Tuesday, January 25, 2011

US, Israel try to rob Lebanon's oil & gas

When the US-British allies invaded Iraq in 2003, the oil-rich nation was ripped to pieces. Saddam Hussein was hanged together with his close aides, the country's economy took a nosedive while more than a million people died.

Four years after the internationally-condemned invasion, the US and British oil conglomerates went to Iraq to rebuild the oil & gas industry, and today they monopolise it. They have taken over what is supposed to belong to the Iraqis.

In the late 1990s, the US bombed Khartoum, the capital of Sudan for invalid reasons. And today, the US, British and French oil companies thronged the country's oil-rich south and eastern regions, also trying to take control of its oil & gas production.

So, it was not Saddam who bombed or propagated the Sept 11 1991. However, the US attacked Iraq on the pretext of combating terrorism, with actual intention of boring a big door to the country's oil domination. And the succeeded, except in Sudan.

And now, the are trying it on Lebanon, a fast developing nation touted as having potential to emerge as one of the world's largest oil & gas in the coming years.

Israel, with the help of US energy companies, is trying to exploit one of the world's largest gas fields, which mainly belongs to Lebanon. However, since Israel is ahead in the race to develop these energy resources, politicians, especially Lebanon's head of Parliament Nabih Berri, have called for a quick adoption of the law.

Last month, US oil and gas producer Noble Energy announced that it has discovered two enormous natural gas fields, containing as much as 25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, off the Mediterranean coastline.

The largest part of the discovery is the Leviathan gas field, which is believed to contain 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (valued at more than USD 95 billion) and, 4.2 billion barrels of oil. The field is located in the joint regional waters between Lebanon and northern Palestine. Lebanon contends that it owns a major part of Leviathan.

Earlier this month, Lebanese Foreign Minister Ali Shami sent a letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, stressing Lebanon's right to its energy wealth which lies within its exclusive economic zone.

Shami condemned Israeli exploitation of Lebanon's potential wealth as a blatant violation of international laws and an assault against Lebanese sovereignty. Lebanon's parliament in August last year approved a law to carry out offshore oil and gas exploration projects in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time.

So, that is how the US, Israel and its Western allies carry out their oppressive foreign policy. They are not really into combating terrorism but to terrorise the economy of other countries deemed to threaten them.

By the way, they are still struggling in Afghanistan, another country rich with oil, gas, uranium, plutonium and gold. Do you see my point?


tareeq said...

yes bro, i see your point. its all about control on oil and gas production worldwide.

knowing the us and uk do not produce much for domestic consumption, they ride high on the 9/11 to take control of oilfields in major producing countries, especially in the middle east.

they are the satan's love child!

nasrullah, temerloh said...

of course it takes two to tango. us and israel are a good team.

they are worse than the nazi!

young undergrad said...

i think the lebanese do not the the right technology to extract their oil and gas. thats why they need to americans and the jews to help them.

dont know if i got it right there.

he he he he he

fius lama said...

sebenarnya israel yang menguasai amerika, bukan sebaliknya.

jika amerika yang kuasa israel, dah lama isu timur tengah akan selesai.

amerika memang biarkan dirinya ditunggangi israel laknat tu!

kanebo said...

9/11 is a passport for the us to terrorise oil producing countries in the middle east.

i agree.

as for lebanon, the united nations must act fast before another war breaks up the region.

however, sad to note how kim-moon himself has fallen into the us dictation!

Wake UP! said...

US is the biggest crook of all.

Anonymous said...

Your article makes little sense. If they don't have the technology they can't access the field of gas and oil. It's sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

hows your biz wit Elyas Omar doing bro?


Observer said...


US intentions are open secret by now and well documented in several documentaries. Malaysia also benefitted after successfully won the bidding of several large oil and gas reserve from Iraq government after US invaded the country.

I think people now focus on China energy companies such as PetroChina and Sinopec which have been in buying spree of several large western energy companies and have big operations in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.

Even US economy is being fueled by China holding into US dollars. It just matter of time before China overtake Arabs money in US treasury.

pendeta said...

suatu hari nanti, amerikalah yang akan mencetuskan perang dunia ketiga, kali ini perebutan kawasan minyak dan gas asli.

sekarang pun dah nampak trennya apabila mereka menyerang dan menawan negara kaya minyak secara perang atau diplomatik.

iraq dan afghanistan sudah ditawan secara ketentraan, sudan sudah dibom, iran pula diancam untuk diserang manakala libya dan syria diberi amaran.

arab saudi, kuwait, emiriyah arab bersatu, qatar dan yang pun sudah dtawan secara diplomasi, menyebabkan kebanyakan hasil minyak dan gas mereka disalurkan ke amerika dan israel.

umat islam masih tidak sedar betapa bahayanya kumpulan amerika syarikat ini. israel terus digunakan untuk menindas umat islam palestin, senjata yang digunakan pula ialah buatan amerika.

masih tidak sedarkah arab dan islam?

Anonymous said...