Sunday, January 9, 2011

UFO and Rais - among the believers

One of Singapore's senior politician recently claimed that he saw UFO in 1999. In his article published on sgpolitics on 3 Jan, 2011, the secretary-general of National Solidarity Party (NSP) Goh Meng Seng said he has seen the alien craft and described it as “no human technology can explain or did what that object did” (here).

"Such image is still imprinted in my mind deeply. Just too bad I didn’t have any video camera back then to record the whole process. From then on, I always keep an open mind about UFO sightings. Some UFO sighting reports around the world coincide with my own witnessing experience… such objects just zip and zoom out of sight within seconds..."

Well, he believes in what he claimed he saw... at least.

And back home, many people still believe in what they didnt see. The same people who believe Rais Yatim did rape his Indonesian maid about 4 years ago although the latter has confessed that such an 'orchestrated incident' never took place.

This people are the same humans who believe in angels and devils but cant proof their existence. The same mouths who keep on telling others that Rais may have 'bought' his innocence by paying an amount of money to the maid. Still, they dont have anything to proof.

Someone who claimed that he/she saw the UFOs are described as nutty. However in Goh's case, he said he did see it although he produced no alibi. In Rais case, nobody saw him raping his maid but they stood by their theory that he actually did it.

Even after the maid's confession, they went on spinning the issue - that Rais or someone paid the amah to shut her up. And they do believe that money was involved in order to safe Rais' family and the government of all the blushes.

And to support their theory, they will keep on digging. They wont give up easily as they, too want at least a single tangible evidence to support their claim and safe them from the blush of being called 'liars'.

Well, what else should we dig apart from Rais case? Have they quit on the submarine commission issue, the actual story behind Ali Rustam and KJ found guilty of money politics, Malaysian politicians who have savings with Bank of Israel, Zarinah Anwar of the Securities Commission, Nor Mohd Yakcop and Kalimullah linkages, etc?

Or why not help the court to implicate Anwar Ibrahim in his 'everlasting' legal proceedings? How about the Altantuya murder case!

I used to write unpleasant things about an African nation in the mid 1990s, based on twisted Western foreign reports to belittle its government and people. However, my perception changed when I was there...

Huaarrrggghhh!!! Am really worn out and sleepy but I cant sleep. This nightmare of seeing Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin battling for the No.2 post in the next Umno elections keeps on coming... I didnt like it initially...


first floor 1977 said...


aku baru nak tido bila terbaca blog kau.

memang benar. ramai manusia percaya dengan apa yang mereka tak nampak tapi tak boleh terima perkara yang mereka nampak!

fitnah-memfitnah, saling menuduh dan hasut-menghasut ni ialah sifat semula jadi orang melayu. sebab tu lah mereka makin maju 'ke belakang'!

broland said...

i only believe in hell...

yong chong kai said...

to implicate rais, the police must verify the credibility of the report first.

they must also investigate the maid as to ascertain whether she spoke the truth of not.

it will take a long time before we get the result.

jampok said...

if there is really a police report, investigation has to be carried out, jai.

we hope he is really clean

ah-lan said...


there are many other cases need to be solved. what's the point of attacking this old man. he is cunning.

if bloggers love probes, then go back to all unsolved cases like the altantuya, ptptn, sime darby, securities commission and others.

this cases are of national interest too as in involve the people's money and the government;s integrity

masih di BH said...

saya puji bloger pro-umno yang tidak menyebut nama rais. mereka tak harus disalahkan kerana mereka cuma melaporkan apa yang diperolehi daripada pembangkang dan wikileaks.

apa pun, saya harap rais dan bloger ni dapat rapat semula. ini untuk kepentingan negara.

tak perlu panjangkan isu ini. biar polis je siasat jika ada laporan dibuat oleh pembantu rumah terbabit

Anonymous said...

some bloggers saw rais did it, it seem!

