb!

syarikat besar malaysia yang diberikan kontrak besar kerajaan secara terus tu... takkan takda menteri yang dapat habuan!

setakat nak bagi buta je kat diorang... sori ler!

Anonymous said...


Give them chance to find find witnesses and evidences and tell the malaysian folks that there's no cooperation and lack of info to prosecute. Normal-lah bro!. See what they have done to PKFZ?.


satD said...

Bujai....MACC kencing tu beb! there's no need to go to Paris yet at this stage...read here

Anonymous said...

It lies in the system. With this kind of system not only the devils make easy money but the angle also (either sooner or later) will fall into this easy money trap.

Anonymous said...

err....saya nak tanya,persimpangan sg buaya bila nak buat ni....dah lama kami tunggu,...letih kami undi tau.