Anonymous said...

whether he screw the maid, a dog or a chicken...

why give a damn!

still remember how he insult an english reporter & the language... just to show this asshole is a snobbish bastard!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bujai,
INvestigation should continue.
Imagine if the investigation on Anwar when he was DPM was stopped halfway because it was "inconvenient" to the Government?
Imagine if we were to accept the coerced SD from Ummi Hafilda then.
The difference between PR and Gomen bloggers is that the pro BN bloggers are not taksub.
Let the culture continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

Dulu masa Rocky Bru bangkitkan isu geran jalur lebar yang melibatkan anak Rais dengan sepantas kilat Rais bertindak menyaman Rocky sampai miskin kawan dibuatnya tetapi kini bila Rocky membangkitkan isu rogol Rais ambil masa yang lama untuk menafikannya. Kalau betul tak buat baik Rais saman sekali lagi Rocky kan senang dapat 2 kemenangan sekali. Tetapi kali ini Rais tak berani nak saman, macam betul je Datuk Seri Utama Rais, ataupun anak Rais Yatim yang buat, oops terlepas pulak.

PANJI HITAM 61 said...

Sorrylah bro, I tak faham lah your intention, you are making confused public more confused.

Masaalahnya there are too many issues that have been taken for granted or swept under the carpet.
We cannot possibly solve everything under the sky but we must make every attempt to resolve all these KEMUNGKARAN (if you cannot provide a helping hand, it is suffice to do it with your heart)

In Rais case, the issue was brought up in 2007 and yet no proper investigation and follow up to clear the allegations, it was brushed aside and swept under the carpet, hoping that nobody will discover it until Wikileaks.

Yes, Bro... they are many unresolved case but it should not justify that we should ignore this case as well.

It is sad that many dishonest people has got away with a lot of things because of the system.

We cannot get rid of dishonest people but it is our duty to improve the system to deter dishonest people.

Like my great Atok said, we need to address the vital few to resolve the trivial many.

Anonymous said...

kau dan rocky ..dah macam orang gila talak !!! Jangan le buat fitnah ... kalau ada bukti ..silakan ...

melayu deli said...


aku rasa mimpi kau tu akan jadi kenyataan masa pemilihan umno akan datang.

tapi apa yang kau takutkan? kau sebelah muhyidin atau hisham?

kalau kau sebelah hisham, kau kalah la nampaknya!

Anonymous said...

i still think rais is guilty.

let us wait for someone to take the matter to court!

cleopat said...

money can do wonders, bro! it can change enemies to friends.

as u said, alibi can be bought. exactly what i think about this rais issue.

its intriguing how the maid suddenly changed her words!

funny, eh?

Anonymous said...

i like the way to wrote this. a bit kurang ajar but interesting.

actualy the maid saw rais as an ufo too!

deep shit said...

we cant stop bloggers or anyone from speculating or ejaculating, bro.

only joournalists should check their fact before writing or the organiastion would be sued.

most bloggers are not journalists, so they dont need to follow the code of journalism.

feng kau said...

the person who claimed he saw ufo is a nutty.

the person who rapes his maid is a cliterty!

Anonymous said...

Good rebuttal on
Pak Lah denies cover-up, 'Rais is innocent'

"Former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said he had kept silent on the alleged molest case involving Dr Rais Yatim because he was of the opinion that the incident did not take place."

First he said nobody reported to him. Then he said he is of the opinion that the rape did not take place. So good, don't know anything still can have a opinion that Rais Yatim is innocent. If that were the case, we might as well save our money from investing in AG's office and judiciary since we have someone who is able to draw conclusion without knowing anything.

My comment
Well, by now everybody knows Pak Lah is a big liar so nothing is new. Pak Lah got twisted again.

Good one, panjihitam61. The public is confused enough.

leeches said...

many believe that he did it. unfortunately the case was settled by some 'means'.

so, like it or not, rais is 'clean for the time being'

sabda junjungan said...


tugas orang islam ialah memelihara maruah orang lain daripada malu dan aib, biarpun dia melakukan perbuatan tidak baik.

begitulah peguam dilatih untuk membela anak guamnya walaupun dia memang sudah berbuat sesuatu yang jahat dan keji.

mendedahkan aib orang lain sama sekali dimurkai Allah!

Anonymous said...

abis tu, kes ni kira abis macam tu je lar, ek?

anti-klimaks betul laaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Jai, I was told by a very senior blogger that you have taken money from a certain person who is alleged to have commited a forced sex ACT against a female. I have no PROVE and I did not see it.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Rais treated the maid so good.Who said there is no free lunch.Dirty old Sex manic.

bujai said...

anon 10.17 jan 10,

yeap bro. he gave me RM1 billion. thats a lot of money for me to spend.

want some? call me. we can go to vegas together.